1. The Largest and Most Wicked Evil Cult Organization in the World

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) possesses the nature of an evil cult and exhibits the characteristics of an evil cult:

It makes up cult theories and eradicates dissidents (Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong's thoughts, Deng Xiaoping's theories, Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents");

Exclusive homage to the cult leaders, extremely conceited (the pictures of Marx, Mao Zedong and Jiang Zemin are displayed at public places and inside private homes so people can worship them. The cult leaders' authority is never challenged);

Brainwashing through violence, psychological manipulation, strict organization, "one way street--in but not out." Two people required to recommend a new CCP member; one must vow allegiance to the CCP, pay membership fees, participate in regular organizational activities and group political study sessions.

Advocating violence and bloodshed, and sacrificing one's life for the evil cult is promoted. Mao Zedong said, "Revolution is a rebellion, it's a violent and cruel activity where one class overthrows another class." Deng Xiaoping said, "Kill 200,000 in exchange for 20 years of stability" (referring to the June 4, 1989 Massacre in Tiananmen Square). Jiang Zemin said, "Ruin their reputation; bankrupt them financially, annihilate them physically" (referring to Falun Gong practitioners) The CCP tells people its red flag is dyed with the blood of martyrs. A song titled "Blood-Dyed Elegant Demeanor" shows the homage of violence and blood.

Denying the existence of gods and annihilate human nature. As the CCP advocates atheism and calls religions "psychological opium that poisons people's minds" and destroys all religions, it puts itself on a pedestal, so that the Communism evil cult has complete control over the Chinese people's minds.

2. Adopting the Cruelest Methods of Killing and Torturing

Prior to 1949, the CCP organized students to watch executions. As the students sang patriotic songs, 13 people had their heads chopped off. The CCP forced people to eat large amounts of salt and didn't give any water afterwards until the victims died of thirst; they threw people into ice holes and froze them to death, or drowned them in water; they stripped people naked and threw them in boiling water; they forced a son to watch his father having his skin peeled off from head to toe while the father screamed and died.

During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP members barbarically beat people and then jumped on the victims' bodies until they died. They poured boiling water down the victims' necks, killing them; beat people to death with sticks; chopped people with straw choppers, strangled them with ropes, and tore live newborn babies in half.

There was cannibalism during the Cultural Revolution. At the beginning stage, people stealthily found a victim and cut him open to remove his heart and liver, boiling them to eat. During the peak, killers had gained experience in how to remove hearts and livers while the victim was still alive. The head killer was entitled to the heart, liver and genitals while others would take what was left. The third stage was mass insanity. Cannibalism became a massive, widespread movement. In Wuxuan County, like wild dogs eating corpses during an epidemic, people were madly eating other people. Often, victims were first "publicly criticized," which was always followed by a killing and then cannibalism. As soon as a victim fell to the ground, dead or alive, people took out their knives they had prepared and surrounded the victim, cutting off any body part they could get a hold of. During the peak of this movement, even the cafeteria of the highest government organization, Wuxuan County Revolutionary Committee, offered "human feasts" where people drank, gambled and flattered each other while eating human flesh, hearts, livers, kidneys, elbows, tendons that were boiled, roasted, fried and braised.

The abuse and murder of Falun Gong practitioners is even more ruthless.

Electric baton torture is one of the most commonly used methods by the CCP to torture Falun Gong practitioners. The police use electric batons to shock practitioners' sensitive body parts, including the mouth, top of the head, chest, genitalia, anus, hips, thighs, soles of the feet, female practitioners' breasts, and male practitioners' penis. Some police have shocked practitioners with several electric batons simultaneously until it was scorched and charred. The police have often used ten or even more electric batons simultaneously to torture a victim for a long time. One police officer inserted a very long electric baton inside a practitioner's anus and shocked his internal organs, causing his immediate death.

Fire torture: police use cigarettes to burn practitioners' hands, faces, bottoms of the feet, chest, back, nipples, and so on. They use cigarette lighters to burn practitioners' hands and genitals. Metal bars are heated until they become red-hot, and then are pressed on the victim's legs. The police also use red-hot charcoal to burn a victim's face. The police burned a practitioner to death who, after having already endured cruel tortures, was still breathing and had a pulse. The police then claimed his death was a "self-immolation."

They have raped and gang raped women practitioners. Police have stripped off female practitioners' clothes and thrown them into prison cells filled with male prisoners who then raped them. They have used electric batons to shock their breasts and genitals. They inserted electrical batons into the female practitioners' vaginas to shock them. They inserted a broken-end mop handle into vaginas. They bundled four toothbrushes and inserted them into practitioners' vaginas and rubbed and twisted the toothbrushes. They used metal hooks to hook female practitioners' genitals. Female practitioners' nipples are hooked up with electrically charged wires. They crush male practitioners' testicles, they burn their penis with electric batons and then smash them with metal bars.

Guards and cell heads also encourage the inmates to beat the practitioners. The practitioners' eardrums are ruptured and their outer ears destroyed. Their eyeballs pop out of the socket due to the brute force. Such ruthless beatings fracture the skull, the spine, chest bone, collarbone, lower back, arms and thighbones. Sometimes such beatings lead to amputations. Even when the practitioners were covered in blood, the guards poured salt water over the practitioners' bodies. Sometimes, the evildoers even covered practitioners' heads with plastic bags while beating them. They throw practitioners from tall buildings while they are still breathing.

They hang Falun Gong practitioners up in specially designed "strait jackets." According to an eyewitness account, people who suffer this torture quickly sustain broken arms, tendons, shoulders, wrists and elbows. Those who have been tortured this way for a long time have broken spines and die in agonizing pain.

The CCP agents organized the harvesting of organs, including hearts, livers, kidneys and eyes from living Falun Gong practitioners to make huge profits. Then they cremated the bodies to destroy the evidence. Some practitioners were still breathing or their hearts were still beating when they were thrown into the crematorium.

They also throw the practitioners into dungeons filled with sewage. They hammer bamboo sticks under the practitioners' fingernails and force them to live in damp rooms full of mold on the ceiling, floors and walls, which make their injuries fester. They also have dogs, snakes and scorpions bite the practitioners. In the winter, they pour cold water on practitioners' heads and make them stand barefoot on the snow-covered ground for long periods of time. In the summer, the practitioners are tied to pillars and exposed under the scorching sun for a long time. They inject the practitioners with nerve-damaging drugs and subject them to all sorts of strange and unusual vicious torture methods.

3. The Largest and Most Violent Terrorist Group in the World

The wicked Party has used the nation as a vehicle to carry out large scale terrorist movements during which Party's own members were killed, members of the AB group were killed, veteran Party officials were killed, common people were killed, the class of landowners was eliminated through the land reform, and people designated as "counterrevolutionaries" were killed. Furthermore, industry and commerce reforms eradicated the capitalist class. The Party also instigated the violent "cleaning up" of counterrevolutionaries. The "Three Anti Campaign" and "Five Anti Campaign" and anti-rightist element campaigns targeted intellectuals. The crackdown on Christians, Taoists, Buddhists and popular folk groups solved the "problem" of religions. Mass murders during the Cultural Revolution established the CCP's absolute cultural and political leadership. The June 4, 1989 Massacre targeted students, and the CCP's most recent act of oppression, the persecution of Falun Gong, is still continuing.

4. The Highest Record of Killing People in the World

Because of the CCP's information blockade, we don't know the exact number of people who were killed through persecution, but at least 60 million people died during the CCP's various political movements. Massacres of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, Tibet, Neimenggu, Yunnan and other regions also took place but were later covered up. According to an article in the Washington Times, the CCP killed more than 80 million people, which is 1.5 times as many deaths that occurred during World War II.

5. The Largest Gang in the World

The CCP possesses all of the characteristics of a well-organized gang, and use robbery, burglary, beatings, assassinations, abduction, threats, intimidation, extortion and other methods of a criminal gang.

6. The Most Corrupt Organization in the World

An astounding number of CCP officials are corrupt. The high-ranking officials and grassroots officials grab whatever they can get hold of from the state treasury and from people's pockets.

7. The Largest Evil Force in the World

Throughout history, people in the world believed in different gods, including those in Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity. People believed in heavenly justice. They believed in gods and worshipped heaven. They cultivated kindness and cherished blessings. They appreciated kindness and requited it, which was how they preserved mankind's moral foundation. Karl Marx, the father of the Communist party, was born into a Jewish/Lutheran family (his father had converted to Lutheranism in order to work as a lawyer), but he adopted atheism. He feared people would believe in gods rather than the evil Communist theory he promoted. Mao Zedong inherited Marx's ideology and also advocated atheism. He promoted the "struggle against heaven and earth." Under his rule, the destruction of the natural environment and religious persecution were executed with fanatical zeal. Religious writings were burned, temples torn down, and Buddhists and Taoists and other religious followers were persecuted.

8. The Largest Traitorous Clique in History

The Party ringleader Jiang Zemin freely gave away Chinese territory that was occupied by Russia and could have been returned to China. This is equal to an area three times the landmass of Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, and Heilongjiang Province combined, or 12 Taiwan provinces.

9. The Largest and Most Wicked National Villain in History

The nine inherited traits of the CCP are evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and manipulation. The CCP seized power through violence, gave away Chinese territories, brutalized the Chinese people, destroyed 5,000 years of Chinese culture and forbids faith in gods. It forced Chinese people to believe only in the wicked Communist party.

10. The Most "Magical" Lie-churning Machine

The CCP called the several thousand-year-old traditional Chinese culture superstition and feudalism. It boasted that the violent totalitarianism of the wicked Party was the best and most democratic; it claimed the Nationalist Party, which sacrificed more than 100 generals on the battlefield in the Sino-Japanese War, as "passive and didn't fight the Japanese" while the CCP itself only fought one battle against a Japanese supply unit at Pingxingguan. Other CCP generals had never even seen the Japanese army, and yet the CCP painted itself as the "cornerstone in the war against the Japanese."

The innocent students who protested during the June 4, 1989 massacre were called "violent counterrevolutionaries." The Great Leap Forward resulted in three years of man-made disasters, during which between 30 million and 40 million people starved to death; and yet, the CCP claimed there were three years of "natural disasters." It labeled Falun Gong an "evil cult" although Falun Gong practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and are a group of kind and honest people.

The CCP has committed crimes too numerous too count. People use the phrase "guilty of ten sins and therefore cannot be exonerated" to describe its being guilty of the most heinous crimes. The CCP's crimes cannot be summarized with ten sins alone, because it is an evil cult group that is evil to an unprecedented degree. More damaging is the fact that the CCP uses the government machinery to instill its evil principles into the Chinese people to destroy their conscience and good nature, and to deceive people into acknowledging and following it.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party completely exposes the deceitful nature of the CCP and tears open this rotten demon for all to see.