(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Guohua was recently tortured to the point of insanity while serving an illegal sentence of eight years in the Women’s Prison of Jilin Province (Heizuizi Prison).

On March 25, 2004, while practitioners Ms. Wang Guohua, Ms. Wang Xingxiang, and Ms. Zhu Hong, from Dehui City, Jilin Province, were spreading truth clarifying materials in Guojia Town of Dehui City, policemen from Guojia Town Police Station, including Hua Guoquan, arrested them and forced a confession from them by means of torture. Policeman Hua Guoquan broke Wang Xingxiang’s arm and Ms. Wang Guohua was transferred to the first department of the Changchung City Police Station for further torture. On September 14, 2004, the Court of Dehui City illegally sentenced Ms. Wang Guohua to eight years, Ms. Wang Xingxiang to nine years, and Ms. Zhu Hong to seven years in the Women’s Prison of Jilin Province (Heizuizi Prison).

According to the family members of other prisoners, Ms. Wang Guohua has recently been persecuted to the point of insanity at Heizuizi Prison. We await further information to verify the situation.

Responsible parties:Women’s Prison of Jilin Province: P.O. Box 130000 1048

Xu Guangsheng, Warden: 86-431-5375001, 86-431-2725199 (Home), 86-13704362518 (Cell)
Gao Mingya, Deputy Warden: 86-431-5375003, 86-13604425882 (Cell)
Wang Jie, Deputy Warden: 86-431-5375002, 86-431-2842148 (Home), 86-13504482003 (Cell)
Wu Zeyun, Deputy Warden: 86-431-5375003, 86-431-8694030 (Home), 86-13604449573 (Cell)
Zhao Xijun, Secretary of Discipline Committee: 86-431-5375000, 86-431-7908699 (Home), 86-13604362560 (Cell)

Prison Control Bureau of Jilin Province

Zhu Guozhi, Director: 86-431-2750001 (Office), 86-431-8969266 (Home)
Zhang Zhensu, Deputy Director: 86-431-2750004 (Office), 86-431-7919580 (Home), 86-13704366006 (Cell)
Yu Guangsheng, Deputy Director: 86-431-2750005 (Office), 86-431-8586398 (Home), 86-13904333821 (Cell)
Xu Fuming, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-431-2750006 (Office), 86-431-2744928 (Home), 86-13604326388 (Cell)
Zhao Xiande, Deputy Director: 86-431-2750007 (Office), 86-431-2707063 (Home), 86-13704366106 (Cell)
Dehui City Police Station:Deputy Chief of Dehui City Police Station, Wang Shuxin: 86-431-7238208 (Office), 86-431-7276698 (Home), 86-13944024888 (Cell)
Deputy Party Secretary of Political and Legal Committee, Li Jin: 86-431-7219922 (Office), 86-431-7276677 (Home), 86-13364633002 (Cell)
Director of 610 Office, Li Yuke: 86-431-7216610 (Office), 86-431-7234600 (Home), 86-13364633706 (Cell)
Director of Dehui City Court, Xu xiang’guo: 86-13944995115 (Cell), 86-431-8352168 (Office), 86-431-7225115 (Home)