(Clearwisdom.net) Learning that Yang Jianpo, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Langfang City, was illegally locked up in the Baoding Prison, his family took action. Agents from the Guangyang District Regime and from the 610 Office in Langfang had imprisoned their family member, practitioner Yang Jianpo in the Baoding Prison in Hebei Province. They went there on May 23. They gave the entrance guard details of Mr. Yang's plight, who reported the information by telephone to Zhao Dongliang, chief of the Prison Politics Section (office phone 86-312-5923058). They told Zhao that three hospitals in Langfang already issued critically ill notices for Yang Jianpo and refused to accept him. Mr. Yang suffered from systemic shock and was dying. They also told Zhao that Cao Baoyu, a practitioner once locked up at the same place, had already died as a result of the persecution. They didn't want another tragedy to happen. They expressed that they hoped to meet with Mr. Yang.

Persecutor Zhao Dongliang had initially said, "Let me assure you his situation is not as serious as you said. The hospital here is treating him. If something happens to him, we will notice his family. You hang up first. I will ask for instructions from the higher authorities to see if they permit you to meet him. I will tell you later." When he called back he stated there was no Yang Jianpo at his facility. No matter what Mr. Yang's families reasoned, he just didn't admit his presence there. His attitude was also very rude. Then he simply hung up. The chief of the prison politics section, Zhao Dongliang's words and actions were completely different. What was he hiding?

The Guangyang District Regime authorities and those from the 610 Office in Langfang City evaded responsibility and said, "He (Mr. Yang) has been sentenced and is imprisoned in the Baoding Prison." Mr. Yang's family, while staying in Baoding called an official surnamed Liu from the Guangyang District Regime (13503162571). When he heard that it was Mr. Yang's family who was calling he immediately hung up and no longer responded when Mr. Yang's family called again.

A few days before Liu once arbitrarily said to Mr. Yang's family, "He was sent to wherever he should go." He also intimidated them by saying, "You be careful! Don't go here and there. I'm not threatening you. Be watchful!"

Mr. Yang's family now urgently appeals to international human rights organizations and to the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong and all righteous people around the world to pay attention to Mr. Yang's predicament and take all actions to stop this outrage so the tragedy that happened to Mr. Cao Baoyu might not repeat itself and happen to Mr. Yang.

For cell phone, please dial country code + phone number, for all other phones, please dial country code + area code + phone number. Country code: 86.

Area code: 312

The Baoding Prison in Hebei Province
Address: #77 Ceramics, East Qiyi Road, Baoding, Hebei Province, Zip Code: 071000,
Phone: 5999761
Gao Ying, head of the Baoding Prison. Office phone: 5923801, Home: 5928999, Cell: 13832223801
Zhang Shengguo, member of Political Committee, in charge of the 610 Office. Office phone: 5923002, Cell: 13832224002
Gao Zexiang, deputy head of the Baoding Prison, in charge of the 610 Office. Office Phone: 5923006, Home: 5928069, Cell: 13832224006
Tian Xinhui, chief of the Investigation Section. Office phone: 5923060, Cell: 13832224060
Zhang Qingxin, head of the 610 Office. Office phone: 5923083, Cell: 13832224083
Zhao Donglaing, chief of the Prison Politics Section. 5928509
Yang Lei, Office phone: 5923058, Cell: 13703321586, Home: 7521876
Gao Hongliang, Duan Hongmei, Li Wei, Zhang Yumei
Zhang Tieliang, head of the No.18 Ward. Office phone: 5923075, Cell: 13832224075
Wang Jian, political head of No. 18 ward. Office phone: 5923590, Cell: 13832224082

Area code: 316

Wife of Zhao Jiapu, 610 Office head in the Guangyang District; Phone: 6826266
Liu (Surname), director of the Government Office in Guangyang District: 13503162571
Telephone Exchange of the Police Department in Langfang City: 2333333, Office: 2333102
Office of the chief of No.1 Section of the Police Department: 2333121, 2333151
Office of the director of the Judiciary Bureau: 2111062
Police Department of Guangyang District, Langfang City: 2238110, State Security Brigade Of Guangyang District: 2333886
Evil police officers from the Police Department of Guangyang District: Gao Chenggang, Ma Baoquan, Xin Pingyu (Female)
Complaint Visit Office of the Discipline Inspection Committee in Guangyang District, Langfang City: 2025203, 2331739, 2025156
The Discipline Inspection Committee in the Guangyang District, Langfang City, and The Supervising Bureau for the Guangyang District. Address: 2 Kangning Steet. Email: gylz@lf.net.cn
Office of the head of the 610 Office in Langfang City: 2015211, extension 6162
Sun Diangao, secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee in Langfang City, office on duty: 2028508
Langfang City mayor: Wang Aimin
Langfang City Chinese Communist Party Committee secretary: Wang Zengli
District Governor for the Guangyang District, Langfang City: Yin Guangtai
Secretary of the Guangyang District Chinese Communist Committee Party in Langfang City: Bu Zewen
Duty Office at the Lang City Detention Center: 2333043