(Clearwisdom.net) In early March, we were astonished by the revelations that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been putting Falun Gong practitioners in concentration camps like the one in Sujiatun. The secret Sujiatun facility is below a hospital, and within it, the organs of live practitioners were harvested for sale at huge profits. Since then, we have learned more dark stories from China about organ harvesting, sources of the organs used in transplants, prices of organ sales, and how the CCP continues to harvest the organs from living practitioners.

It's so hard to believe because it's so cruel. But you should believe it. History has taught us this lesson: The CCP wants to accomplish only evil, and there is nothing that it isn't willing to do.

In early April, China's Ministry of Public Health published the "Interim Regulation for Human Organ Transplant Practice." Around the same time, Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite TV aired a report about overseas Falun Gong practitioners rallying to protest Sujiatun. Phoenix showed one of their reporters holding a microphone interviewing a patient in a Sujiatun hospital, "Does the hospital imprison any Falun Gong practitioners?" The patient simply replied with, "I don't know," and that was the full extent of Phoenix's investigation. They did not actually want to expose the truth. Those three words, "I don't know" were all they wanted.

The Sanqin City Times published an article titled "Sources of Organ Transplants Are Mainly the Result of Voluntary Donations" (in large font), Ministry of Public Health Rebuts the Claim that China Uses the Organs from Executed Criminals at Will (in small font)." The article read, "According to the China News Agency, in lieu of the overseas media's deliberately fabricated claim that 'China takes the organs from executed criminals for transplanting at will, ...' the spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Health responded, 'The organs used in transplant were mainly from voluntary donations after citizens died. To save other people's lives, certain criminals who had perpetrated severe crimes and were sentenced to death, either signed for themselves, or had their relatives agree with voluntary donations. With further examination and authorization from the relevant administrative and law enforcement offices, these executed criminals' organs could then be used...'"

People who have lived in China know well what comprises "voluntary"! No matter how big or small, the official's desire is your will. And the official's desire is that of the CCP. Therefore, whatever the CCP wants is ultimately what you must want. You may not deny what the CCP asks you to accept. This is true for all the people of China. How can a death-row criminal have his own choice? The word "voluntary" is simply a term to serve the media. The sources of organs used for transplant are exactly the opposite of what the CCP has claimed. They must primarily come from the executed criminals.

It is important to note that, owing to Chinese tradition, few families would like to let their relatives' bodies be cut apart, even if they had been executed. They would still want the dead body kept whole. A criminal sentenced to death, in actuality, will be completely stripped of all his rights. It is a well known "secret" that these executed criminals' organs are used for transplants, whether consent was given or not. One hospital worker's comment was heard, "What a lie: "patient donation!" When the hospital notifies a patient that they will receive a new kidney, even that patient knows a criminal will be executed!"

The executed criminals were mainly those who have committed severe crimes, such as robbery or murder. But since the CCP began persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in 1999, the concept of "criminal" has changed. Countless Falun Gong practitioners have been arrested simply because they did not want to give up their belief of Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance. Under direction from Jiang Zemin's group that "It is OK to kill practitioners. Killing them will be treated as though they committed suicide. Do not check where they are from, just directly cremate the body," many Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted to death at prisons and detention centers. Some were cremated without their relatives' authorization, and in other cases, the relatives never find out about the death at all. Why is the CCP afraid of the disagreements from practitioners' relatives? Why won't they let these relatives know? What on earth do they want to hide? The exposure of Sujiatun answers all of these questions.

Reading between the lines, with the Ministry of Public Health's "Interim Regulation," Phoenix Satellite TV's report and interview, and the words from the Ministry of Public Health spokesperson, you can see the new round of lies from the CCP. They have been performing these organ transplants for the past ten or twenty years. Why have they never thought of establishing rules until now? Why is it that right after people started to protest the brutal organ harvesting of still-alive Falun Gong practitioners in Sujiatun, did the officials from the Ministry of Public Health suddenly "discover" that there is not enough regulatory supervision over organ transplant practices in China, and that they need to pass an "Interim Regulation" immediately? The whole cover-up included not only the CCP completely emptying Sujiatun Concentration Camp, but also the purposefully-orchestrated Phoenix TV report. The report mentioned only that Falun Gong practitioners were imprisoned in Sujiatun, but it did not mention the organ harvesting at all. Then their reporter went to conduct an interview, and an "I don't know" from a patient concluded their investigation. Following the logic from the CCP and its followers, "I don't know" has a profound meaning. They say, "You are protesting that we imprisoned a lot of Falun Gong practitioners at Sujiatun, but even those patients in the hospital don't know that. So, how can someone outside China like you know? Therefore, your claim must be false. Since there are no Falun Gong practitioners in the hospital, there can't be any organ harvesting from the practitioners taking place. Even when we do take organs, it is only based on the donations of dying citizens and executed criminals."

Lies are lies. Just as the flaws in the staged "Tiananmen Self-Immolation" were revealed to demonstrate the CCP's cruelness and shamelessness, their secret concentration camps will be exposed to the world some day, too. We believe that day is not far away. Let's tell the truth to our relatives and friends, to all people, to make this day come earlier. And when it does come, the whole world shall celebrate!