(1) Get rid of selfishness through cultivation

I had different feelings with each Dafa activity that I attended, and it was so vivid to me when I raised my xinxing. My own self-centered attachment fought with me repeatedly when a Fa rectification activity conflicted with my own self-interest. On March 18, some practitioners in the Zhongli district prepared to go to Taipei to distribute truth-clarifying materials for a parade. They wanted to take advantage of the parade to expose the Sujiatun incident. While folding flyers I constantly debated with myself. There were not enough people involved with the activity; The Taipei Health and Nature Expo also needed people; even though I wished that I did not have to tend to business that day, some customers had placed orders, thereby making tending my business a necessity. I debated over and over with no firm idea. Finally, the thought that the effort to rectify the Fa is above and beyond every other activity, started to make me feel righteous. So I started to send forth righteous thoughts, destroying the factors that were established by the evil old forces to interfere with my validation of the Fa using customer's orders. Afterwards, everything worked out fine when I called my customers to rearrange the orders.

I gradually let go of my attachment to gain and profit. I would put Dafa ahead of everything else. Yet, selfishness was the most difficult to let go, and it would pop up from time to time.

On March 18, the day of the Luying parade, there were a lot of people coming from the mid and southern part of Taiwan. I made a mistake early on when I distributed the flyers: I did not tell people the flyer was to "Condemn the CCP for profiting from selling organs forcefully taken from live human beings." Even though many people took my flyers, some just used it as scratch paper, making me feeling sad in my heart. I decided to speak out. People were shocked after hearing my words and came to me to ask for flyers. I realized that everything I said had the power to suppress the evil, and the more the better. My attachment of fear also disappeared. Just like what Teacher said in "Hurry up and Tell Them,"

"As Dafa disciples tell people the facts,
It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,
Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies.
Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them."

We did not have many practitioners participating in the March 18 activity, but we all worked individually on the necessary tasks. On the way home I heard that we were going to have another activity in Juying on March 19. I decided to participate without any hesitation this time.

(2) Harmonizing with family

After arriving home on March 18, my son asked where we went. My mom, who is also a practitioner, replied, "We went to clarify the truth and distribute flyers." Unexpectedly my son snapped back, "Weirdo's!" I felt a sudden jolt. For a long time I never had a good opportunity to clarify the truth to my own family, thus earning misunderstanding from them. Today I needed to clarify the truth to them.

I felt I could not delay clarifying the truth to my son any longer. Thanks to Teacher's compassionate arrangement, I had left my car where we do group Fa study, so I asked my son to give me a ride to get my car. Along the way, even though my voice was hoarse, I still managed to tell my son about every Dafa activity that I did during the past years with my greatest righteous thoughts. I started with the Sujiatun incident by telling my son, "Son, I really appreciate your providing me a ride to get my car. Today, I must apologize to you first, because sometimes I ignored you resulting in your misunderstanding. I won't blame you. Today, I want to tell you clearly about the Dafa activities that your grandmother, uncle, auntie, and I have participated in. We were so fortunate to obtain Dafa, and to have such a good environment as Taiwan in which to cultivate. Yet the persecution of Falun Gong in China has not abated after so many years, but become more severe. We went overseas to clarify the truth all because of this. All Falun Gong practitioners are a whole, a unity, just like a family. If your family members were persecuted, won't you also step forward to speak out for them? Of course you would." My son nodded his head. I went over the secret witnesses' testimony that exposed the stealing and selling of organs from living people, wishing that he would have a chance to read the special report. I also wished that he would understand when we have activities in the future.

I told him that he could read and listen to all the Dafa books and audiotapes in the book case at home. He could also accompany grandmother to the 9-day lecture class on the first and ninth day of each month. It was up to him whether he wanted to study Dafa or not, but I asked him to please understand that Dafa is good, why we were so busy during the holidays, and why we were so involved. When we reached the group Fa study site, I thanked my son one more time. I was so grateful to the compassionate arrangement by Teacher on my way home. Such an opportunity comes rarely.

My husband, who travels frequently, also came home that day. What an opportunity! We greeted each other and he asked how come my voice was hoarse. I told him that I went to Taipei to clarify the truth to people in a parade and there were so many of them. I yelled towards busload after busload of tourists, resulting in losing my voice. But I assured him, "I am fine now." My husband never opposed me cultivating in Dafa, and helped me a lot during these years. Even though he did not cultivate Dafa, he definitely could be counted as a friend of Dafa. He told others that Dafa is good and I believe he was also a predestined person, only the time has not come yet. I was totally wrong before when I never told my family why we went to validate the Fa. I never thoroughly clarified the truth to them as to why we must participate in activities such as parades. All my family members knew was that I was often away. With this opportunity, I thoroughly explained the truth to my family, helping them understand us.

(3) Strengthen righteous thoughts

In the morning of March 19, there was a half-day Fa study for the Taozhumiao district. After the Fa study we drove the truck to Taipei, and we shared our experiences about our March 18 activities along the way. My personal experience was that we did not send forth righteous thoughts well. So, I suggested that regardless of what activities we hold, we must be prepared to send forth righteous thoughts at all times on short notice. We should also reduce non-essential conversations at the activity area. When we reached the front gate of the Zhongzheng Memorial, people from Juying were already lined up, ready to march towards the Presidential Palace. After we unloaded the flyers from the trucks, I suggested that we first sit down to send forth righteous thoughts. Later, we all decided that we should remain together and keep close to each other.

There were a lot of people willing to accept our flyers after we started passing them out. Suddenly I felt my lower left leg being kicked by someone. I was jolted. Even though I did not fight back, I asked sternly, "Why did you kick me?" I started to send forth righteous thoughts towards him. His act attracted a lot of people's attention, with many of them criticizing this person. I quickly found police to take care of the problem. We soon left the place with the help of the police.

Another practitioner was also dragged over by the man who kicked me. Some older folks were very angry with us due to their lack of understanding of the issues at hand. Some of them not only kicked people, but took out small knives trying to poke a practitioner. Luckily the knife was stopped by a thick layer of flyers. The five of us felt we were at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. We did not dare to let our guard down, and we also appreciated just how courageous our fellow Chinese practitioners must be when they go to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa. Another practitioner who was driving the car with a loudspeaker got lost along the way, and he did not show up until we had this terrible experience. I think this is also some kind of interference. After joining together again, we formed groups of two and started passing out flyers at Zhongzheng Memorial square. A lot of people participating in the Juying parade passed through the square, with many of them taking the flyers. But some tour guide told them not to take the flyers, saying the flyers were from "Taiwan Independence." We strengthened our effort to send righteous thoughts to these people.

Some aggressive people not only blocked people from taking the flyer, they even took stacks of flyers from us. I felt that we needed to strengthen our effort to clarify the truth to them in order to save them. Many of them were in the dark and could not differentiate between Chinese Communism and China. They thought criticizing Chinese Communism was the same as criticizing China, as well as themselves. This made me more aware of the need to remind myself about the urgency of helping Teacher rectify the Fa. Therefore, we need to strengthen our effort to eliminate the evil factors of Communism in other dimensions that are controlling sentient beings, and intensify our effort to clarify the truth to them.

(4) A battle lasting two days and three nights

After completing the activities on March 19, we shared our experience on the way back to Taoyuan. We felt as though we had just returned from Tiananmen Square. It was an unforgettable experience. After we arrived at Neili, I let other practitioners out of my car and I started feeling awful. I got home and fixed dinner. I then retreated to my room to study the Fa. In a very short time I could not keep myself up even though I sent forth righteous thoughts. But I could not overcome the tribulation. I called fellow practitioners to help me send righteous thoughts, but there was no answer from the other end. The next day the other practitioner realized the seriousness of the matter and called me to share the experience, encouraging me to do more exercises and send righteous thoughts. I fully understood the issue, but I could not garner the strength. My mother played Teacher's lecture for me, and I listened to Teacher lying down and asking for Teacher's forgiveness since lying down listening to Dafa was not respectful.

I started to memorize the Fa after I returned from Hong Kong. Even though I memorized very slowly, and sometimes I dropped my effort and tried to get by with only memorizing Lunyu, now I could not memorize anything at all, not even "Lunyu". I started to look inside myself and found that this activity was a good opportunity to raise my xinxing, but I did not seize the opportunity. When I was kicked by someone, shouldn't I follow what Teacher said, "...one should not fight back when being punched or insulted." (Zhuan Falun) I have not fought back after being cursed many times, but this was the first time that I did not fight back after being kicked. Even though I did not fight back, my heart was moved, and I even asked sternly why he kicked me. What a shame that I did not grasp this excellent opportunity to raise my xinxing. I treated this as an ordinary person would. After finding my shortcomings, I still fought it out long and hard in my heart. Thanks to Teacher's mighty compassion, I overcame a tribulation once again.

After a battle of two days and three nights, I knew more clearly how to search within and look hard over and over. Only in this way could I overcome the tribulation so quickly. I remember the last tribulation took nearly one month to overcome. I firmly believe that we must look within whenever we encountered any incident in order to better save sentient beings.