(Clearwisdom.net) I was hurting in both body and mind, and the pain was continuous. I couldn't bear to live any longer and was waiting to die. But I was also waiting for god to show me a way out of my suffering.

In March 1993, a predestined relationship led to my hearing Teacher lecture on Dafa, and I began cultivation practice.

Teacher spoke to the people in Wuhan City, Hubei Province through a radio broadcast and introduced us to the principles of Falun Gong. Through the radio broadcast, Teacher eliminated two kinds of illness for anyone in the audience. He asked us to think of our illness and he eliminated them. From then on, whenever practitioners got together and talked about their experience, some practitioners would feel currents going through their bodies making them feel very comfortable. A practitioner told me that her husband cried when he listened to Teacher's broadcast. We didn't know why back then. Now we know that it was because Teacher passed the unprecedented Falun Dafa to us. For the first time, by cultivating Falun Dafa, a human can truly ascend toward higher levels and be saved out of the Three Realms. Teacher is saving sentient beings and showing people how to be good and kind. Teacher made nothing from traveling all over the country and holding fifty-four 9-day lectures. Later Teacher went overseas and continued spreading the seeds of Dafa to the human world. He was giving humankind a wonderful future. Of course, hearing Teacher spread the Fa would bring the knowing side of a human to cry.

While in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, I saw Teacher endure hardships for practitioners. It was a sizzling hot day and the lecture in Zhengzhou was held in a dilapidated stadium. Thousands of people jammed in. There was only a single fan and a long table. Those of us in the audience carried a lot of karma and Teacher lectured us in that difficult environment. Hence, every time I didn't do well in my cultivation practice, I remembered what Teacher went through and felt sad. Teacher's behavior, words, every single gesture and immense compassion are a great model for by which practitioners can guide themselves.

Evil interfered with Teacher's lecture in Zhengzhou. The sky seemed like it was about to fall. It was dark everywhere with loud thunder, driving sand and pebbles through the air. The lights in the stadium suddenly went off, indicating that the power had gone off. I saw Teacher sit on the table using hand signs to eliminate the evil demon sabotaging Teacher's Fa lecture. I remembered Teacher used to tell us the story that Sakyamuni had the same experience when teaching his Fa. We quietly watched Teacher eliminating the evil. Hail continuously fell on the roof tiles making loud noises. Twenty minutes later, the sun came out and the lights came back on. Though the evil savaged the local area and brought the biggest calamity in a hundred years, Teacher acted like it was nothing and continued his lecture. We witnessed Teacher's greatness, the boundless Fa principles, and the infinite power of supernormal abilities.

I can still clearly see Teacher's great image when he taught the Fa to offer salvation. I know it's hard to repay Teacher's grace, but I will never forget it. It can be found in every microscopic particle.