(Clearwisdom.net) I have been cultivating with my celestial eye open. I can see, hear and communicate with beings from other dimensions. I used to get worried and upset because it was impossible for me to cultivate quietly like other practitioners. When a millipede crawled on the ground, I could hear it howling like a bull. When my mind is not clean and clear, I can see into other dimensions, hearing creatures like bacteria discussing loudly.

For the past several years, I have started to see many different kinds of evil beings in other dimensions. Sometimes these beings made me feel sick to the point that I could not eat. As for eating meat, I have stopped eating it a long time ago. I only eat a small amount of crackers, pickles, porridge and vegetable every day and that is enough for me. Before I began to cultivate, I used to like to eat seafood. However, after Master gave the Fa-lectures on eliminating bad thoughts from our own mind and other dimension, during the first five minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts, I found the seafood that I ate in the past still remained in my body. Actually all the things that we eat remain in our body and they are lives in other dimensions.

In the past when I sent forth righteous thoughts at the four set times, I saw in other dimensions, demons and monsters including evil foxes, weasels, ghosts, snakes and some plants make threatening gestures or whip Dafa practitioners using their antennas. Nowadays, many people dye their hair with many colors exactly like those demons and monsters in other dimensions. Their hair is red, yellow, or green and in the middle there are a few locks of other colors.

In other dimensions some beings have bodies like us but they are not human beings. There are also beings that look like men. Their hair is dyed and braided like some of the men in this world. Those who have tattoos on their bodies are possessed and controlled by them. Those who prostitute are actually manipulated by creatures from other dimensions who try to ruin human society. Also, I see that they have pustules with liquid coming out on their bodies. Those who indulge in lust and desire are often possessed by monsters, demons or spirits of very strange shapes. When people pursue "sexual happiness," it is actually those dirty and irregular creatures from other dimensions that use humans' bodies to satisfy themselves.

This human world is really dirty as well. After cleaning, someone feels that everything is very clean, but in fact it's still dirty. This is because what you can wash away is the dirtiness that can be seen with our human eyes, while the dirtiness in the microcosm is still there. Dafa disciples are exceptional because through cultivation, they can develop things that can protect their bodies. Also, things that Dafa disciples touch and use all have power, even the clothes that they wash with their own hands.

Once a female practitioner told me that she was being interfered by the attachment to lust. I giggled when I heard that. How can a being that is pure and shining brightly be attracted to a human who has nothing but karma? What's more, not only should there not be lust, but even between spouses there should be no desire arising out of lust. All these things should be eliminated from our mind during cultivation.

There have been practitioners who have stopped cultivating in order to pursue some kind of achievement in the human world. As a result, they became ruined by fame and money. Any "achievement" in this human world is not true achievement. A being has fallen into a latrine pit. What kind of achievement or happiness can this kind of being make or talk about? If someone wants to be respected and cherished, the only way is to cultivate.

There are still some fellow practitioners who pursue fame, money and other human desires, like food or clothes in human society. Yet they are not very generous when it comes to saving sentient beings. If you can see in other dimensions the lives who are pure and beautiful, and those practitioners who wear shabby clothes, but are busy clarifying the truth and saving beings everyday, then you will see that they are elevating every day. Think about what you are missing out on and have lost. What you gain in human society is not worth mentioning. Even though you can become a millionaire in this human world, that's actually worth nothing at all!