(Clearwisdom.net) On February 23, 2006, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp established a so-called "Crackdown Office." Since then the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has gradually intensified. Labor camp head Su Jing, Political Commissar Wang Naimin, and Team Leader Li Mingyu recruited several outside thugs. Their leader is Ma Qishan, and the active members are Liu Yong and Chen Jinglin. These people were hired to violently persecute practitioners.

More than 30 unwavering practitioners detained in Division One at Masanjia were tortured in different ways. The evildoers forced the practitioners to sit on small plastic stools, wear labor camp uniforms, wear identifying signs on their chests, and perform intense, hard labor. Anyone who refused to cooperate was badly beaten and had their sentence extended.

On April 13, six practitioners refused to wear identification signs. Hired thugs Yong and Chen Jinglin beat them severely.

Practitioner Ms. Qiu Li from Fushun resisted the thugs' demands. As a result, Ma Qishan, Liu Yong, Chen Jinglin and three others forced her into the uniform. They pulled her out in the hallway in handcuffs in front of others. Ms. Qiu Li strongly resisted their abuse. Every time they put the uniform on her, she removed it. She also smiled at her tormentors. This struggle was repeated several times. Each time she was badly beaten. Her head was covered with lumps. To punish her further, they sent her to a small cell for solitary confinement. Nevertheless, she never cooperated and later started a protest hunger strike. In early April Ms. Qiu was suddenly transferred elsewhere. The guard said she was sent to Masanjia's common criminal section, but we don't know if this is true.

Hired thug Liu Yong tortured practitioner Ms. Yang Liwei. Liu hit her forehead using his lower palm like a knife. He also slapped her face repeatedly. Ms. Yang's face was severely swollen and she felt dizzy for a long time.

After practitioner Ms. Yuan Shuzhe was tortured during the day, the thugs pulled her out to a separate room for additional gross abuse. Her arms were stretched out, one hand was handcuffed on top of a metal bed, the other below the bed. She had to lie down on the bed, face down. Each time she moved even slightly she would be beaten. She was forbidden to change position, except for eating, on a daily basis, even for lunch break. She was handcuffed even at night. When the police ordered her to wear the prison uniform she adamantly refused.

Practitioners Xie Xiying from Dandong City and Zhang Jingyan from Liaoyang City also suffered from similar tortures.

In Masanjia's Division One, the guards even used toilet break time to torture the practitioners. For example, everyone in the cell had to use the toilet at the same time; if one refused to go, no one else in the room could go. As a result, even late at night, if one person needed to use the toilet, everyone had to go together. Practitioner Ms. Huang Sumei from Anshan City was a bit slow during a late night toilet trip and was subsequently sent to a small cell for a month. Guard Li Mingyu was responsible for that punishment. Ms. Huang also suffered many other kinds of tortures during that time. The guards attempted to force her to write a promise to "obey the rules." She said, "I am not guilty! Why should I write any promise?" The guards were so angry that they grabbed her head and hit it on the bed, slapped her face, and handcuffed her onto the bed.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Shuxia from Chaoyang City was in very weak physical condition after suffering brutal tortures in Masanjia. She had a serious gynecological problem and her bleeding would not stop. Nevertheless, guard Liu Yong had no shame and kicked at her private parts. The kick caused her much agony, and many heard her outcry. Now her condition is getting worse.

Practitioner Ms. Yang Shiying from Fushun City was in her 60's. Long-term tortures caused her pain all over her body. She also suffered from a rheumatic condition. A long-term hunger strike and forced feeding caused her severe stomach damage. She could not eat normally and became very skinny. Her condition required her to be bedridden, but Ma Qishan and Liu Yong forced her to sit on a small stool.

In addition, Ms. Liu Shiying was verbally abused, slapped, punched and kicked, forced to stand facing a wall, and was handcuffed.

Practitioner Ms. Xie Dewen from Dalian City refused to do the required hard labor. They tortured her so severely that she could not walk.

Practitioners who resisted b the evildoers include Zhou Hua from Jinzhou, Meng Guiqiu from Goubangzi, Liu Guiyuan from Shenyang, and Wang Manli from Benxi. All women, they are staging a protest hunger strike.

In addition to the above practitioners, about 20 other female practitioners are also being persecuted in Masanjia: Long Sufen, Shi Guirong, Shang Xiaoyun and Zhang Lirong from Shenyang; Wang Lixiang and Liu Yuzhi from Jinzhou; Yu Chunxiang and Sun Suxiang from Dalian; Wang Huinan from Fushun; Chen Guilan, Du Suhua, Li Suying and Zhang Shuzhen from Chaoyang; Yan Chunjiao, Guo Qiuli, Lin Xiuqin and Zhang Xiuying from Benxi; Zhang Chungang from Dandong; Teng Shiyun; and another practitioner that was arrested in Fushun, but did not reveal her name.

June 9, 2006