(Clearwisdom.net) The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province, also officially named as, "Masanjia Thought Education School", has three detention venues. The First Women's Detention Center, the Second Women's Detention Center and a detention center for men. The Second Women's Detention Center is specifically used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The First Women's Detention Center detains mostly women, including a few Falun Gong practitioners (who are transferred from the Second Women's Detention Center).

Photo One

Photo One: Layout of the Second Women's Detention Center in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The "main building" is used to specifically persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Apart from the "Main building", the "Multi-function building" is also used to persecute practitioners. The "Solitary Confinement building" is located to the north of the "Multi-function building." There are nine rooms in total and they vary in size. In this building, there is various torturing equipment that is used to persecute practitioners.

Photo Two

Photo Two: Layout of the detention cells in the Second Women's Detention Center. There are ten bunks in each cell, for a total of twenty beds. In the first division, the windows of each cell are sealed by the police with masking tape, leaving only one small hole so the police can peek in from the outside. On the back walls of the cell, there is a clock-shaped device. It looks like an electronic clock from the outside, but there is hidden camera behind the twelve o' clock hand. At the end of 2005, the police installed another monitoring device. The police often handcuffed Falun Gong practitioners onto the iron bed and beat them. Practitioners who go on hunger strike will be thrown onto the floor and force-fed by the police.

Photo Three

Photo Three: Layout of the first floor of the Second Women's Detention Center. The light yellow region is where they persecute practitioners. The rooms to the two sides of the iron gates on the first floor are used specifically to persecute practitioners. Practitioners are tied onto the iron bed. The prison doctor, Cao Yujie, policeman Chen Bin, and other staff forcibly inject drugs and force feed practitioners. They also use the so-called death bed torture. The head of the Second Women's Detention Center, Su Jing, called the torture, "special treatment." Practitioners will be tied onto the iron bed for one month or several months. They are not allowed to get up even when they want to go to the bathroom. In 2005, practitioner Jiang Guiyun, from Dalian City, was tied onto the "death bed" for five months and ten days. Practitioner Teng Shiyun from Anshan City was tied onto the "death bed" for more than one month. Practitioner Di Li from Dalian City and others had also gone through the torture of the "death bed."

Photo Four

Photo Four: Layout of the second floor of the Second Women's Detention Center. The light yellow region indicates the detention cells, where they persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The arrangements of the rooms on the second, third, and fourth floors, are similar. The second floor is the first division. The third floor is the second division and the fourth is the third division. Apart from normal detention cells, there are also storerooms, toilets, interrogation rooms, corridors, and staff offices and staff toilets. The police also use these places to persecute practitioners.

Photo Five: Photo of the main building where the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp police officers persecute practitioners.

In 2004, practitioner Meng Guiqiu from Jinzhou City was detained in the staff restroom and tortured for more than forty days for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. In mid-April 2005, practitioner Xu Qingyan from Jinzhou City, was asked to go to the head office of the first division. The police Li Mingyu, and Xie Chengdong then beat Xu Qingyan. Xu Qingyan was later handcuffed to the gas pipe for fourteen hours. His face was beaten until swollen and his life was in danger.

In 2005, practitioner Zhu Yun from Hulu Island was locked in an interrogation room for several months. The prison doctor Cao Xujie and Chen Bin injected a large amount of drugs and force-fed Zhu Yun. The long tube was inserted into Zhu Yun's stomach for a long period of time, which has resulted in an infection in his stomach and internal bleeding. Yet the prison doctors covered up Zhu Yun's condition and continued to persecute him.

In May 2005, practitioner Qiu Li from Fushun City was detained several times in the "triangular storeroom" of the first division. Qiu Li was also violently force-fed by the guards.