(Clearwisdom.net) I was shocked after reading reports that exposed those Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents who were harvesting organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang. Although I was shocked, these findings came as no surprise. In 2002, when I was unconstitutionally detained in the so-called "Legal Education Program" (a brainwashing center) I heard from the doctors there about harvesting human organs and some other horrible stories. I didn't pay too much attention to these stories then. Based on the doctors' discussions and on those from the "helping and educating" people, I could see that the CCP is capable of doing anything during this persecution of practitioners who firmly believe in Dafa.

In 2002 when the persecution was the most severe, the 610 Office in Hubei Province wanted to achieve a "reform" quota for Dafa practitioners. They commanded all brainwashing centers to ruthlessly persecute practitioners. When I refused to "reform" and was tortured to my last gasp of breath, I overheard the conversation of two doctors sent by the 610 Office to this brainwashing center. I also heard several "helping and educating" people talking in the room, "Every time they execute people in Wuhan City, ambulances from various major hospitals wait by the execution grounds to get the bodies. The hospitals calculate the timing well. Doctors at these hospitals had already begun transplant surgery on patients before the bodies arrived at the hospital. The procedure at the execution grounds is to immediately pull the bodies onto the ambulance right after the police shoot the victim and transport the body to the hospital to be dissected, and the organs are harvested and transplanted into the patients."

After the bloody facts in Sujiatun were exposed, I realized their purpose for discussing this in front of me: on the one hand it affirmed that certain agents from the CCP had started harvesting organs from living Dafa practitioners who were secretly detained; on the other hand, the persecutors were also trying to intimidate me, letting me know that if I refused to "reform," I would face the same consequence.

After a display of fake compassion in the brainwashing center, they still couldn't force me to give up my belief. The brainwashing center head had a conversation with me, "You have two choices at this point: one is to put you in a completely isolated dark cell. Other than a light, there is nothing else there. You will get your three meals through a small cell opening. Other than that, any other contact with the outside is forbidden. You wouldn't even hear noise or see any light from the outside. It was said that the longest time a person could stand such isolation is 49 days before they die of loneliness. Another way is to hang you up in the middle of nowhere to make you suffer. Think about it and let me know which you choose."

Later, they really did hang me up to torture me.

They also shouted, "There are only two options once you are in the Legal Education Program: to give up Falun Gong or to separate from the CCP. If you refuse to 'reform,' the only thing awaiting you is death! We are treating you well enough in this Legal Education Program. If you refuse to 'reform,' we will send you to the hospitals of the Ministry of Public Security without you even knowing it. You'll know how bad it is once you are there!"

In addition, based on what I know, since 2002 some of the Dafa practitioners who had gone to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and were arrested and didn't reveal their names and addresses have been sent to Shenyang City. I remember something else: when many local practitioners were then arrested, almost every guard had said assertively, "If it were up to me I would send all of you to the Northwest, to see whether or not you would still persist in practicing Falun Gong."

In May 2001, a 610 Office head openly threatened during a brainwashing center conference: "If you persist in practicing and refuse to be 'reformed,' you will pay a high price. The eight million military soldiers of the Nationalist Party could even be driven to Taiwan. What could you Falun Gong do? The CCP even reformed the last emperor. You think the CCP can't 'reform' Falun Gong?"

Had it not been for my personal experiences in that brainwashing center, I wouldn't have believed the bloody persecution facts that have come to light in Sujiatun. So, an ordinary person who lives with the CCP's constant lies wouldn't have believed all these either. The tragic happenings in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp should make us further recognize the CCP's evil nature and once again establish that we shouldn't place any hopes on it.