Seeking Practitioner Jiang Dafen from Wuhan City

Jiang Dafen is from the Hannan District in Wuhan City. She was born in June 1968 and has been missing since 2001.

Seeking Practitioner Kang Shuling from Benxi City

When I was shopping in a market, I clarified the facts about Dafa to an older man. He told me in great consternation that a woman from his village, Kang Shuling, 63, had been missing since 2004. He said that she had been on the staff of the Benxi City FRP Plant and that her family was extremely worried about her.

Seeking Practitioner Chen Chunguang from Zhuhai City

Practitioner Chen Chunguang is from the Doumen District in Zhuhai City. He was detained for several years after completing his jail sentence, since he persisted in his practice of Falun Dafa. There has been no additional news about him.

May 17, 2006