(Clearwisdom.net) I am a new Dafa practitioner. After I read this article my mind was touched with profound sentiments. First of all, I felt very sorry for those fellow practitioners who wavered in their belief in Dafa and Teacher after they learned of the Sujiatun incident.

I had been homeless and had lived in the Sujiatun area for quite a long time. At that time I had thought that it was only a normal place and never expected that it could become well known to the world in such a short time, let alone realize that such evil doings were happening around me every day. In the eyes of a normal person, I definitely had been in great danger.

However, on the contrary, I genuinely think that the environment of our cultivation has in fact become better and better, just like what Teacher mentioned in his Fa lectures. The crime will no longer extend further now that the evil has been exposed and disintegrated. If this were not the case, many Dafa practitioners will continue to suffer from the persecution that goes underground.

After the Sujiatun incident was exposed I consulted a fellow practitioner about it with a wavering mentality. He answered, "Are you asking the gods for preconditions for your cultivation? When your mentality is touched by something, it is nothing but that your starting point to cultivate is touched." At these words I looked inward profoundly and found that it was actually caused by my attachment of being afraid. I think many fellow practitioners had experienced such wavering in their minds when, for instance, some fellow practitioners suffered from diseases, passed away unexpectedly or died from being persecuted. These things caused our minds to waver but this could normally still be tolerated. The Sujiatun incident further leads to such ideas because of its extreme brutality. The old forces arranged this because they want to see if Dafa practitioners will remain steadfast in their belief in Dafa under such circumstances. This is exactly a manifestation of the evil nature of the old forces.

In the article some wavering fellow practitioners asked, "Isn't it that Teacher does not acknowledge the arrangement of the old forces?" Yes, it is true. Teacher negates the arrangement of the old forces by exposing one by one the actions of the evil. Yet I think that some fellow practitioners failed to completely negate the old forces even though they behaved very well in many aspects and remained steadfast in their belief in Dafa during the toughest time of tribulations. Let me give some examples here. When I contacted the family members of Liu Chengjun in the past, they told me something about him before he was persecuted to death. Liu had told his family members that he could tolerate the persecution for only two more months. His words turned true when he was persecuted to death after two months. There are many cases of Dafa practitioners passing away too early like that, which not only brings us great regrets in our saving sentient beings but also brings losses to Dafa practitioners as a whole body.

Here I would like to give another example. I watched an interview video of Ms. Liu Jizhi, the rape victim in Hebei Province, during a visit with a fellow practitioner living in another city. My general feeling was that the victim was terrified and manipulated by evil, and just passively endured the persecution to which she was subjected. Here are some of her words, "...I said I practiced Falun Gong only occasionally and did not practice it all the time. I took part time jobs such as harvesting corn for other people. They (the police) then laughed at me, saying ironically that they were surprised to know that I worked. ...I said that I could not lead my life and did not have enough money for the education of my child if I did not take a part time job." At the last stage of the Fa rectification every minute is precious, just like what Teacher has taught. The victim Liu Jizhi failed to uphold a strong righteous thought and to maintain the dignity of a Dafa practitioner when she was persecuted by evil. Instead, she was scared by the evil and tried to escape the persecution. The words of the police manifested the degenerated thought of the old forces to stimulate the righteous thought of Dafa practitioners through persecuting them.

[Editor's note: When Teacher gave Fa lectures overseas, some Dafa practitioners greeted Teacher by handing in a question slip, on which they usually called themselves "Dafa practitioners from a certain labor camp or prison." When the Fa lecture was published, such questions are usually revised into sentences like "Dafa practitioners who are being illegally detained in a certain labor camp or prison." But some practitioners just wanted to see if their question was published. They would be happy if it was published, while ignoring the problems that the Fa pointed out to them to correct. Other practitioners, including overseas practitioners, also failed to treat this problem seriously and continued to use the wording "Dafa practitioner from a certain labor camp or prison" when handing in question slips at other Fa conferences. It is actually a mindless acknowledgment of the persecution from deep inside our minds. Fellow practitioners should be conscious of this detail. Otherwise, we are agreeing with the persecution. Negating the arrangement of the old forces is not an empty phrase but something that we must make a priority in our cultivation.]

Ultimately, nothing in our cultivation occurs by chance, but is endowed with the factors for our improvement in cultivation. Regardless of each practitioner's mentality after the event happened, all of us should search our minds to see why we thought in that way. We should improve together so as not to give the evil excuses to test us.

The above is some understandings from a new Dafa practitioner. If there is anything improper, please kindly point it out.