(Clearwisdom.net) On May 10, 2006, Hubei Province's Ercheng District Court in Ezhou City opened a court hearing against three women practitioners, Wang Hanmin, Song Chunmei and Guo Huanyuan. Three lawyers defended the practitioners and entered pleas of "not guilty". Fellow practitioners who learned about this trial sent forth righteous thoughts; as a result, the hearing lasted five hours and was suspended.

The three practitioners all pleaded "not guilty." Wang Hanmin defended herself, Song Chunmei's family hired a lawyer, and Guo Huanyuan's family hired two lawyers. All three lawyers defended their clients as not guilty. They demanded unconditional release. The hearing lasted five hours without a verdict. Now this case has been suspended.

The fact that three lawyers faced the pressure and defended Falun Dafa practitioners is unprecedented. Before this, many practitioners in Ezhou City were tried in secrecy; their lawyers were assigned by the 610 Office. The court hearings also used to be very short, and everything was just a show.

It was learned that after the police in Ezhou City arrested the three practitioners in July 2005, they planned to sentence them in court. The main officials involved in this plan were 610 Office head Sheng Zhangwen, the deputy chief of police Jin Shizhen, Hu Liebing, and section chief Yang. They refused to release the practitioners and insisted on giving them sentences. Finally, due to lack of evidence, the Ezhou District Prosecutors' Office returned the material and the court delayed the hearing several times.

From what we know, the Ercheng Prosecutors' Office of the Ercheng District Court held several trials to persecute over 20 practitioners. Some of the trials were held in secrecy; even their families were not notified.

Some phone numbers (area code 711)

Dafa disciple Song Chunmei's home: 86-711-3221565
Ezhou City Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-711-3830448
Ercheng District Court: 86-711-3357123 (tried 20 practitioners)
Ercheng District Chief Prosecutor 86-711-3863621, Fax: 86-711-3864527
Ercheng District Deputy Prosecutor: 86-711-3871067 86-711-3854396 86-711-3854196 86-711-3871065
Ezhou City Middle Court: 86-711-3240630
Ezhou City Justice Department: 86-711-3864795 (Fax) 86-711-3859201
Ezhou City Chief Prosecutor: 86-711-3864095 (Fax) 86-711-3851419
Ezhou City Deputy Prosecutor: 86-711-3871067 86-711-3854396 86-711-3854196 86-711-3871065

Deputy Chief of Police Jin Shizhen is about 60 and he is a very deceitful man. Over the years he has been a behind-the-scenes mastermind to persecute Dafa practitioners. He is in charge of brainwashing classes. Whether there is a need for a class, the duration of a class, and everything in this regard is decided by him.

Ezhou City 610 Office director Sheng Zhangwen: 86-711-3830610(office)

Ezhou City 610 Office deputy director is Hu Liebing

June 7, 2006