(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on May 25, 2006, several policemen broke into the home of a local Falun Dafa practitioner.The practitioner shouted loudly all the way to the public security bureau. The practitioner thought, "Since I am here, I must clarify the truth." The practitioner began clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to the surrounding police officers. When he finished doing so, two police officers agreed to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Three police officers, four people standing nearby, and the detention center armed police were supervising this practitioner. The practitioner sent forth these righteous thoughts, "Let their thoughts be confused. Don’t let them think about me." After a while, the practitioner noticed their eyes had glazed over and they seemed to be in a daze. The detention center gates were open so the practitioner walked out while sending forth-righteous thoughts. He was again free to assist in Fa rectification.

We are all inspired by this practitioner’s righteous thoughts and actions. What brought out his mighty power? It was his indestructible righteous thoughts in the universal truth, his stable foundation established through daily Fa study and his steadfast faith in Teacher and Dafa. Through this story, I want to encourage each of us to recognize our own mighty powers, which were granted by Teacher long ago.

Every Falun Dafa practitioner has great mighty powers during this current time. The most obvious of these is our daily sending forth-righteous thoughts to eradicate the dark minions, rotten ghosts, the evil Communist spirits and any other evil elements that persecute Dafa in other dimensions. By reading the Clearwisdom website, we learn that practitioners are eliminating all traces of persecution by the evil using the mighty powers granted by Teacher. However, we must eliminate the human notions of worry and fear, so we can use our mighty powers to full advantage.

All of these interferences and problems were arranged by the old forces to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners and keep them from cultivating to high levels. We must maintain strong righteous thoughts, eliminate the evil elements with mighty power and keep our actions righteous. We must deal with each and every small matter with righteous thoughts whenever evil persecutes us physically or mentally. All means are being utilized to separate Falun Dafa practitioners. Mobile phone tapping is one of the persecution methods. We must pay attention to how and where we make phone contact. Let’s use public phones instead of mobile phones and try to use random locations. If we frequently use the same phones in a limited area it will be too easy for the persecutors to trace our calls. We should be responsible to fellow practitioners and Dafa.

We can use our mighty powers by sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate our anxiety, fears and worries. We can ask Teacher to strengthen our strong supernatural abilities, to help us communicate with the other practitioners we plan to contact, and to arrange the path of Fa validation. Even if we don’t see a fellow practitioner, there will be a reason, since Teacher arranges things for the best outcome. As long as we are responsible for the Fa and fellow practitioners, the effect will certainly be good.

Teacher wrote,

"I would say that you cannot understand another circumstance from the perspective of this environment. There should be a revolution in your thinking. Without television sets, people would have them in their foreheads, and they could watch anything they want to see. They would also have supernormal abilities. Without trains and planes, people would be able to levitate into the air from where they sit, without using an elevator. It would bring about a different state of societal development, and it would not necessarily be confined to this framework." (Zhuan Falun)

This is to tell us not to be moved by false appearances in the human world, and to change our postnatal notions, so we can utilize well the supernatural abilities given by Teacher and be truly divine.

Teacher said,

"...I wanted the transformation of the surface body to be in sync with the part that has been well-cultivated; I wanted to have the body be disassociated with the human state during cultivation; and I wanted to have the cultivating disciples use their own righteous thoughts to maintain a state that is just like that of human beings." ... "Even now I can't acknowledge what they have insisted upon, and I absolutely will not acknowledge it in the future. In the future all beings that have been part of the interferences and disruptions will be disintegrated in the process of paying for what they have done. What I want has to be accomplished, even if we have to reverse history and start from scratch again. Both this content and process are necessary for Fa-rectification. I am not referring to things that will happen when the Fa rectifies the human world." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

Teacher is waiting for us to truly change the implicit mentalities of humans, truly recognize one’s mighty power and supernatural abilities, and allow the surface body to be in sync with the well-cultivated part.

This is my personal understanding; please correct me if there are any mistakes.