(Clearwisdom.net) During my seven-year cultivation path, there have been difficulties, many frustrations, happy and mysterious stories, and painful lessons, all of which makes me look inward.

After July 20, 1999, the Clearwisdom website published a photo of Teacher dated January 19, 2000, where He was "quietly watching the world while sitting amidst the mountains." This photo on Clearwisdom reminds me to pay attention to Clearwisdom. Teacher is so thoughtful toward Falun Dafa practitioners. In the Fa-rectification period, Clearwisdom is the website that Falun Dafa practitioners can rely on, and its significance and functions are extremely profound. Teacher created this window to a "Pure Land" to help us improve as a whole. It is like a bright lamp to light the path for Falun Dafa practitioners and non-practitioners. The website helps practitioners to do great deeds to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

I cherish every article on Clearwisdom, and I also read two to three articles from "Minghui Weekly" each week. After reading an article from Minghui Weekly, I feel as if I have joined an experience sharing conference. They help me a lot. Fellow practitioners' great experiences and overseas practitioners' support continuously inspire practitioners in China to strive forward diligently!

Help Fellow Practitioners Who Quit Practicing to Return

Before July 20, 1999, we all studied the Fa and did exercises together in groups. After July 20, some people stopped practicing due to fear, and some still secretly read at home, yet never ventured out to validate the Fa. We must help them to return to the Fa rectification.

One fellow practitioner attended Teacher's lectures in 1993, but stopped practicing due to her human notions and attachments. I told her that she had received good fortune that arrives only once! I also said Teacher will not give us another chance to obtain the Fa. She had listened to Teacher's lectures in person; I reminded her how lucky she was and to cherish her good fortune! I told her I would wait for her reply, and that I wished to help her. Teacher told us there is still hope for any practitioner as long as the persecution has not ended. After a few days, she came to me and said she had decided to keep practicing. I was very happy and gave her Teacher's books and new articles; she was very excited and is now diligently doing the three things.

I had a dream one night in 2004. I stood at a river bank and many people were saying, "Who dares to jump into the river?" Suddenly a man passed me, jumped into the river and shouted for help! I thought: why did I not pull him back? After I woke up, I realized Teacher gave me a hint to quickly save people. I suddenly remembered that the man who shouted for help used to go to the same practice site as I did. After July 20, I encouraged him to be steadfast, but I had not seen him for a long time. Other practitioners said he stopped practicing. Teacher gave me a hint in that dream to find him.

I looked for him everywhere, and finally found him two months later. When I met him, he had changed, which pained me, I told him how he had appeared in my dream. I said, "How difficult it is to save one person! I hope you cherish this good fortune and not take Teacher's merciful salvation for granted." He almost broke down in tears. I told him there was still time, Teacher is still waiting for us. I gave him all of Teacher's new books and lectures. He is now very diligent. He sent truth-clarification materials and VCDs about organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners to the surgery offices of two major hospitals. He said he wanted to make up for his lapses so as not to disappoint Teacher.

In those days, I went everywhere to look for other practitioners who had left, and I helped a few to return. I advised fellow practitioners to cherish the Fa and not to take Teacher's merciful salvation for granted. Those that returned all felt ashamed and said they would make good use of time and do the three things well. They formed study groups, sent forth righteous thoughts, practiced the exercises, and read Clearwisdom among other activities. They are now striving forward in different environments.

Do Not Avoid the Problem

After July 20, 1999, persecutors came to my home almost every day to harass and follow me; I had no personal freedom or normal life.

In early 2003, the Party secretary of my workplace went to my home with a group of people, told me to "renounce" Falun Dafa and threatened me. One of my family members became sick because of fear. Also, my daughter happened to see the situation and was shocked. All of my family members were affected.

My neighbor told me to leave and hide for several days. We are all good people. Why should we hide? I decided to go to my workplace the next day and reason with my employers and the Party Secretary. On the afternoon of the following day, I sent forth righteous thoughts. I have Teacher and Falun Dafa: one righteous thought can suppress one hundred evil beings. I went to my office and they were having a meeting, as if they were waiting for my arrival. I took the opportunity to explain the truth. I said, "You always make time to 'show concern' for me at home, so today I am showing concern for you!"

I told them that people practiced Falun Gong in over 60 countries around the world and that it was banned only in China. I also explained that our Teacher has received more than 1,000 awards and about how Jiang Zemin had been sued in international courts. When one person practices, his or her whole family will benefit. The practice has benefited many people all over the world without causing any harm. A corporate general manager once said to 10,000 people at a convention: Falun Gong strengthened the health and strength of the staff, thus saving the company money, and the practice made huge contributions to the spirituality of civilization.

"We all practice 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' and are good people," I told them, "Please tell me what's wrong with that, why do you want to transform me, and what do you want to transform me into? I am a staff member here, and the work unit I set up was commended for distinguished service. I believe you all have consciences, and you will certainly protect your staff and speak fairly. You do not know how brutally they persecuted me at the brainwashing center - I nearly lost my life." They all listened, but said nothing. The secretary kept nodding and saying, "Okay! Okay! We did not understand the situation."

Since then, they have not harassed me. A young staff member took me downstairs. I clarified the truth to him, and asked him to recite "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good," and wished him a wonderful future. Before I left, I stood there and watched him, and heard him gently saying "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good!"

Sentient Beings Hoping for Me to Clarify the Truth

Teacher said in

"The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be," "Actually, if you think about it, the cultivators of the past didn't dare to slack off for even a second, and that was when it took an entire lifetime to complete the journey. So how can Dafa disciples--who are to achieve the Attainment Status of a being who is saved by Dafa and who have the most convenient cultivation way--not be even more diligent when they are given this most glorious honor of Fa-validating cultivation in a brief cultivation period that passes in the blink of an eye?"

For a few days once I was feeling restless. I had a wish long time ago. I have many relatives, friends, and colleagues in a place far away that wrote to me long ago and asked me to go there to save them! I decided I had to help them to see the truth and quit the evil party so they can be saved. I bought a train ticket and left the next day.

After arriving at the place far away, I sent forth righteous thoughts day and night and asked Teacher to strengthen me. On the first day, I explained the truth to five families. Each family comprised of three generations of people who had all joined the evil party, the youth league, or the communist party's young pioneer group. I talked to them while I sent forth righteous thoughts, and gradually convinced them to agree to quit these three organizations. On the first day, over 30 people decided to quit. We are people on the path to divinity; our thoughts can correct evil, remove evil, and change human hearts as well as the environment.

Becoming More Mature from the Lessons We Encounter

After July 20, I became even more firm, put the "three things" as the first priority, put all my energy and resources into clarifying the truth and spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and advised people to quit the CCP organizations. I always cherish this precious opportunity to be a Fa rectification period Dafa disciple, and I profoundly realize: it is hard to obtain Dafa today, especially for a person like me, who has experienced so many human tribulations and hardships. I feel even more that my responsibilities in the Fa-rectification are huge; therefore regardless of whether it is a windy day or a rainy day, I always carry truth-clarification materials with me. I go to every department, government organization, junior college and school, hospital, police station, procuratorate office, military dormitory, and so on.

After experiencing nearly seven years of tribulations and hardship, through learning lessons and becoming more mature, I continue to cultivate myself in Dafa by doing the three things well. I have gotten rid of many human notions and attachments, changed many twisted notions, removed much impurity and become selfless in Dafa. All of this is due to Teacher's selfless giving. What else can't we let go of? I am determined to memorize Zhuan Falun from now on, melt into the Fa, , and increase my efforts to send forth righteous thoughts, so that I can validate Dafa and save sentient beings in a way that is even more rational, clear, wise, and mature - and walk well on the last part of my journey.