(Clearwisdom.net) I encountered two stories from which one can see the different results brought about by different hearts and different degrees of attention.

The first story is about a headmaster in a primary school who received an order from higher up to conduct a flag raising ceremony every week. A practitioner learned about this and thought it should be stopped. However, nobody knew the headmaster or where he lived. The practitioner went through much trouble and finally found the headmaster’s name and address. He put a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, other material and a personally written letter into a brown paper bag and slipped it under the headmaster’s door. A few days later, the school stopped conducting the ceremony and activities to recruit students into the CCP’s youth league.

In another story, a practitioner went out to deliver Dafa materials at night, and felt like he was being followed and became afraid. Just as he was about to reach home on the way back, the practitioner folded up the remaining 3-4 pages and hurriedly left it in the doorway of a house facing the road. The practitioner told another practitioner the next day about this. The other practitioner was feeling uneasy and went to take a look. The bundled material was torn up and thrown into the garbage pile in front of the door.

Everybody has put in a lot of effort to produce these materials, yet just because that practitioner was fearful, those pieces of truth-clarifying material were wasted. Even the old forces dare not oppose our clarifying the truth to save sentient beings, because the key is not to have gaps in our hearts for the evil to exploit. Because the evil had found things that we did not do with the heart and attitude of a cultivator, and we forgot about cultivation at the critical moment, the evil controlled everyday people not to read our materials, and even tear them up.

The practitioner in the first story had put saving sentient beings as the first priority, paying lots of attention in each step of what he did, so the result was quite good. What the practitioner in the second story did revealed the attachment of fear and the attitude of "doing work," so it had the opposite effect of what he intended.

As cultivators, we must continually improve ourselves. Only when we cultivate ourselves well can we save sentient beings. For Fa rectification period disciples, during this period, we are cultivating while saving sentient beings, and in this process, how much heart and attention we put into our efforts is critical.