(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally imprisoned in the ninth group of Shayang Labor Camp, Hubei Province in 2000. I witnessed how a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hubei Shiyan area was persecuted to death. I was not clear about where she worked because the police didn't let us talk. I only knew her name was Zeng Xian'e, and she was in her 30s.

One afternoon in 2001, she was pulling grass with us in the field. Around midnight, we suddenly heard rapid footsteps and people talking about sending her quickly to the hospital.

She was beside the room where I was, so I raised my head to watch after I heard the sound. Other inmates roared loudly and didn't let me watch. The second day, practitioner Zeng died. We asked the police how Zeng was. They didn't answer us directly and blocked the news until two weeks later. They said she died of "heart disease" and declared that the leader from Zeng Xian'e's workplace came and the medical examiner autopsied the body and "diagnosed" that she had died from heart disease.

I thought the autopsy was done at the request of her work unit leader and the family to verify the reason of death. Now however, I am clear that it was done because they wanted her organs. I hope an investigation committee can come to China to investigate all places where Falun Gong practitioners are locked up, such as the detention centers, collection posts, brainwashing centers , labor camps, prisons, etc.

From editor: Ms. Zeng Xian'e, 36, was a staff member of Gujiagang Industry and Commerce Bank in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. She persisted practicing Falun Gong and was subjected to forced labor after she came back from appealing in Beijing on December 15, 2000. On August 3, 2001, her husband was told that Zeng Xian'e died of heart disease. He hurried to the hospital. Zeng Xian'e's body was then pushed out from a refrigerator. Her clothing was new and her head was big from the swelling that had occurred. Her hands were grasped together tightly and her body was soft. Zeng Xian'e's husband requested that her clothing be changed and he wanted to check the body, but he wasn't allowed. Later, Zeng Xian'e's brother brought a medical examiner to exam the body, but he was rejected. He wasn't allowed to take photos and his request to take the body back to Shiyan was rejected. When the body was cremated, her family was not allowed to come close. After her family returned to Shiyan, they were told they were not allowed to have a memorial service or disclose her death.