After reciting Zhuan Falun for a period of time, I am deeply touched.

First, the understanding of the Fa from reciting the book is quite different from reading. When simply reading, one quickly reads through, but when reciting, the content is memorized. Then when one talks and acts, one can think according to the principles of the Fa.

Second, since reciting the book, my laziness and shyness have dramatically improved. After I came back from prison, my husband became angry whenever he saw me practicing the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts. Thus, I tried to do the exercises and send forth righteous thought when he could not see me. During holidays, I would give up doing the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts. After I started to recite Zhuan Falun, I started doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts in front of him openly and in a relaxed manner. My husband is no longer sarcastic and has accepted my practice.

Third, I felt happy and calm from within, and I wanted to smile at whomever I met.

Fourth, the more I recited the Fa the more I realized that I did not really study the Fa well before, which led to my being sent to prison and going astray in my cultivation.

Now I more and more willingly recite Zhuan Falun. Of course, besides reciting the book, I must also do the three things well, because our Teacher has clearly stated that only doing the three things well can be considered genuine cultivation for a Fa-rectification period disciple.