(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners are still being brutally tortured at Masanjia labor camp in Liaoning province. Practitioners Xie Dewen, Yan Chunjiao, Wang Huinan, Yuan Shuzhe, Yang Liwei, Long Shufen, Wang Manli, Zhou Hua, Zou Xiuju and others are handcuffed twenty-four hours a day, and tied to a bed in the shape of cross for at least fourteen hours a day. Such tortures have lasted for more than half a month.

In the morning of February 23, 2006, because Xie Dewen refused to corporate with the persecutors and sit on a small stool, she was pushed to the ground by Liu Yong, the management office director of the labor camp. She struggled to stand up and was beaten again. Xie Dewen shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," and Liu repeatedly slapped her face and forced her to stand facing the wall. Later, she was struck four times in the face by police officer Chen Jingmin because she refused to wear a prison uniform. Chen then complained that her hands hurt and she should have used slippers instead so that her hands would not hurt. Chen Jingmin also beat practitioner Yang Liwei on the face. Xie Dewen was also struck in the face by police Wang Qi. Police Yan Shiguang punched her face and hit her hands with a broom handle (her hands were handcuffed behind her back).

On February 27, 2006, practitioner Zhou Hua, who was on a hunger strike, was beaten up by police officer Li Jun.

On April 29, 2006, Yan Chunjiao was struck in the face over ten times by police officer Zhang Jun from the Masanjia labor camp management office. The office director Ma Jishan and his followers forced Yan Chunjiao to kneel down. After she refused to do so, Ma Jishan kicked her right foot, causing her ankle to swell up and become dislocated. She consequently was unable to walk normally and is still crippled. In addition, she was forced to wear a prison uniform and ID card and to do manual labor.

At the end of April 2006, Ma Jishan and Zhang Jun beat up Xie Dewen, causing her nose to bleed. She refused to wear an ID card and had not eaten for four days. They forced her to kneel down facing the wall. Her blood stained the wall and her clothes. The doctor who was in charge of force-feeding immediately washed away the bloodstains on her shirt. Police officer Ma Jishan cleaned the blood from her nose and Yu Wen (the director) said that they needed to toss out the stained clothes. To force-fed her, Cao Yujie pried her mouth open, which bent the spoon and caused bleeding and damage to her teeth. Cao then used a plastic syringe to pry her mouth open. As a result, the syringe was broken. They charged Xie for the cost. Then they went to look for a mouth opener. At around 5:00 P.M. on April 7, 2005, police Yu Wen kicked Xie Dewen in the face. Practitioners Sun Shuxiang and Wang Shuping were also beaten up. Sun Shuxiang suffered a nosebleed. Practitioner Wang Shuping was slapped in the face by police officer Wang Naimin, who was a member of the political committee in Masanjia labor camp. Police officer Guo Fangjie also punched practitioner Xie Dewen in the nose.

At around 8:00 A.M. on May 1, 2006, police director Ma Jishan asked Xie Dewen to put both her feet together. Xie refused. Ma said, "Wait and see how I deal with you." Ma Jishan tied her up on a "dead person bed," pried her mouth open with a mouth opener and then secured it around her neck. He pressed forcefully on her cheeks with both hands. After a long while, Cao Yujie, the doctor who was in charge of force-feeding came in. She said, "Oh, good. Everything is ready." Ma said, "Don’t hurry. Feed with a small spoon." Later they said that it took two hours. After finishing force-feeding, they did not remove the mouth opener. Because it was a holiday, the force-feeding was twice a day. It is usually three times a day.

In the morning of May 2, 2006, police Ma Jishan incited a vicious police doctor to force-feed a drug to Xie Dewen. They told her that it was antibiotics. But when the drug went into effect, Xie asked them what kind of medicine they had force-fed her with and why her heart felt so bad. Ma said, "Medicine for blood pressure." Police officer Chen Kai who was on site said that putting the pills on a small spoon would make it easier to feed them. They murmured something in low voice. Ma Jishan opened Xie’s mouth for the next force-feeding, damaging her lips and causing blisters on both sides of her mouth. Doctor Chen Bing directly poured food from a bowl. Ma Jishan stopped Chen saying: "Don’t hurry. Go about your own business if you are busy. Anyone can do the job." Chen force-fed for a while, ate some sunflower seeds, and said: "I will take a walk." Ma Jishan then continued the force-feeding. Ma said, "Wait and see how I deal with you. I will tie you up on a bed and you will come out dead." Chen Bing said: "Wait and see, we will make you urinate and defecate in bed."

On May 4, police Ma Jishan once again held Xie Dewen’s mouth open with a mouth-opener and force-fed her. When there was little porridge left in the bowl, Ma said, "Who has the time for her? Let’s insert the tubing." The doctor said, "Not necessary." They removed the mouth-opener a long time after the force-feeding was completed. As soon as Xie Dewen got up, Ma Jishan asked her: "Xie Dewen, where is your ID card?" They then held her down to the "dead person bed" and put a mouth-opener in her mouth while threatening her by saying: "Wait and see how I deal with her," and tied her up to the bed.

In the morning of May 9, because Xie Dewen refused to peel garlic, Liu Yong forced her to kneel down facing the wall. Xie refused. He then handcuffed her from behind and kicked her left leg, causing her to kneel down abruptly. Her right leg bumped into the edge of the metal bed and her face hit the metal bed pole. Liu Yong also put a chair against her back and tried to get someone to sit in the chair.

On May 10, Ma Jishan handcuffed Xie Dewen to a heating pipe and forced her to squat near a table because she refused to perform manual labor. Ma played a tape recording denouncing Dafa and kicked her, not allowing her to sit. In addition, she was dragged around by her hair. She has been handcuffed near the bed every day since.

Practitioners Xie Dewen and Yan Chunjiao refuse to wear ID cards and prison uniforms and refuse to do manual work to protest the persecution. They are forced to stand all day and only allowed to use the toilet four times a day. They are even handcuffed while asleep. They are not allowed to wash their underwear. The police even said that animals were tied up like this.