(Clearwisdom.net) In early 2006, practitioners in Babaishang of Daqing City hung up a 10-meter-long banner reading, "Falun Dafa is good." Consequently, the local police rampantly arrested practitioners in this region. Zhou Guilan, a widow who lived by herself, was tied to a metal chair and tortured for four days and four nights during interrogation. Ms. Sui Yumin, a young woman in her 20's, was also brutally tortured.

Widow Zhou Guilan tied to a metal chair and tortured for four days and four nights during interrogation

On February 26, 2006, police from the Daqing Police Department and the Babaishang Police Station illegally arrested practitioner Ms. Zhou Guilan, who is over 60 years and living by herself. Inside the Babaishang Police Station, police from Daqing City tied her to a metal chair for three days and three nights. When her children came to visit her, both times she was handcuffed to the chair. Later, police left Ms. Zhou in Division 5, which has no inmates. Twenty days later, she was detained in cell #403, followed by brutal torture for four more days and nights in the metal chair.

Three more practitioners arrested

In the afternoon of March 24, police in Daqing City arrested practitioners Zhang Jingqi (a teacher in the No. 65 Middle School) and Xuan Guoying (a staff member

Zhang Jingqi brutally tortured

The police tortured practitioner Mr. Zhang Jingqi for five days and five nights, shackling him to a metal chair while depriving him of sleep and food. They also covered Mr. Zhang's head with multiple layers of plastic bags, and did not loosen them until he almost lost consciousness. They also covered Mr. Zhang's mouth with a cotton mask soaked with a large amount of a pungent smelling liquid and later said, "Wow, Mr. Zhang is great! He can inhale two bottles [of the pungent liquid] in such a short time." During the interrogation and torture of Mr. Zhang, some sounds like beating were also heard at midnight near Babaishang Police Station. Five days later, he was sent to the Longfeng Police Station. He was so skinny that others could hardly recognize him.

The police also arrested practitioner Li Zongtai, who is over 50 years old. They sent him to Suihua Labor Camp for further persecution, but the labor camp did not accept him due to poor physical health. They had no choice but to

Young woman in her 20's in life-threatening condition

The police also arrested Sui Yumin, a woman in her 20's. Ms. Sui has had weak health and many illnesses since early childhood. After practicing Dafa, her health recovered, and she has remained healthy ever since. A group of male plainclothes policemen went to Ms. Sui's place at night, where she lives by herself. They stayed in Ms. Sui's home the entire night, and confiscated her belongings in the room. The police stole her several years of savings (4,000 yuan) and then denied it: "Couldn't the money have been stolen by some thief?"

After confiscating Ms. Sui's belongings, the police stuffed them into a minivan and took Ms. Sui to the Babaishang Police Station. Upon arriving there, they shackled her to a metal chair and handcuffed both of her hands behind her back. In the afternoon, Criminal Division police started to interrogate and torture her, but Ms. Sui did not tell them anything. An officer surnamed Huang from the Daqing Police Department said, "We have many ways to handle you. Even if you die, no injuries will be found and we will claim you had a heart attack." Then he and another police officer picked up plastic bags and covered Ms. Sui's head with several layers of plastic bags. Another police officer closed the open end of the plastic bags tightly. They did not loosen the bags until seeing Ms. Sui almost lose consciousness and both of her hands had turned purple. The police officer said, "We have gotten approval from the police station head, and will continue doing this [covering your head] as long as you keep your mouth shut. If you die, it will be attributed to a heart attack."

Later, the police also covered Ms. Sui's mouth with a big mask that had absorbed a large amount of a pungent smelling liquid. They also physically tortured her. When Ms. Sui was physically and mentally exhausted, two plainclothes police officers (one male and one female) used Buddhist theory to threaten and deceive her. However, Ms. Sui did not yield.

After being brutally tortured for two days and one night, Ms. Sui was sent to the city detention center, where she and Zhou Guilan both went on a hunger strike to protest their illegal arrest and detention. Detention center doctors surnamed Qi and Yu brutally force-fed them twice a day. Every time, the inmates manhandled her and her clothes were torn in the process. During the force-feeding, Ms. Sui's nose bled because of tube insertion. She also had diarrhea all the time. However, the detention center official did not care and continued with the force-feeding.

In the past month, Ms. Sui has become very pale, has been vomiting blood, and is sometimes in a coma. A detention center official notified a Babaishang Police Station official, who sent Ms. Sui to the hospital for a checkup. When the nurse there heard that Ms. Sui was brutally force-fed twice a day, she said, "Isn't it crazy? The stomach will be severely damaged in this way." After seeing both of Ms Sui's eyes congested and seeing that her life was in danger, in order to shirk their responsibility, a Babaishang Police Station official asked Ms. Sui's family to bail her out with 10,000 yuan. Both of Ms. Sui's parents had been sent to a labor camp because of practicing Dafa. Her mother was still in the labor camp, and her father had just been released and could not afford the extortion money. The police did not want to wait and asked her father to carry her back. The next morning, they went to Ms. Sui's home to demand the money, and saw that she was still in a life-threatening condition. The police hurriedly had her family member sign the medical bail release, and left with the signed document.

Daqing Police Department:

Cao Liwei, Director: 86-459-6371699 (Office)

Cao Zhenhe, Political Head: 86-459-6373066 (Office), 86-459-6280888 (Home), 86-13329500002 (Cell)

Daqing Police Department Security Division:

Deng Changxing, Division Head: 86-459-4609001 (Office), 86-459-6394111 (Home), 86-13904593540 (Cell)

Kang Yanfeng, Assistant Division Head: 86-459-5511488 (Home), 86-13089028886 (Cell)

Peng Zhili, Assistant Division Head: 86-459-4609003 (Office), 86-459-4665587 (Home), 86-13136835345 (Cell)

Liu Qingbin, Head of 610 Office: 86-459-4606009 (Office), 86-459-6236858 (Home),

86-13936778610 (Cell)

Daqing City Detention Center:

Du Zhenjiang, Director: 86-459-4616098 (Office), 86-459-4667179 (Home), 86-13936726888 (Cell)

Bai Yunshan, Political Head: 86-459-4616090 (Office), 86-459-6256942 (Home), 86-13059043155 (Cell)

Li Daming, Babaishang Police Station Head: 86-459-4980777 (Office), 86-459-4612473 (Home), 86-13836709003 (Cell)

May 21, 2006