(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner's recent article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website described the author's own experiences of how officials in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp deceived and presented a false picture to the outside world. The police transferred the steadfast Falun Gong practitioners to a juvenile detention center when the media came to visit. As a matter of fact, such incidents are common in Masanjia during media or public visits. All the guards in Masanjia, including the head of Masanjia, the head of the No. 2 Branch Camp, Su Jing, the Party head Wang Naimin and low ranking police officers use deceit and play roles in the farce they call "the good educational influence." The evil of Masanjia is not only reflected in the forcible brainwashing and slave labor of Falun Gong practitioners, but also in its commonly used tactics of deceit and lies to the media and public. Their tactics of deceit have reached their peak, along the lines of the CCP's nine main characteristics mentioned in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Moreover, it has carried forward these characteristics to the extreme and fooled the visitors, leaving them deluded. Surrounded by the false environment, and listening to praise for the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP), visitors to Masanjia lose their sound judgment and are deprived of the right to learn the truth.

In March or April 2001, when overseas visitors and media reporters came to visit Masanjia, using the ruse of "watching a movie," Masanjia put all the steadfast practitioners into the juvenile detention center before the morning break. Then they moved all the practitioners' belongings to a storehouse and made it look like those people never existed. They also arranged for many "actors" and taught them how to speak to the reporters and visitors. Using such incentives as decreasing a prison term and going home earlier if they acted well, those "actors" were taught to pretend to be grateful to the CCP, with tears in their eyes. These people told reporters how good staying there was and how well the police treated them. The head of the No. 2 Branch Camp, Su Jing, has boasted to the outside world again and again, "All sharing here comes from sincere hearts and is communication from heart to heart. It is the effort of all staff members working in Masanjia to provide 'a good educational influence.'" She did not mention any words about Masanjia's inhuman abuses such as violence, physical punishment, use of electric batons, the use of incarceration in solitary confinement and so on. At that time, the detainees hadn't had a shower for over a month and many smelled very badly. However, when a reporter held a microphone to a young woman and asked, "How long ago did you have a shower?" the young woman immediately replied with the pre-arranged answer, "We take a shower once a week." Later, even those who had been brainwashed felt it unfair to hear such a lie.

When there are visitors to Masanjia, the cafeteria would change the menu and provide good food. The normally skimpy meals changed to fried fish, egg soups and so on. When the visitors left, the dinner meals changed back to "normal." In 2002 there was an important visit and visitors stayed late to visit the cafeteria in the evening. That day the dinner changed from normal food - corn cakes and celery - to rice and stewed beef with potato. It was so rare for us in the labor camp to have had good food twice in one day. At the visitor's entrance was a sign listing the weekly cafeteria menu, listing courses such as fried fish, stewed beef, celery and pork, tomato and eggs, steamed meat buns, steamed fish, egg soup and so on. Meat was listed for almost every meal. Those visitors saw the sign and all said, "The food here is really good." In fact, it was a lie, and was done to create the illusion of a happy life in the forced labor camp.

Normally we Falun Gong practitioners are forced to do multiple tasks daily. We must get up early in the morning to start peeling garlic. During the day, bags and bags of garlic are delivered to the labor camp. We must carry them from the main entrance inside. We also embroider woolen sweaters, mostly for overseas export. Another task was to string tiny glass balls on chains to make a hat used in theaters, and make ball-shaped glazed ornaments that contain lead and have an unusual smell. Some people are sent to the storehouse to make handicrafts. The yellow, toxic glue for those handicrafts has a strong and irritating odor. It irritates one's retinas, nasal mucous membranes and the pharynx and larynx. Many people had chest discomfort, coughed, and had tears and pain in their eyes. They felt dizzy, had a headache, vomited and developed skin allergies. The guards only take special care of the collaborators in the brainwashing classes and assign them work at jobs without toxic fumes. The guards completely ignore those who are firm in their belief, even if these practitioners show symptoms of illness. Moreover, the police often threaten them with additional prison terms, physical punishment or sleep deprivation to force people to engage in hazardous work.

Once there was a message that some higher authorities accompanied by a photo-journalist were coming to inspect Masanjia. Actually, each so-called inspection or visit was always pre-arranged anyway, giving Masanjia enough time to set up the show. Masanjia immediately informed the business owners to take away their work materials. At the same time, all the windows and doors in the storehouse were opened to air out the fumes. All the tables were removed and the place was cleaned. Before the visitors' estimated time of arrival, police brought the detainees to the storehouse to have "free activities." Some played games, some were dancing. Police in different divisions followed the pre-arranged activities that were assigned to their division. Therefore, when the inspection team drove into the yard they saw the following scenes: Some people were dancing and singing, some were playing basketball, some were doing drills, some were playing games, and some were doing Taiji. The activities were rich and varied. The reporters in the team immediately videotaped the scene. However, as soon as the inspection team's vehicles left the gate, all activities were stopped and people were told to go back to work.

It was most ridiculous that, before sending people downstairs for entertainment activities, the guards hypocritically said to the practitioners, "Although this batch of work can make us earn more money, many people have shown adverse health symptoms. In consideration of your health, we decided to reject this batch of work. We will not accept such work again. See, we do care about you." However, just after the inspection team left, the vehicles with colored glazed balls and handicraft materials showed up in the camp again, one right after the other. Each division was ordered to pick up the supplies and continue to work.

In the summer of 2003, one month prior to the arrival of an inspection team, Su Jing ordered to have the grass cut, the flowerbeds prepared and flowers planted. Much work had been done in preparing the garden. Finally the flowers were planted. The imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners were required to water the flowers with their own basins of water. With the practitioners' hard work, those beautiful flowers bloomed profusely. The flowers added credit for Su Jing in front of the inspection team, and covered up the dark scene in the labor camp where practitioners are brutally abused under the persecution.

When the inspection team came on time as expected, the video camera focused on those arranged "actors." Wang Li, a practitioner from Suizhong County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, faced the camera directly and called loudly, "Masanjia tortures people! Masanjia tortures people!" The police and guards rushed over to her and surrounded her. Her mouth was covered and her arms were forcibly held behind her. She was ruthlessly dragged away.

This incident did not faze the reporter, and he continued to tape those peaceful scenes, such as people doing Taiji, doing physical exercises or raising the flag. One could imagine the incident of Wang Li shouting being edited out when the program was played on TV. Wang Li, however, suffered cruel physical torture and mental torment. She was put into a solitary confinement for two months. Her arms and hands swelled so much that she was unable to put her clothes on upon her release. Police officer Dong Shuxia still tried to brainwash her. Just for calling out the words, "Falun Dafa is good," many practitioners had their prison terms extended from three months to six months, or were detained in solitary confinement to suffer additional torture. Practitioner Zhang Shurong at the No. 2 Team of the No. 2 Division exposed the evil lies on the spot and called out, "Falun Dafa is good," "Clear Master's innocent name," which made Su Jing very angry. Zhang Zhuhui and Su Jing added an additional six months to Zhang Shurong's term and continued to try to "transform" her.

A large prominent wall area in the reception room of the No. 2 Branch Camp displays many photos showing the "reformed" practitioners singing and dancing, making dumplings or playing games. Obviously they were telling visitors, "Life here is relaxed and satisfying." However, not one picture showed how practitioners were tortured, electrically shocked or suffering all kinds of other abuses. At the end of each year, in order to achieve the high "transformation" rate that Luo Gan required, Masanjia conducts merciless intensified brainwashing. Luo Gan had given secret orders to Masanjia many times. One of them was, "In order to maintain the country's image, international influence and so on, a high 'reform' rate must be guaranteed." One of the most evil instructions was, "Masanjia police should fully utilize the power of the electric batons." Obviously, the biggest behind-the-scenes helper for Masanjia's evil crimes and true criminal is Luo Gan, who is cruel to the extreme.

Now the evil in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp has been exposed to the world. Let us send powerful righteous thoughts to help the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" (CIPFG) enter China smoothly. Let them freely investigate and collect evidence. All other organizations and media are easily deceived under the CCP's deceitful plots and hypocritical plays, which makes it therefore virtually impossible to find evidence. Let the CIPFG investigate the inhuman persecution in forced labor camps, prisons, mental hospitals, detention centers, brainwashing classes and concentration camps.

We must tell the CCP that the persecution must be stopped. Let all of its lies, deceit, plots and fabrications be exposed to the world.

Agencies and people responsible for the persecution at Masanjia:

No. 2 Branch Camp of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (so-called "Liaoning Ideology and Education Institute")

Su Jing, Head of No. 2 Branch Camp of Masanjia
Wang Naimin, Deputy head and the CCP head of the branch camp, one of the first policemen to use electric torture on practitioners in 1999; the first leader in the Masanjia Labor Camp to spread deceit in order to brainwash large number of practitioners.
Zhao Laixi, Deputy of the branch camp, in charge of editing the "Campus Newspaper" that slanders Dafa
Fang Yehong, police officer in the Education Section, Assistant for editing "Campus Newspaper;" in charge of "Psychology Consultant Room;" in charge of video and photo activities
Xiang Baifeng, police officer in Broadcast Room, in charge of daily broadcasts that slander Dafa
Division heads: Li Mingyu, Zhang Xuerong, Zhou Qian, Wang Xiaofeng, Qiu Ping
Team leaders: Zhang Lei, Zhang Zuohui, Zhang Cunguang, Zhang Huan, Dong Shuxia, Guan Liying, Fei Feng, Dai Yuhong, Yang Xiaofeng, Wang Zhengli, Huang Haiyan