(Clearwisdom.net) Mrs. Wang and her husband obtained the Fa and have been cultivating for seven years now. Her husband was the first to obtain the Fa. He spent two days carefully reading Zhuan Falun, and then he shared his understanding with her. Out of curiosity she spent two days reading Zhuan Falun during the 9-21 earthquake in Taiwan. Ever since that time the Wang couple has walked the path of cultivation.

Mrs. Wang
Mr. Wang and Their Two Children

1. "Husband Plus Wife Equals 100"

Before they took up cultivation, Mrs. Wang had many complaints about her husband. They both work, but Mr. Wang never took the initiative to do housework. Since he took up cultivation, Mr. Wang helps with all the household tasks, big and small. It makes her feel the harmony and stability of a practitioner's home.

Mrs. Wang said that before their cultivation, they often fought over small things and wouldn't speak to each other for long periods of time. Because they had different habits and unique traits, and they'd lived together for about twenty years, ever since they were students, they often spoke about their own merits while criticizing each other's weaknesses. Therefore, arguments between them seemed unavoidable and their family atmosphere lacked harmony.

Although they took up cultivation they don't always agree with each other, but they think about those things using the principles of "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." Applying the principle of "Benevolence," and understanding "Cause" and "Karma," they find it very easy to eliminate any discontented thoughts they might have about each other. Since they took up cultivation they look inward when facing issues, and they've learned to see each other's merits. Their relationship has gone from being cold and distant to one where they each strive to make up for each other's deficiencies, and they've become a good family unit.

Mrs. Wang said with a smile that she's learned that when she sets her own things aside and appreciates her husband, the couple's combined merits earn the family a score of 100 points, but before they took up cultivation their relationship was antagonistic and their score was a 0. "If during our time together we hadn't gained an understanding of the profound Fa and earnestly practiced its teachings," said Mrs. Wang, "I would've most likely divorced my husband by now."

2. No Fear that the Kids Will Become Bad

Mr. and Mrs. Wang have a daughter and a son. Just like their parents, the children also practice Falun Gong. Most kids are easily influenced by their peers and environment. Some learn to do bad things or become confused, but according to Mrs. Wang, once children learn Falun Gong, they use "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance" to judge right and wrong.

Once a schoolteacher asked her son to sit next to a classmate he didn't like, and at first he was unhappy, but after he put himself in his teacher's shoes and those of the other student, he no longer insisted on sitting somewhere else, and he was no longer unhappy. Her daughter is going through puberty now and sometimes her emotions are unstable. Once Mrs. Wang took issue with her daughter over a difference of opinions. Then Mrs. Wang calmly told her daughter she was sorry and apologized for her bad reaction. To her surprise, her formerly stubborn daughter wrote a letter to her in which she apologized and promised she wouldn't do it again.

Mrs. Wang said that children who learn Falun Gong are able to exercise self-control, and over time their ability grows stronger and stronger. Even though now the education environment is very complicated, Mr. and Mrs. Wang have no fear that their children might turn out badly.

3. Falun Gong Saved Mrs. Wang's Mother

Mrs. Wang has a very good relationship with her mother, who is a simple and traditional lady. Unfortunately, her mother was in a major car accident and her head was badly injured. She was unconscious in the hospital for more than a month. When she awoke she was unable to recognize her family members. Then doctors told her family that even if she recovered, she might suffer symptoms like those suffered by epilepsy and stroke victims.

Mrs. Wang said that after her mother woke up, her vision was often blurred and the images she saw would shake. A doctor diagnosed her with a cerebral concussion. Mrs. Wang suggested her mother listen to a tape recording of Master Li Hongzhi's Fa Teaching Lectures. To their surprise, shortly after her mother listened, her vision was no longer blurred or shaky. Her mother couldn't read, but when she looked in the book Zhuan Falun for the first time, she could recognize 20 percent of the characters. Gradually she could recognize 40 percent. Since then she's read Zhuan Falun dozens of times.

Mrs. Wang said that since her mother obtained the Fa and started cultivation five years ago, she has only gone to the hospital once. Doctors were astonished by her recovery! Her mother lives on the sixth floor. After practicing Falun Gong, she climbs the stairs all the way to the sixth floor without resting. She's much healthier than she was before she took up the practice! Her neighbors and friends are all surprised by her healthier appearance and praise her for her youthful looks. Her mother uses those opportunities to introduce Falun Gong to them. Because she so cherishes the opportunity to practice cultivation, she walks twenty minutes to the exercise site every morning, and has overcome her fear of running into drunks on the road.

Mrs. Wang quoted Teacher Li, who said, "When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit." ("Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan" in Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained). As a cultivator advances in levels, he can fix the negative factors surrounding him. Since her mother began practicing Falun Gong her body is very healthy. She and her younger brothers and sisters can do their jobs at home and at work with great ease. Though her father hasn't yet obtained the Fa, he accompanies her mother to the exercise site every day. His previous high blood pressure was reduced from 200 down to between 110 and 140, becoming almost normal. Learning and practicing Falun Gong has brought a lot of great benefits to her family.

4. This Is the Most Significant Thing in Life

Mrs. Wang is an assistant manager at an insurance brokerage company. Fifteen years of work experience has made it easy for Mrs. Wang to handle her work. Mrs. Wang has many friends among her clients from all different industries. Her clients and friends trust her professional knowledge and her character. Now she's brought the miracle of Falun Gong to them as well.

A lot of Mrs. Wang's clients are university professors. When they hear Mrs. Wang's description of the wonder of Falun Gong, some are very surprised; some begin to understand it though they knew nothing of it at all before; some admire Dafa and practitioners; and some praise practitioners for their high moral standards. Among them is a world-class expert in electronics. With his expert's eyes, he observes the excellence of the networking technology that Falun Gong practitioners have developed for truth-clarification purposes, and admires the fact that so many Falun Gong practitioners are so dedicated.

Furthermore, Mrs. Wang has gone to about thirty countries to spread the Fa. Her most cherished memory is of a Fa-spreading trip to the United Kingdom a few years ago. Parade participants were walking on half of the street; along the side of the street were friendly watchers - some craned their necks to watch and some took pictures. Falun Gong practitioners paraded with the solemn Dafa music. Mrs. Wang's tears came down unconsciously.

Mrs. Wang has also gone to Hong Kong's tourist sites to clarify the truth to Chinese people from the mainland. Some of them don't believe that the persecution exists, but when they see the pictures and exhibitions, they are shocked to tears. They thank Falun Gong practitioners for their unselfish devotion and condemn the Chinese Communist Party for its terrible crimes.

The continuous crowd at Hong Kong's tourist sites

Mrs. Wang said that many people thought that Falun Gong practitioners were "stupid" because they spend their hard-earned money and valuable vacation time to go everywhere to clarify the truth. Mrs. Wang firmly believes that what she is doing is the most significant thing in her life, and what she gains is far more valuable than what she has spent. She has discovered the benevolence in people's nature and a real trust among people. Mrs. Wang truly cherishes the purity of meeting a stranger, and seeing how deeply moved they are when they learn the truth. She often thinks, "How nice it will be if more people obtained the Fa!"

That's right. Falun Gong has spread to more than eighty countries and regions in the world. We know that people in other countries have also met sincere and benevolent Falun Gong practitioners like Mrs. Wang, who unselfishly bring to them the wonder of Falun Gong, and wish them wonderful futures from the bottoms of their hearts.