(Clearwisdom.net) The notorious Shaanxi Province Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp is located in a valley in Dongjihe Village, Fengxing County, Baoji City. It is a den of evil where male Falun Gong practitioners in Shaanxi Province are persecuted.

Led by chief Zhang Shilu, deputy chief Xing Yimin and other ruthless policemen, the prison guards and the drug addicts have made the Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp into a hell on earth.

Yang Jun, over 50 years old, is the head of the so-called "reform" office that carries out the forced brainwashing in the labor camp. He maliciously planned, instigated and plotted many persecution incidents that are still in use. For example, he has personally plotted the persecution of practitioner Mr. Ma Minghai, the volunteer coordinator for the Shaanxi Province Xianyang City assistant center for Falun Dafa.

Since March 2003, the criminals have locked Mr. Ma Minghai into the so-called "psychological consulting room." He was watched by three merciless prisoners and was daily forced to study materials that defamed Falun Gong. Further, he was only permitted one to two hours sleep per day for 17 days straight. In the end, he suffered from mental trauma and could not fall asleep. Prisoner Feng Tao was instigated by the prison guards to monitor and beat Ma Minghai and often otherwise tortured him. One example was the method called "sitting on a sofa," which is to force his back against a wall with the knees bent into a right angle, and his buttocks hung in the air without support. This abuse lasted until the end of June.

Former political head of the Fourth Team Feng Xiyao is about 43 years old and lived in Fengxiang County. He had participated in the persecution of students during the 1989 democratic movement and often persecutes practitioners with methods that cause excruciating pain.

Wei Qiming was said to be a team bookkeeper at the Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp. Since Jiang Zemin and the CCP started the persecution of Falun Gong, he has actively participated. During the "forced reform" session run by the labor camp in July 2001, he was actively involved. He hung practitioner Liu Chong, a student from Chang'an University, from a water pipe with handcuffs, leaving only the tips of Liu's toes touching the ground. Liu Chong was hung there for three days.

During that session in July 2001, almost every steadfast practitioner in the "forced reform team" was persecuted by Wei Qiming. The methods he used were extremely devious. He also has a set of crafty lies. In the end though, his viciousness would always surface.

Wei Qiming often went from the Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp to the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp during 2003 and 2004. He abused, mistreated and tormented Falun Gong practitioners in the South Building (the so-called "reform building") of the Women's Labor Camp. He was known for striking practitioners in the head.

Head of the Shaanxi Province Justice Department: Zhao Yingwu, 86-29-87293227 (Office), 86-29-82238808 (Home), 86-13909271891 (Cell)
Deputy head of the Justice Department: Ma Ling, 86-29-87293217 (Office), 86-29-82221158 (Home), 86-13909278547 (Cell)

Deputy head of the Justice Department: Chen Zhonghuai, 86-29-87292062 (Office), 86-29-88302602 (Home), 86-13991855012 (Cell)