(Clearwisdom.net) A goal is like a lighthouse when you are at sea. Only when a ship steers by the lighthouse can it avoid the rocks and reach its destination. Without the guidance of the lighthouse, the ship would not know whether to go left or right to reach its destination. It is sailing without knowing which way to go. How can it reach its destination, then? A person with a big goal is usually one with perseverance, determination, and the ability to bear hardships.

I asked several people why they study Buddhism. Some said that the human world is too hard and they wanted to escape. Some said that they wanted the Buddha's protection. Others had vague ideas. In fact it is time to think about this. This is the most basic and fundamental issue in life. Only when we have the right starting point and solve the problem from its root can we walk the path of cultivation righteously.

Recently I often felt that I had too many attachments, had poor xinxing and my righteous thoughts were not strong. In severe cases, I even got upset over personal interests and fell into conflicts and could not get out. What is the reason? Because my heart is human. It is hard and tiring to eliminate my attachments when they are so strong, but I must remember that I actually position myself in ordinary society and constrain myself. When we fall into conflict, it is difficult to see the nature of it, but when we get out of it we can then see through it.

Our goal should be magnificent and noble. When we have the wish to save sentient beings and reach Buddhahood, worldly conflicts and attachments become meaningless. Worldly interests are meaningless for cultivators because our hearts are for sentient beings and our wisdom has surpassed the Three Realms. How can ordinary society restrict us? Our wisdom and compassion are directly affected by how great our goal is.

May 22nd 2006