(Clearwisdom.net) First I'd like to send my greetings to Teacher. Whenever I remember my experiences attending Teacher's class in Hefei, I can't help feeling moved and happy beyond words. I've taken up the pen to record my memories of Teacher's classes in Hefei in the hope that I might express at least a fraction of my deep reverence for Teacher.

Before attending Master's class I'd never tried qigong exercises, nor did I believe in them. I admit I didn't understand qigong at all. On April 15, 1994, Teacher came to Hefei to teach Falun Dafa. The class was held in an auditorium at the Party School in Anhui Province. I didn't know what made me to walk into the auditorium. I sat there, feeling more comfortable than I had ever felt before, although I knew nothing about qigong or cultivation. I didn't want to leave, all I wanted to do was sit there and quietly listen to Teacher.

Every day I went to the auditorium early. Gradually I understood that Teacher was telling us to live by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance so we could become good people, get rid of all our bad thoughts, and cultivate our hearts until they were pure and clean. I suddenly understood that this is what qigong is all about, and that this is what cultivation is. It was my first time in a qigong class, and I was so lucky and blessed to meet Master spreading the great Fa of the universe and teaching the Fa in person.

Before that time I hadn't believed in qigong, but I'd believed in Buddha and the gods since I was a kid, so when Teacher spoke of Falun Buddha Fa I suddenly felt warmth in my heart. The name Falun Buddha Fa sounded so familiar and touching. Teacher spoke about the magnificence of the Falun Paradise, which is incomparably splendid. I felt my body become very light, as if I was floating and flying in paradise, free of restraints. Master also said, "We talk about holistically adjusting practitioners' bodies to enable you to practice cultivation. With an ill body you cannot develop gong at all... I will purify your body."

Then Teacher started to purify our bodies. He asked us to stand up and stamp our feet. I only stamped once, and I immediately felt as if a metal hoop around my head was lifted, and the headaches and dizziness that had bothered me for years were gone. I couldn't help thinking how magical it was. Then suddenly a joyful cry broke out among the audience. One of these seventy people from Nanjing City, who was deaf and couldn't walk before attending the class, walked very swiftly onto the stage. He raised his arms high over his shoulders and cried joyfully with the crowd. His hearing had also returned. Falun Dafa really had amazing power, and miracles were happening right before our eyes.

During the tenth class Teacher let us submit questions to Him. I didn't have much education, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make myself clear. Furthermore I couldn't come up with a question, so I missed the opportunity to ask Teacher. After the class I remembered that I loved to play Mahjong. I wasn't sure if I should play anymore. I regretted that I hadn't asked Teacher. On the day scheduled to take group photos, I saw Master outside alone. I walked right up to Him, and without thinking I asked Him if I could continue playing Mahjong. Teacher didn't mind my boldness. On the contrary, He smiled and said very kindly, "Why play Mahjong when you have already started cultivation? Don't play it." I nodded and remembered that I had another question to ask. I said to Him, "Teacher, I've never practiced qigong exercises before. Can I practice Falun Gong?" Teacher looked at me with a kind smile, and said, "Of course. Remember to cultivate diligently." After I cultivated for a while, I seemed to understand the meaning of Teacher's merciful gaze. Master was encouraging me to not get involved with other qigong exercises, and to practice Dafa single-mindedly.

On November 15, 1994 I was riding a bicycle when the door of a parked car suddenly opened and knocked me to the ground. I didn't notice that the identification I carried in my bag fell into a roadside flowerbed. I stood up and felt an urge to argue with the person who'd just stepped out of the car. Before I said anything I suddenly realized that I was a practitioner, so I left without a word. Half an hour later I realized my ID was missing. I wasn't sure if I would be able to find it. To my surprise it was still in the flowerbed. This was the first time I enlightened to the principle that as cultivators our minds must be right. We must always remember that we are cultivators. If I'd lost my temper, my identification would probably have really been lost. From then on I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises very diligently.

As I listened to Teacher's lectures more and more, I often saw Falun rotating, which was truly splendid and magnificent. It usually happened in the early morning when I was about to wake up. One morning just before I arose, Falun lifted me up. I saw Falun rotating like a tornado, which is not a very respectful way to describe it, but I can't find a better way to explain it. Falun took me higher and higher. I started to feel afraid and called out to Teacher for help. Teacher's law body was right beside me and he was smiling at me very kindly. I thought, "Teacher, why don't you help me?" I kept calling to Him until I opened my eyes. That Falun was huge, about 150 square feet. Sometimes when I opened my eyes in the morning I saw Falun rotating very rapidly beside my left temple. It rotated really fast with a loud sound and pulled my head high. Afterwards I felt very comfortable and my head felt very light. One day I saw Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara beside my bed smiling at me. I asked Her why She'd come. She replied, "I've come to take a look at you."

I used to share a house with another Dafa practitioner. One day I went to bed around 12 o'clock in the morning. About ten minutes after I fell asleep I saw a 30-year-old man in brown clothes enter my room. Right away several of Teacher's law bodies pushed him to the floor and took him away. I heard it screaming like a beast. At the same time, seven or eight of Teacher's law bodies were standing beside me protecting me. I was thrilled. I knew that Teacher is always standing beside us and protecting and taking care of us.

There is one more thing that happened, which I find unforgettable. Whenever I think about it, I always feel as if Teacher is about to come back. During the class in Hefei City, a practitioner asked Teacher when He would come back to Hefei again. Teacher smiled and said, "Um, Hefei? I will come back in the future." Every Dafa practitioner in Hefei misses Teacher very much. We all look forward to Teacher's return. We will do the three things well and give our Venerable Teacher a satisfying answer.