(Clearwisdom.net) Thirty-four-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Song Yanqun is being severely tortured in Heizuizi Women's Prison in Changchun City (Women's Prison of Jilin Province) for her belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. Currently she has severe pulmonary tuberculosis and her body weight is only about 67 lbs. She is in critical condition, however, because she refuses to give up her belief, she was again tied to and stretched on the death bed. Here we are appealing to investigate this case immediately and rescue her through cooperation as a whole entity.

Song Yanqun

Ms. Song Yanqun is from Shulan City, Jilin Province. She is an English teacher from Dade Japanese-language School in Harbin City. She was illegally sentenced to twelve years of prison after the Shulan City Police Department Police abducted her on November 27, 2003. Led by Guo Wei, these police interrogated her using brutal torture. She developed pulmonary tuberculosis in Heizuizi Women's Prison in Changchun City. In May 2005, she was tied to and stretched on the death bed when the prison implemented persecution to forcibly "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. Since then, her legs have lost feeling and remain cold all day long and her right arm bones feel extremely painful. She could not even write since her hands are shaky. Her brain feels numb and cannot function normally, and her lungs feel intense pain. The pulmonary tuberculosis is rapidly worsening. The two-year torture has caused Ms. Song to become very emaciated.

Song Yanqun's parents are very worried about her situation. On May 11, her family visited her in Heizuizi Prison in Changchun City. A prison monitor and a prison guard escorted Ms. Song Yanqun. When Ms. Song saw her parents, her eyes were full of tears and she said, "Mom and dad, you both are healthy, I feel relieved."

Her parents asked, "What happened to you? Have they detained you in confinement?" Ms. Song replied, "Don't ask. They won't let me tell." At this moment the prison guard Yang said with spite, "It is not a big thing! Three or four persons took care of her every day..." After saying those words, she immediately realized she disclosed what she should not tell. The visit wasn't even ten minutes and they took her back in a hurry.

In order to brainwash Ms. Song, they completely isolated her. They used four prison monitors to watch her and force her to listen to and watch all kinds of evil lies and theories put together by the evil, without stopping for a single minute. They wanted to confuse her. Afterwards they tied her to and stretched her on the death bed. They tied her arms and legs on the bed, pulled out the bed board underneath her body, and only supported her waist on a half-inch metal tube in the middle. The rest of her body was completely in the air without any support. She was tied like this for 24 hours, even while she needed to use the bathroom.

Ms. Song has been very healthy and confident in her life. Now however, her body is almost handicapped and is exhausted inside the prison. However, the evil prison is still rampantly calling for forcible transforming by torture.

The following are the related phone numbers:

Phone Numbers of the evil people in the prison:
Xu Guangsheng (head of the prison): 431-5375001
Wu Zeyun (deputy head of the prison): 431-5375004
Tang Yajuan (associate director of the Criminal Laws Enforcement Department): 431-5375010
Li Jian: (associate director of Prison Politics Department): 431-5375007
Wang Jinghua: (director of the administration office of the prison): 431-5375038
Visitor's Office: 431-5375036
No. 1 detention zone: 431-5375020
No. 2 detention zone: 431-5375021
No. 3 detention zone: 431-5375022
No. 4 detention zone: 431-5375023
No. 5 detention zone: 431-5375024
No. 6 detention zone: (the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is most severe here) 431-5375031
No. 7 detention zone: 431-5375026
No. 8 detention zone: 431-5375027
No. 9 detention zone: 431-5375028