(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher held classes in Hefei City twice: November 21-29, 1993 and April 15-22, 1994. I was very fortunate to attend both classes and witness Teacher's great compassion.

I received two notices of Teacher's first lectures from the Anhui Province Qigong Association. From my heart, I felt it was not an ordinary Qigong, so I registered for the class well in advance. As I expected, during the class, I was very fortunate to learn this great Dafa, and have firmly practiced it since then.

Prior to the first class, Teacher gave a lecture in the auditorium of Anhui Province Agriculture University. At that time, many "high-level" officials--including the Lieutenant Governor--were there listening to the lecture. In order to spread Dafa to more people, Teacher cured illnesses for people, including the Anhui Provincial Party Secretary, whose neck lump was cured. Later, he went to another Qigong professional for treatment, and then the illness came back. They were very fortunate that Teacher cured their illnesses in person; however, their enlightenment quality was too low. They just wanted to cure illnesses. Therefore, they missed such a good opportunity for cultivation. Teacher said,

"In the muddy human world, pearls and fish eyes are jumbled together. A Tathagata must descend to the world quietly. When he teaches the Fa, evil practices are bound to interfere. The Dao and the demonic ways are taught at the same time and in the same world. Amidst truth and falsehood, enlightening is important." ("Enlightenment", in Essentials for Further Advancement)

On the other hand, many people who attended the class started to cultivate firmly, validate the Fa, and walk on the journey of saving sentient beings.

Teacher held the first class in the Provincial Educational College auditorium. Teacher was wearing a leather jacket, and a pair of used leather shoes. He was kind and compassionate. Once, Teacher asked us to extend our hands and he installed a Falun for us to feel. At that time, many people saw Falun in their hands. Some felt their hands were warm, and some felt their hands were cold--feeling cold meant illnesses. During the break, I was busy obtaining posters (both large and small) with Teacher's image, Falun emblems, and exercise music. Except for submitting a question with the audience's questions, I was not in conversation with Teacher. Teacher was very kind. The auditorium staff took many Falun Gong booklets (the price was 2 yuan each), and asked Teacher to sign the books during the break. Teacher was very patient and signed the books, one by one, and gave them back to the auditorium staff.

Teacher gave the second class in the auditorium of the provincial party educational center. I told many friends and relatives about it, and they came to the class. Because I did not know much about the Fa, I had many attachments. During the Q&A session, I submitted a question about doing Tai Chi. Teacher said, "You have to make the decision yourself, since I did not say you have to practice Falun Gong." Upon hearing this, I suddenly came to the understanding that nothing can be compared to Dafa since it is so good! Since then, my attachments to Tai Chi were gone. After returning home, I cleaned out all my Tai Chi books, videos, and other martial arts materials. After letting go of this attachment, my attachment to dancing was also totally gone.

Many people came to Teacher's second class in Hefei City, and many of them invited Teacher to take a picture with them group after group. There were also some who wanted to take individual pictures with Teacher. No matter where Teacher was invited, he was always smiling. Teacher also went to Xishan Park to visit a practice site.

Teacher said Hefei city was a special place. According to some practitioners who attended the class in Jinan, Teacher also said Hefei was a place with some supernatural phenomena. We were excited to hear this. Through the years, we were unable to see Teacher. However, we knew Teacher was by our side all the time, protecting us, caring for us, and encouraging us. According to some overseas Hefei practitioners who saw Teacher, Teacher asked about Hefei, and sent greetings to Hefei practitioners. Teacher is so busy and still thinks of Dafa practitioners in Hefei! Upon thinking of this, we Hefei practitioners were very touched, and we could find no words to describe our gratitude to Teacher. Teacher, we Hefei practitioners will not let you down, and will do well the three things. We will cooperate with each other well and improve together!