(Clearwisdom.net) Two days ago at noon, people at my workplace told me to report to work in the afternoon because the Party secretary wanted to talk to me. My heart sank and I immediately thought, "Just yesterday I handed out copies of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at the south court dormitory. I also heard the head perpetrator Jiang Zemin was going to come here soon; maybe this 'talk' has something to do with it? What should I do?" When I thought about it some more I realized that trying to protect myself is a mistake. Isn't it "selfishness"? What's the right mentality with which I should face these people? I used to clarify the truth to them, but because my cultivation state wasn't good I was too anxious and they didn't listen to me.

After my husband came home I told him about this and he said, "It's almost the May 1 holiday again. Perhaps they want to admonish you for some things; it is not a big deal." I felt so much lighter and thought, "Right. I'll just go through the motions." But then I thought, "Isn't this an ordinary person's understanding, an ordinary person's way of handling things?"

In the afternoon, fellow practitioners came to my home to join group Fa study. They said, "Just send forth righteous thoughts. This should not have happened. Right now, we are simply validating Dafa and rescuing sentient beings, and anything that interferes with validating the Fa should not exist."

We sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all elements that interfere with my validating the Fa. I no longer thought about how to respond to the Party secretary, because this incident itself should not have taken place. The shadow from my past experience of numerous arrests and persecution stayed with me. Whenever something happens, in spite of myself I would get scared and worry about getting arrested and persecuted. I would think about how to face the police. The old forces have in fact foisted these thoughts on me. I cannot acknowledge this and cannot walk their pre-arranged path. I didn't think about anything else except not to fall into the old force's trap. After I corrected my mindset I went to my place of work. Someone told me the Party secretary had left for the day. I knew that this incident was naturally dissolved after I adjusted my mindset.

Then I remembered something that happened last year: all of my colleagues except me received a raise, including retired employees. I had retired early. One thought immediately came to my mind: now I have to face people at work again. In the past several years, most people at my workplace had treated me differently because I had been persecuted. I really didn't want to face them. I was scared when I thought about it. During the past few years I had clarified the truth to them many times, but because their minds are deeply poisoned by CCP's culture and my mind was not calm, oftentimes the outcome was less than optimal. For a long time I had formed an attachment: I wanted to let them know the truth, but I was also afraid that they would refuse to accept the truth, make fun of me or even turn against me.

To deal with the raise issue, I dragged myself to the Financial Affairs Section and was told to go to the Labor Resource Section, and there they told me that the Human Resource Bureau had lost my file, and they could not give me a raise until all the paper work had been found and satisfactorily processed. They said, "This raise is given only if you qualify after a two-year inspection period; but you spent one year at work and one year inside a labor camp. We don't know what to do with you! We have to ask our supervisor." I thought, "Forget it! I should just let this go and not become too attached to money." But when I thought it over I felt this wasn't right because

Teacher said,

"Wherever a problem arises, that's where you need to clarify the facts." ("Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference")

I shared my thoughts with a fellow practitioner who said, "Maybe you need to clarify the truth in the process of getting your money. There are people who need to be rescued. Maybe you'll meet people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa. Do what's best under the circumstances, and don't worry about the outcome."

I thought, "First, I should give up my attachment to money. My getting my salary back looks the same as what an ordinary person would do, but I don't do it for the money. I do it because in the process I'll come across people and I must clarify the truth to them. Since the year spent in the labor camp is involved here, I must explain to them about the illegality and evilness of this persecution. I'll tell them however much I can, and I won't shove it down their throats; instead I'll just chat with them."

After I adjusted my mindset and got rid of my attachment to the outcome, I went to the woman in charge at the Labor Resource Section and said a few simple things to her. Two days later I went back. This time she was a completely different person. She said, "You are included in this raise! Look, a copy of this form that I gave to the Financial Affairs Section includes your name and also the signature of my superior. Why didn't you come to me before?" I said, "I've always been coming to you." To my surprise she looked confused and said, "But you never addressed this issue!" She immediately issued me ten months' back salary!

I realized that once I correct my mindset everything will change. At that moment I truly felt the supernatural power of Dafa and the joy of cultivating in the Fa.