In late February of 2006, Zhang Mingqian and Wang Wei, director and deputy director of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp; Ma Jishan, Management Section Leader; Su Jing, leader of the Masanjia Women's Second District (the so-called "Thought Education School"); Wang Naimin from the Political Committee; Li Mingyu and Xie Chendong, Leader and Deputy Leader of the First Large Team; as well as Li Mingyu's husband, Liu Yong, Section Leader of the Masanjia Labor Camp Protection Section, jointly subjected all persevering practitioners "illegally imprisoned" in the First Large Team to torture. Their methods included handcuffing, beatings, and forcing the practitioners to sit on stools for long periods of time. Each practitioner also had her prison clothes forcibly put on by at least three or four male guards. Those who refused to submit were brutally beaten.

Practitioners Ms. Sun Suxiang, Ms. Yuan Shuzhe, Ms. Yang Baoying, Ms. Qiu Li, and others were all brutally beaten. Among them, Ms. Sun, Ms. Qiu, Ms. Huang Sumei, Ms. Liu Guiyuan amd Ms. Zhang were confined to small prison cells to be persecuted. In order to resist the persecution, Ms. Qiu Li and Ms. Liu Guiyuan went on hunger strikes. On March 22, 2006, Ms. Qiu, Ms. Liu, and Ms. Huang Sumei were moved out of their individual small cells and imprisoned in three empty houses in the First Large Team. Other practitioners imprisoned in these empty houses include Ms. Zhou Hua, Ms. Meng, Ms. Guiqiu, Ms. Yuan Shuzhe, Ms. Xie Xinying, and others. In order to resist the persecution, they have all begun a hunger strike.

From 6 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. police guards handcuffed these practitioners and forced them to stay in a squatting position almost every day. The pressure on the practitioners' hands often resulted in numbness and swelling. Some of their hands and legs became frozen. When practitioners are asked to stretch out their hands, they have to stretch their hands out straight or diagonally in the air. Sometimes the guards force the practitioners to squat down for long periods and don't allow them to stand, a very inhumane form of persecution. All this is done while they are handcuffed to bed frames, unable to move.

Ms. Qiu Li, Ms. Liu Guiyuan, Ms. Huang Sumei, Ms. Meng Guiqiu, and Ms. Zhou Hua were not allowed to wash themselves or even to change their clothes for a month. They were be handcuffed everyday, even when they went to sleep at night. On April 10, they were transferred out and illegally detained in the Third Division of the Masanjia Labor Camp Women's First District's First Large Team. For refusing to wear prison uniforms in the Third Division, they were brutally beaten many times by criminals Wang Liying and her gang. Much of their hair has been pulled out. Even though the Team Leader Sun Mei was present, she refused to stop the criminals from torturing the practitioners.

Currently, Ms. Qiu Li is still on a hunger strike. She has been force-fed everyday and given injections, which cost 20 yuan per bottle. They are force-fed corn porridge, salt, an egg, and small amounts of sugar, yet it costs 20 yuan each time. Another practitioner undergoing hunger strike is Ms. Jiang Chunxia from Dalian City. Ms. Jiang has already been persecuted to the point where she cannot walk, while Ms. Qiu Li can only stumble. Both of these women have become severely emaciated.

Other practitioners imprisoned in the Masanjia Labor Camp include Ms. Wang Xiuyan (Benxi City), Ms. Qu Shumei (Dalian City), and Ms. Xin Shuhua.

Masanjia Labor Camp First Major Team Leader: Sun Mei
Reeducation Staff: Zhang Jun
Division Leader in charge of Ms. Qiu Li: Chen Qiumei