(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners from Austria carried a stream of lights at the Chinese Embassy in Vienna on the 26th of May. At the same time, the Embassy held a reception for VIPs which included many guests from China and Austria. All the visitors saw the banners exposing the harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners' organs which is taking place in China. We had interesting conversations with many of the guests.

An elderly lady, who just had left the Embassy, told us that she pointed out to every visitor in the Embassy that they needed to read our banners.

Another lady, who was on her way to the Embassy, keenly criticised the human rights violations which are happening in China. She said, "The human rights crimes that are being committed by the Chinese regime today are unbelievable and unimaginable".

Another visitor, who had never heard of Falun Gong, wanted to know all the details about the persecution and the organ harvesting. He mentioned that we have an obligation to inform the public about the organ harvesting that is taking place in China.

A taxi driver stopped with his vehicle in front of us, gave us a thumbs up and said, "You are doing very well, continue with the good work."

A Chinese lady, who had just left the Embassy, came to us and looked at all our banners. A Chinese practitioner, who talked to this lady, later told us that this lady was an acquaintance of hers. She had not seen her for more than ten years. She had always tried to get in contact with her in order to let her know about Falun Gong, but she was not able to do it until today.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200606/33546.html