(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Gao Dong, in his 40s, was an engineer employed by Zhenxing Company Exploration Bureau in Liaohe Oilfield. Around August or September 2005, he was persecuted again and sent to the brainwashing center in Luotai Mountain Village, Fushun City. Sources indicated that he was tied and handcuffed to the bed, force-fed, and infused with liquid for three months. We are unable to obtain more detailed information regarding Mr. Gao Dong's current situation.

Mr. Gao Dong has been continuously persecuted for the past six years, ever since November 1999. Most of the time, he was illegally imprisoned, being re-educated through labor in Panjin and Benxi, detained at the brainwashing center in Fushun, and in a mental hospital.

In April 25 and July 20, 1999, Mr. Gao went to Beijing twice to appeal. In October 1999, when he appealed to clear the charges against Falun Gong, he was detained and brutally beaten by the public security department in Youtian. He was then sent to the reformatory in Panjin. Because he insisted on practicing Falun Gong, the police in the reformatory applied various tortures to torment him, including the Death Bed, forced stationary positions, electric baton shocks, being hung, being hit on the head with a plastic baton, forced-feeding, allowed to wear only underclothes during the harsh winter, being hit with a shovel while lying in the snow, and abuse by other prisoners. They subjected Mr. Gao to almost every torture, leaving him barely breathing. Because the reformatory did not want to bear the responsibility, when Mr. Gao was on the verge of death, he was taken to his hometown in Haicheng.

However, Mr. Gao Dong miraculously lived. Once he had slightly recovered, he wrote a letter to the unit condemning the department of security and the 610 Office in Youtian for their illegal persecution. The Politics and Law Committee Secretary of the 610 Office in Youtian, Yu Qingshan, ordered personnel to take him to a cell in Youtian to be persecuted once again. Overnight, the police tortured him until he stopped breathing.

Because Mr. Gao stopped breathing for such a long time, insufficient oxygen to his brain caused abnormalities in his mental state. Even still, the authorities would not release him and instead sent him to the reformatory in Panjin. Mr. Gao resisted the persecution by going on a hunger strike. The reformatory in Panjin then transferred him to the reformatory in Benxi. Eventually, Mr. Gao became absent-minded and suffered memory loss. He also became incontinent and had difficulty swallowing food due to the forced-feeding.

In the fall of 2003, Mr. Gao was transferred from the reformatory in Panjin to the reformatory in Benxi. The policemen and their assistants there tried to "transform" him day and night. They ridiculed him and assigned personal cangues ["Cangue" is the name of an instrument of torture. Here, it is used to indicate the person designated to monitor practitioners] on him. Due to the long-term torture, Mr. Gao deteriorated, mentally and physically. He became extremely depressed and emotionally repressed. In the spring of 2004, he developed insomnia for days, and his mental state became abnormal. The officers at the reformatory did not want to be responsible, so they released him on bail to seek medical treatment. Chief officer Liu of the hospital's drug rehabilitation center falsely blamed Falun Gong as the cause of Mr. Gao Dong's mental disorder.

During Mr. Gao's hunger strike at the reformatory in Benxi, Ding Huibo pumped air into Mr. Gao's stomach, using a big syringe for force-feeding, and also added more salt to the porridge.

After approximately more than a year of persecution in the mental hospital (the time frame needs to be verified), the authorities sent him to the brainwashing center in Luotai Mountain Village, Fushun. Twice every day, Mr. Gao was forced-fed by policeman Wu Wei, who was not a doctor. This went on for three months.

Mr. Gao had had a happy family of three. His wife was an employee at a unit in Youtian. Unable to withstand the mental pressure, she was forced to divorce her husband and took custody of their young son. Due to her son's continuous persecution, Mr. Gao's mother suffered tremendously, mentally and physically and lost her eyesight. His aging father now has to take care of mentally disordered Mr. Gao and his blind wife. They live a very difficult life.

People directly responsible for the persecution:

Country code: 86 Area code: 427
Zhenxing Company Exploration Bureau in Youtian, Liaohe:
Sun Renqiang, Secretary: 7828938 (Office), 7827935 (Home)
Liu Quangfu, Union Chairman: 7822835 (Office), 7822291 (Home)
Sui Jinghui, Director of Security Protective Department: 7821304 (Office), 7822804 (Home)
Zhang Degang, Deputy-Director of Security Protective Department: 7831942 (Office), 7807649 (Home)
Li Hua, Manager of Management Company: 7820926 (Office), 7821280 (Home)
Wang Youshan, Branch Manager of the Political Protective Branch, Security Department, Youtian, Liaohe: 7821140
Kuang Yemao: 7821438
People and units responsible for the persecution:
Exploration Bureau, Youtian, Liaohe
Reformatory in Benxi, Liaoning Province
Lockup Facility in Panjin City, Youtian
Labor Reformatory in Panjin City
Labor Reeducation Camp in Benxi City, Liaoning Province: Ding Huibo
Brainwashing Center in Luotai Mountain Village: Wu Wei
610 Office in Youtian, Liaohe: Yu Qingshan
Personnel at the brainwashing center in Luotai Mountain Village:
Jia Tashu, Principal (City 610 Vice Director): 86-13841300039 (Cell), 86-413-2633207 (Home)
Di Caizhen, Department Head, School Administrative Office
Qiao Anshan, Office Director (Honorary Principal)
Chen Yajuan, Class Leader (Teacher in Charge)
Wu Wei, Policeman (originally persecuted practitioners at the Reformatory in Fushun City): 86-13050167946
Brainwashing center police officers:
Ms. Shi Qingyun (Ms. Shi Chunfang): 86-13081346167
Ms. Zhao Shuqin: 86-413-7648943
Ms. Sun Guizhen
Mr. Wang Jun: 86-13700136361 (Cell)
Wang Guohui
Liu Qingwen
Mr. Tong (policeman)