From the article submitter:

When we discovered this letter by chance, it was May 11, 2006, and after having read the letter, practitioners on the spot all shed tears. Everybody said words to the effect of: "We felt ashamed to face practitioners in prisons! We are one body, and are all doing the three things. But, we haven't done them well enough. What we've done doesn't satisfy the standards in the Fa-rectification process. Critical words from our fellow practitioner once again encourage us to make more effort, be more diligent, to do three things well. We won't disappoint the expectations from fellow practitioners, and will form one body either inside or outside (the cells). Smash the evil nests. Don't allow fellow practitioners to lose their lives, undertake various tasks to rescue fellow practitioners and save people on earth. Follow Master to go home."

The letter was written by a young Dafa disciple from Jixi City in Heilongjiang Province, illegally sentenced and jailed in Harbin. The prison in Harbin had killed Wang Dayuan, a teacher at the Department of Computer Science at Harbin Industrial University. Wang Dayuan's parents are alumni of Qinghua University. They sought after the chief prosecutor at the highest procuratorate in the nation to demand that the murderer(s) at the Harbin prison acknowledge and compensate them for the death of their innocent son. Fearing investigation by the highest prosecutors, Harbin prison authorities quickly transferred Dafa disciples from Harbin (the number is unclear) to four other prisons in Hulan, Mudanjiang, Daqing etc. This practitioner was transferred to a prison at Daqing. He remained steadfast in his belief in Zhan-Shan-Ren, and suffered inhuman tortures as a result.

Risking his life, he asked someone to carry out this letter. We publish the original letter here, and encourage us all to

ask ourselves what we have done for practitioners in prison, and for everyday people in the maze? How much we have done?


Dear Brother-in-law:

Greetings! I'm writing this letter to let you know a very important thing. I hope you take it seriously and pass it on to others. Here I express my sincere gratitude to you.

The persecution we face in prison is very serious, sometimes truly life-threatening. As a Dafa disciple, I certainly don't fear death. But, I am concerned that the evil would let us die in vain. They use despicable means to cover up their evil behavior. They fabricate rumors to deceive the families of the deceased. The Daqing prison persecuted several Dafa disciples to death and succeeded in keeping the practitioners' family members from learning the truth. The key problem was that the family members didn't know what to do and were thus easily deceived. Here I want to tell my family, if there appears any mishap to me in the future, it will certainly have been caused by the evil authorities, and I ask my family to not believe the lies they tell. Be determined to investigate the case until the end! Be sure to remember: Expose the matter to the public. Let the entire society know the evil of the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, do not be frightened by the CCP. It is doomed to come to an end. The number of people who have withdrawn from the Party has reached over [10 ] million.

There is also an important thing to do: Seize the chance to tell all family members and good friends, my parents and sisters, as well as your parents, brothers and sisters, to ask them to withdraw from the evil organizations of the communist party, its youth group and kids' pioneer team, as soon as possible. This is because heaven will soon extinguish the communist organization. It does not believe in gods and is poisoning human beings. This is absolutely true. Every major prophecy has talked about this issue. In reality, strange diseases spreading crazily have already been warning the people. Therefore, I hope you wake up fast, and renounce the Party on the Epoch Times website. It is OK to use either real names or pen names.

Attention: All who have entered the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations in the past, regardless of whether you are a current member or not, you have to announce your withdrawal to make it count, otherwise, you may be eliminated by gods when the Fa rectifies the human world, as one who supports and follows the CCP is also an element who does evil.

Moreover, Brother-in-law, please tell my family, when they come to see me, if the prison does not let us meet, there certainly are problems that the prison wants to cover up, fearing my family will know. The more the prison does not allow you to see me, the more you must insist on seeing me. Don't be afraid of them. I haven't committed any crime. You are not guilty, either. Be righteous, why fear them? Do you know why we have been persecuted for a long time in here yet the persecution has not ended?

One reason is that people outside did not coordinate with us well but "acquiesced" to this kind of unreasonable persecution, trampling human rights. If people on the outside can firmly oppose and resist this unfair persecution like us, then we can possibly leave prison sooner and endure fewer hardships.

I have another hope or request. I hope you can also participate in truth clarification as soon as possible. Please tell my elder sister and younger sister. They know what to do. I ask you to help, to accomplish the mission well for my family members to quit the CCP and its related organizations. You may find my fellow practitioners. Just tell them their names.

My brother-in-law, please be sure to take this critical issue very seriously. This letter doesn't reach you easily. I asked someone to write for me. It is very difficult to get it out of the prison. It must pass through three inspections. I hope you truly value this letter. Certainly, certainly, certainly, do regard it as a critical issue. I, here in the prison, grant you the trust to rescue the lives of my family members. You must do well. Please pass this letter to our parents, brothers, and sisters to read. Otherwise, both you and I would regret.

Do not fear. The CCP is going to disintegrate very soon. The process is already underway. Brightness and happiness belong to justice forever.

Wish you health.

Best wishes!

Please take my regards to parents and sisters. Best wishes for them too!