(Clearwisdom.net) All Dafa disciples wish that the evil persecution will end as soon as possible. Currently, when sending forth righteous thoughts, our Gong needs to look everywhere for the evils. Where are they hiding? They are hiding in our human attachments and notions. It is hard to find their hiding places because what we are most reluctant to expose is our attachments. Dafa disciples are not afraid of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or torture. What are we afraid of? We are afraid of facing our attachments. This fear has been indulging the evils who have been persecuting Dafa disciples. This fear is the prison where Dafa disciples have been tortured.

All the kings and lords of the old universes carried all the degenerated factors that exist in the old universes. They came down to the human world layer by layer with wonderful wishes. Their goal was to save themselves and their sentient beings. But is the "mission" in their minds the true thoughts that were inspired when they started studying Falun Dafa?

That is where the problem arises.

Who assigned the mission to them? With whom did they sign the pledge? In their minds, what did they "want" with the concept at that time?

Some fellow practitioners think that they made an oath to help Master rectify the Fa when they decided to come down to the human world.

Then, here are the questions:

First: When Master came down to the human world, did you know what Master wanted to do?

Second, at that time, Master had not yet started teaching and spreading Falun Dafa, so is your oath equivalent to worshiping Master as a disciple? Did Master take you as his disciple? Is your understanding of Master nowadays the same as what you had at that time?

Third, did you know what "Fa-Rectification" was? If your understanding of "Fa-Rectification" is the same as it was at that time, and what you are doing now is fulfilling the oath you made at that time, wouldn't that be a strange circle, wouldn't that be a vicious circle? If you have already made the arrangements well for your own "cultivation," "consummation," and "rectification," is your cultivation now really following Master and the Fa?

Today, based on the Fa, looking at the oaths made by the gods of the old universes, no matter how great such oaths were - weren't degenerated factors from the old universes mixed in with them? Would Master acknowledge those factors? Would the new universe acknowledge those factors?

Numerous kings and lords came down to obtain the Fa, carrying their "oaths" that they don't want to change. Aren't they looking for their oaths in the Fa? So many kings and lords are looking for their own things in the Fa. Aren't they trying to examine Dafa with their own standard? Is the corresponding "home," "golden paradise," which they see nowadays through their celestial eyes, the new universe? Is the gold real or is it just gold-plated? What should we uphold, Dafa or those "oaths"?

Master mentioned "grand vows" in some articles. But who among us can be sure that what Master mentioned is exactly what we made when we decided to come down? Shouldn't we calmly think about it? When were our true lives created? How were our missions made?