(Clearwisdom.net) According to a May 23, 2006 article entitled "The Supreme Level and Pursuit of a Military Doctor" published in the Liaoxi Business News, Chen Rongshan, head of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) 205 Hospital and also vice chairman of the Urology Society of the Jinzhou City Medical Association, has worked in urology for over 30 years. He has been a pioneer in the medical field. With his broad knowledge base, diligent studies and outstanding professional skills, his patients nicknamed him the "miracle doctor."

The article states that he combined clinical experience with medical research and after a period of time had achieved extraordinary accomplishments in many aspects, including kidney transplants. In April 1995, the PLA 205 Hospital officials decided to separate the Urology Surgical Section from the General Surgical Section and appointed Dr. Chen Rongshan as head of the section. He had completed 568 surgeries with a 100% success rate. The one-year survival rate after a kidney transplant [done by him] was around 98%, which has reached an international advanced level. His expertise makes him stand out in the Liaoxi area. Due to his reputation, many patients sought him out, including those from Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.

This article also gives an example of Dr. Chen Rongshan performing a kidney transplant for a critically ill patient within a short period, and also his decision to turn down bribes from patients' families.

After reading this article, any patients with severe kidney disease, and especially those in dire need of a kidney transplant, would probably think that Dr. Chen Rongshan is a godsend. Unfortunately, this news article is a piece of very misleading propaganda.

From a news source, it was recently learned that a group of Dafa practitioners were taken to the Urology Surgical Section at the PLA 205 Hospital. Dr. Chen Rongshan is the head surgeon, and Zong Bin is the associate surgeon. Chen Bing is the head nurse. Other medical staff members who might possibly participate in the process include Liu Suxia, Jin Xiangyang, Zhang Lili, Miao Huanyu, Zhang Yang, Tong Haiying, Kong Tao, Pang Xiaobo, Ma Xiaofeng, Yu Lina, and Sun Yuanyuan.

It seems the news article was not meant simply to praise Dr. Chen Rongshan, but to serve as an urgent advertisement to seek customers for yet another round of large-scale organ transplants.

People may have read numerous reports on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website regarding harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in the Sujiatun area in Shenyang City.

On March 9, 2006, the Minghui website published a journalist's account, which states that several thousand Falun Gong practitioners were once held in the secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp and no one has ever come out alive. Before the practitioners' bodies were cremated, their corneas, kidneys and other organs were removed while they were still alive.

There are as many as 36 similar concentration camps in China. Three weeks after the news came to light, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) "transferred away the remaining living practitioners at this underground concentration camp before it invited the international community to visit the hospital on a guided tour, accompanied by CCP officials.

In the past few months, more and more foreign governments, organizations and justice-loving individuals have stepped forward to expose the crimes of the CCP in various ways. They have called for the international community to investigate the CCP's crimes and lend their efforts in ending the brutal abuse and massacre. As a result of voices around the globe calling for an end to the persecution, we have learned that some Dafa practitioners were transferred to PLA 205 Hospital in Jinzhou City.

Some Chinese experts pointed out in the article "The Practical Significance of Studies on Organs and Tissues that Were Separated from Human Body,"

"People usually don't donate organs due to the fact that human organs cannot regenerate, and their importance and dependence for maintaining human health. After death, due to the traditional concept of an 'intact body' the deceased and his family are unwilling to allow organ removal from the cadaver. As a result, organ supply falls far behind the demand for organs. Generally speaking, organs are in short supply throughout the world."

In China, people have always held a conservative stand toward organ donation. Public awareness of organ donation is not widespread, and therefore human organs are in short supply. Even in the USA, where the belief in organ donations is strong, the average wait time for an organ transplant is between two and seven years.

By contrast, the small PLA 205 Hospital can obtain kidneys so easily, which is highly suspicious.

We notice that the PLA 205 Hospital in the small city of Jinzhou has access to ample kidney source(s), taking as evidence the 568 successful kidney transplants Dr. Chen Rongshan has performed. Strangely, the Jinzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital, a provincial hospital both larger and much more medically well equipped than the PLA 205 Hospital, is unable to provide patients with such a readily available supply of kidneys, as only three or four kidney transplants are carried out at that hospital each year. Such a sharp contrast raises even more questions.

The account of a veteran military doctor in Shenyang City gives us useful hints:

The military doctor said, "From the documents I came across, the largest concentration camp is in Jilin Province. This concentration camp is codenamed 672-S and imprisons more than 120,000 people. A large number of Falun Gong practitioners, felons and prisoners of conscience from all over China are held there." "In the underground concentration camp of the Sujiatun District Hospital there were indeed more than 10,000 people kept in early 2005, but at the present time the number of detainees there is maintained at around 600-750. Many detainees have been transferred to other concentration camps." He also pointed out, "The CCP has openly declared Falun Gong to be a 'class enemy,' turning Falun Gong practitioners into targets of its most severe suppression. According to a legal document the CCP's Central Military Committee decreed as early as 1962, death penalty prisoners and felons convicted of serious crimes may be processed according to the developmental needs of the state or of socialism."

The doctor's words also illustrate the fact that the CCP has always silently encouraged the unscrupulous harvesting of so-called prisoners' organs. The CCP has been condoning crimes, and its direct order to harvest organs from living Dafa practitioners has reached a peak.

The doctor tells us the CCP has been carrying out human organ transplants in secret, and particularly those in which the organ source comes from Falun Gong practitioners. Military hospitals are the best cover for these heinous crimes. Could this be the main reason the PLA 205 Hospital in Jinzhou City has access to more kidneys than any other hospital in the area?

An unwary patient would probably feel lucky and happy that his life was saved through a transplant. But if he knew the prolonging of his life was based on the brutal murder of an innocent Falun Gong practitioner, would he be able to live the rest of his life in peace? Would he really live a longer life?