(Clearwisdom.net) During an experience sharing gathering a month ago, a fellow practitioner recounted what Master had told Dafa practitioners in Taiwan. I was greatly shocked when I learned this Fa. Although I did not have much attachment to politics, I had not done anything that helped improve Dafa practitioners as one body. So I thought that there must be something that I had not done well. As Master asks that we often share our understandings, there should still be opportunity for me to do well.

I have gradually come to realize that interfering with Fa-rectification is exactly the crime that the old forces have committed. This is really a serious issue. However, if we, because of our cultivation inadequacies, hinder the salvation of sentient beings, there will be grave consequences.

One of the means through which the old forces have hindered the Fa-rectification is the formation of separations or barriers. So could it be possible that Dafa practitioners, because of our cultivation inadequacies, have caused the formation of some barriers among practitioners, which then become a kind of hindrance to Fa-rectification? I then realized that in the past when the practitioners were separated by regions, the elements of such barriers could have been created, and in the present when the practitioners participate in different Dafa projects and work in different teams, such barriers also exist. However, after I shared my understanding with the fellow practitioners, I realized that I should look within myself for any issues I have encountered. After examining myself, I found that various separations existed within me. For example, I had always felt the existence of a separation between me and non-practitioners. Will this separation prevent those who have a predestined relationship with Dafa from attaining the Fa and learning the truth?

I have not had much conflict with fellow practitioners, but I have still held opinions towards them, and I sometimes had the feeling of having no alternative. These were all barriers. At the times when I could not let go of my attachments, there existed a barrier that separated me from the characteristics "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Haven't we been separated from our prehistoric wishes when we relax our wills, don't cultivate diligently, and do not keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification?

When we can't study the Fa with clean and clear minds, or when we get attached to our own notions, a barrier separates us from the Fa. However, the worst aspect of this barrier is that we are then separated from Master. Master said,

"As long as you cultivate yourself diligently, I will be always with you." ("Teaching the Fa at the Beijing International Experience Sharing Conference," provisional translation)

So I knew that Master is with us all the time, but because of the separations we don't realize it. Upon seeing so many separations, I did not want to keep any of them. At this very moment I had for the first time understood the Fa principle of melting myself into the Fa and becoming a particle of Dafa.

I should act according to what I understand. Other practitioners also were not able to completely keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification. While sharing, I felt that I was using the Fa principles to make demands of other practitioners. I was not effective by sharing in that manner, Yet, I still thought, "The Fa has been made clear. Why don’t you enlighten to it?" Now, it seems that there is no separation between my heart and fellow practitioners’ hearts, and we just have the pure thought of reminding each other of what we have been waiting for over the thousands of years, and what we have come for, as if the wisdom had flowed out continuously.

I also learned to share my understandings according to fellow practitioner’s interests or concerns.

For example, when I saw that a fellow practitioner was taking good care of her children, I started my sharing by talking about how parents, after the birth of a baby, unconditionally assume the responsibility of taking care of the child and do not see it as suffering. The fellow practitioner indicated that she shared my feelings. Immediately after that, I mentioned to her that two Fa principles came to mind, one being that our parents and children in the human world are not our true parents and children, and also that all the sentient beings in the human world are Master’s dear ones. Let’s think about it. Do we care about nothing when we see our parents and children being hurt? As Master has told Dafa disciples about this responsibility today, why have we not tried hard to clarify the truth? After I talked about this understanding, the fellow practitioner seemed to awaken and realize the urgency of saving the sentient beings. She immediately wanted to offer more help to the truth-clarification projects.

I have truly felt that the power of the Fa is already there, and it is up to us to materialize the power. I have also understood that different practitioners are able to enlighten to different aspects of the Fa, but Master wants us to enlighten to the entire Fa. Because of this, I wrote down this bit of my understanding. I hope that we can become a whole body of validating the Fa, and will together walk well the final path in Fa-rectification.

This is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything that is improper.