There is a secret concentration camp in Qinhuangdao City that detains Dafa practitioners. This camp is located about ten miles away from downtown Qinhuangdao and to the northeast of Xizhangzhuang Village. This camp is of medium size, with one 3-story building in the front and one 5-story building in the back. In the middle area of the camp are several one-story buildings. The whole camp is surrounded by 6 to 7 meter-high walls.

The secret concentration camp in Qinhuangdao city

In front of the camp gate is a sign reading "Labor Camp Base." To the north of the camp is a large area of barren land with three railroads passing through, and an orchard lies to the east of the camp. A bus stop is also located about 500 meters east of the camp. Freeway 102 and Qilianshan Bridge are also located to the east of the camp. The whole camp is in a low-lying area. One can only see the top of the chimney and building tops from the freeway. It is suspicious for the camp to have such a tall chimney. This is something that should be further investigated.

According to reliable sources, this camp was put into use in May 2006, and over 200 people are currently being detained there, most of whom are Falun Gong practitioners transferred from elsewhere in the country.

Each day police cars run frequently to and from the camp. The Beidaying military base is not too far away from the camp. Inside the base there is a hospital that has been advertising heavily.

Hospital 408 is located on Gangcheng Blvd. in Qinhuangdao City. There are two signs in front of the hospital gate, one reading "Liver and Bile Illness Treatment Center" and another one reading "Xinan Hospital."

In Beidaihe City, Military Hospital 281 is located in the middle of Beidaihe Rail Station and Beidaihe Beach. They have been doing kidney transplants there for some time. Inside the hospital is a five-story building specifically used to treat kidney diseases. It is said there are many people coming here for kidney transplants. The doctors doing the transplant surgery are Yang Tingguang and Liu Yanbin.

In early May 2006, Hospital 281 was moved to Gangcheng Boulevard in Qinhuangdao City. The sign in front of the gate reads "Beidaihe Rehabilitation Center," with a sub line reading "Formerly Beidaihe Hospital 281." After the relocation, Hospital 281 is even closer to the concentration camp.

At present, Hospital 281 is being remodeled. The sign at the front gate has been removed, but the hospital is still running as usual. On the left side of the above- mentioned five-story building is the emergency care center, and on the right side is a rehabilitation center for navy veterans.

In 2003 there was a long wait if someone wanted a kidney transplant. In 2004 and 2005, the wait was only several days or weeks.

Phone numbers of Hospital 281:

86-335-5362734, 86-335-5362737, 86-335-5950603, 86-335-5362051, 86-335-5362052, 86-335-5950635