(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Ping, 32 years old, is employed in the Tianjin City municipal administration office in the Port Free Trade Zone. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. Since July 20, 1999, during the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Gong, Li Ping suffered many instances of illegal arrest, detention and sentences. On December 19, 2005, Tianjin’s Tanggu police division once again arrested Li Ping. Due to her persistence in practicing Dafa, she was illegally sentenced to two years at a forced labor camp on January 16, 2006.

Tianjin's Banqiao Women’s Forced Labor Camp applied devastating means of torture against Li Ping: putting her in a prison cell and letting other inmates monitor her tightly; not letting her get any sleep, not letting her eat, not letting her drink water, not letting her contact anyone, and not allowing her to write letters to her family and so forth.

Facing such inhuman persecution, Li Ping’s physical condition began to deteriorate and her will to live nearly collapsed. On March 3 she started a hunger strike to protest. In nearly two months, Li Ping became extremely weak. She could not get up from bed and was unable to walk. Her vision dropped dramatically and she was unable to see things clearly. Her tooth started bleeding due to being hit by the police with pliers during forced-feeding. Her heart is weak. She has become emaciated and is unable to take care of herself at the present time.

Li Ping is in critical condition. Her family members have requested that the labor camp release her for medical treatment. Banqiao Forced Labor Camp chief officer Hao Demin said, "Would we release her because of her hunger striking for a few days?" The re-education section head Liu Yuxia said, "She has not reached that kind of situation yet." The meaning is that she has not reached the end of her life.

Her family members have been everywhere to try to rescue Li Ping:

They went to the district Procuratorate appeals office to appeal on her behalf but there was no response. They went to see Zheng Lianlin, the department director of re-education twice and were rejected.

Ms. Li's family members went to Banqiao Forced Labor Camp again to attempt to visit her, yet the re-education section head Liu Yuxia rejected the visit. The head of the No. 3 Division Li Wenjing not only didn’t allow a visit, but also asked for money from her family members by saying that Li Ping owed money to the labor camp for seeing a doctor. Her family members said they had no money at all.

April 26 was the official visiting day and her family members finally went to see Li Ping. She was carried out by others. She was so weak that she couldn’t talk and her vision was very bad. Her tooth continued to bleed.

May 26 was another official visiting day, but the camp rejected the visit. No. 3 Division head Li Wenjing said, "Li Ping is unable to walk out by herself, and since we don’t have anyone to carry her out, you cannot see her." Therefore, Li Ping’s family members didn’t get to see Li Ping. The labor camp didn’t accept the milk powder that her family brought, instead they were ordered to buy a box of milk powder from the labor camp store, where everything is very expensive.

Li Ping’s family was not able to learn any details of Li Ping’s condition, and made phone calls to inquire about her. But the policemen hung up the phone as soon as they knew someone was looking for Li Ping, or they claimed it was a wrong number.

Responsible personnel at the Banqiao Forced Labor Camp:

Officer Hao Demin: 86-22-63252201 (Office), 86-13803060179 (Cell)

Re-education section head, Liu Yuxia: 86-22-63251069 (Office); Liu once led male policemen to take off female practitioner Yan Shujun’s clothes and shock her private parts with an electric baton.

No. 3 Division head, Li Wenjing: 86-22-63250179 (Office)