(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I was illegally detained in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, Shenyang, the Shenyang Detoxification Center and the Juvenile Forced Labor Camp from May 2000 to October 2003. In this "hell on Earth," I was tortured and witnessed firsthand the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. I also witnessed the CCP’s tricks to deceive people with false kindness.

The Story of the Fancy Bread

In July 2000, since there were too many practitioners in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, the labor camp transferred some of them to the detoxification center, which is north of Masanjia. In the detoxification center, for breakfast and dinner we had just corn cereal, which had already gone bad. Lunch was usually cornbread, which always tasted bitter.

One morning, however, in the hallway we saw hot fancy breads made of wheat in several containers. A few minutes later, several people came to the hallway. One of them took videos of the fancy breads. They left after the videotaping.

When we were wondering what was going on, a policeman came and carried the fancy bread away. One of us asked, "Why are you taking the breads away? Aren’t they for us?" The guards said, "You have to pay if you want it." We realized that the fancy breads were just for videotaping.

The Story of the Foreigners’ Investigation

I was transferred to the Provincial Juvenile Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province in 2001. One day in May, the guard came to our cell and took out several people, who were either elderly or sick. One of them was lame. To the rest of us, the guard said, "An international organization is coming for an investigation. If somebody asks, 'Do you have enough food?' you have to answer, 'Yes.' If somebody asks, 'Are you allowed to go to the bathroom?' you also have to answer, 'Yes.' If they ask, 'Do you have a chance to take a walk in the yard?' the answer also has to be, 'Yes.'" The guards told us to say "Yes" to nine questions.

Then we realized why they took out several people. Later, several foreigners came to the labor camp with a video camera, but they didn’t come to our cell.

A few hours later, those who were old or sick came back to our cell. Their clothes were soaked with sweat, and some of them vomited. Later we learned that when the foreigners arrived, dozens of them were confined to a small solitary cell under a stairway, which was only a few square feet, and many of them were put in a bathroom.

The Guards Pretended to Be Nice

In December 2000, I was jailed in the first division of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Since the women's division (the Second Division) was full of women practitioners, five practitioners had to squeeze into one double bed to sleep, so some of us were transferred to the male division (the First Division), which spared some cells for the women practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Wang Jinping was in our cell. Her husband was a carpenter, and she was from Liaoyang. One day I was taken out and a dozen guards tortured me for hours before they let me back into the cell. A few minutes later, Ms. Wang Jinping came back too. The hair around her left ear was all gone. A few square inches of her scalp was showing. There was a patch of her scalp exposed on the rear of her head as well.

I asked her if the guards had pulled her hair out, and she nodded. I knew that she had suffered a lot. There were 14 people beating me. Since she was more steadfast than I, there must have been more individuals beating her. The next day the guard in charge of our cell came in the early morning. She brought a piece of ginger for Ms. Wang. She pretended to be nice and said to her, "You look so bad without hair. The hair will grow out fast if you put ginger juice on your head."

Behind the Reception

Beginning on November 8, 2002, the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp started a 60-day intensive round of torture of prisoners. In those 60 days, day and night, the guards used all kinds of torture on those "steadfast practitioners" that refused to be "transformed." This took place in hallways and bathrooms. They used ropes, electric batons, and iron sticks with sharp needles. Practitioners were not allowed to use the bathroom if they refused to be "transformed." In order to avoid being exposed to the public, the guards didn’t allow practitioners’ families to visit them. However, these crimes were exposed to the world 50 days after it started.

Most practitioners could not walk by themselves after they had been tortured. This was due to being tied up, forced to squat, or hung up for long periods of time. These practitioners had to be carried by two people to meals. To deceive the public, the labor camp invited practitioners’ families for a reception. They placed all kinds of fruits in the dinning hall. Practitioners’ families had free food. The labor camp also invited the TV station to videotape the reception. However, behind a metal gate, which was only 500 feet away from the reception, there were more than 200 practitioners being tortured for refusing to renounce their belief.

The Story of a Bag of Formula

Since I had been imprisoned for almost three years, the policemen had already given up on the idea of "transforming" me. They planned to send me to Dabei Prison. But during the 60-day intensive torture, they still tied my legs up in the lotus position, then tied my neck and legs together. Later they hung me up and beat me.

The guard of our cell was Zhang Huan. She was 25. When she was beating me, she said, "I don’t want beat you, but Chief Su told us to." I bled a lot due to the torture, and I was too weak to turn over in bed. Su Jing, the chief of the labor camp, came to see me with a bag of formula. She said, "Drink it to get some nutrition. I will buy you more when you finish this bag." Some people in our cell, who were already "transformed" and didn’t know the truth, were moved by Su's behavior. They didn’t know that she was behind this brutal torture and had directed it. Su Jing was an evil person who pretended to be nice.


The reason I have laid out the facts above is because I want people to know that the CCP has always pretended to be nice and has used all kinds of tricks to deceive the international community and kindhearted people. Those governments and organizations that don’t know the fundamental nature of the CCP are always easily deceived by it. Only when the powers of justice from all the countries, including China, which has experienced the CCP’s evil nature and has a deep understanding of the CCP’s immorality, stand together, can we fully expose all of the CCP’s evil crimes. This, of course, includes the crime of harvesting organs from live Falun Gong practitioners, which the international community currently needs to focus on.