(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Gong has lasted for 7 years. In order to oppose the persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners from China have written many articles, exposing the persecution and the evil-doers on the Clearwisdom website. This has played an important role in doing well the three things required by Teacher, and has let more people see the evilness of the persecution and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, there are far less articles which positively validate Dafa. The Fa-rectification has not ended yet. Dafa practitioners who have been cultivating within the Fa should pay more attention to this and write about their cultivation process of validating Dafa in Fa-rectification, so that this gap can be filled.

Teacher said that only Dafa practitioners' cultivation today counts as true cultivation; while all the previous cultivation forms were just establishing cultures for humankind and preparing for today's wide spreading of Dafa. As far as we understand, opposing the persecution is a very important part of Fa-rectification period cultivation, as many Dafa practitioners have indeed been persecuted severely. To reduce their pressure, to reduce the overall losses, to save sentient being while denying the old forces, it is very important for us to work harder on exposing the persecution and clarifying this part of the truth.

However, there are other important components in Fa-rectification period cultivation, including how well Dafa practitioners have managed to cultivate themselves, how well they have done according to the requirements of the Fa-rectification progress, etc. There are already some articles of this kind on the internet, especially the articles from the 1st and 2nd Internet Experience Sharing Conferences for Falun Gong Practitioners in China. They are very good examples of this kind. Their effects were very different from that of other articles which exposed the persecution and discussed the problems existing among practitioners. Dafa practitioners should pay attention to this and write more articles like this and submit them to Clearwisdom.net. Let the testimonies written by Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners portray the historical panorama more thoroughly.

Articles of this kind can record the most important part of Dafa practitioners' validating the Fa from a positive angle. They can encourage all practitioners and let those who have gone down a wrong path and who cannot let go of fear see more directly Dafa's power and beauty. They can also let people see what "Cultivating within the Fa" means, see the wonderfulness of improving through letting go of attachment, see that only cultivating within the Fa is correct, while compromising with the old forces and the evil-doers is deviated, see that it is most important for practitioners to learn how to cultivate based on Dafa, and see that cultivating within the Fa can not only avoid making mistakes but can also save sentient beings with ease. This kind of sharing and experiences can encourage practitioners to more effectively study the Fa, improve their understanding of the Fa, and grasp the last period of time to cultivate and be more diligent.

These kind of articles can also allow all people in the world, and even people in the future, to see the other side--the bright side of Dafa practitioners' lives during the persecution. The old forces want to destroy practitioners whom they think are not up to par through persecution. However, they have not been able to do anything to many of the practitioners who have been following Teacher one lifetime after another. They cannot do anything to those practitioners who have made vows and come down with Teacher to the Three Realms for the Fa-rectification.

Even many of those Dafa practitioners who have been severely persecuted have maintained a peaceful heart. They are trying to save the world's people silently and unselfishly. Therefore, not only can the overseas Dafa practitioners' parade, drum performances, the Divine Land Marching Band, art performances and exhibitions manifest Fa-rectification Period Dafa practitioners' demeanor and validate Dafa's beauty, mainland China's Dafa practitioners' experiences of overcoming the persecution arranged by the old forces, consummating themselves and saving sentient beings are also important testimonies of positively validating Dafa. These are actually the main components of Dafa practitioners' cultivation.

Also, Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners in different states all need the environment of sharing through the Internet. By reading different experience sharing articles of practitioners in different states, practitioners can break through their notions, widen their views, and look at things and resolve problems in a more harmonious way. These articles can play a very positive role.

Articles of this kind written by Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners can enrich the contents and information of our Internet sharing when the persecution is still happening. They can also help individual cultivators and enable different regions to learn from each other so that the persecution can end sooner. For the students who have not studied the Fa deeply, who still have fear, they may use human notions to look at things and feel more frightened when reading the articles exposing the persecution. However, when reading articles which positively validate Dafa, they will unknowingly feel encouraged. These kinds of articles can help those regions which have fallen behind in terms of truth clarification to get rid of their human notions, build up their confidence and righteous thoughts, do better as a whole, and catch up with the Fa-rectification.

Speaking as a whole, cultivation experience sharing articles written by Dafa practitioners who have continued to cultivate and elevate within the Fa should be a necessary part of the testimonies of this group of practitioners. These are to be left to the future generations. The old forces emphasize persecution and elimination, while we emphasize opposing the persecution, elevation in cultivation, and saving sentient beings. This should manifest more clearly in our thinking so that we can have more and more articles of this kind published and accumulated on the Internet.

Above are just my personal thoughts. I hope other Dafa practitioners can also input their ideas so that more fellow practitioners inside and outside of China will think and act.