Ms. Huang Xingjin

( Ms. Huang Xingjin, born in 1957, was an elementary school teacher at the Xiyuan Elementary School in Wuwei City, Gansu Province. She began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997, and both her physical and mental health improved tremendously thereafter. She was awarded the Liangzhou District Outstanding Teacher Award, as well as the School Progress Worker on several occasions.

The Jiang Zemin regime began the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, and Ms. Huang could not understand the rationale behind the persecution. One day in February 2000, she went to a fellow practitioner's home for a chat and saw members of the Public Security Bureau arresting that practitioner. Puzzled, she told the policemen, "Falun Gong teaches everyone to be good. I practice Falun Gong myself!" From then on, the Public Security Bureau as well as the school leaders began visiting her home to try to persuade her to give up the practice as well as to write the guarantee statement to give up the practice. The Public Security Bureau put her under a lot of pressure through the Ministry of Education by refusing to let her go to work, withholding her salary, and dismissing her from her position until she wrote a guarantee statement not to participate in Falun Gong cultivation-related activities in the future.

Ms. Huang wrote a paper sharing her experiences in cultivating Falun Gong. In her paper, she described how Falun Gong only teaches its practitioners to be good, and how the government can be wrong sometimes. The paper did not survive, unfortunately. The paper was found by her husband, Zhang Junyi. He thought that instead of being a guarantee statement, this was in fact glorifying Dafa, so he stopped her from submitting the paper to the authorities. He tried to forced her to write a "Guarantee Statement," but Ms. Huang refused to do so even if she was to lose her life.

Thereafter, even though she was perfectly sane and healthy, her husband and aunt forcibly sent her to the Wuwei Mental Hospital for fear of being persecuted along with her. At the mental hospital, she refused to take drugs and continued practicing the exercises. She also clarified the truth to all the doctors and nurses and demanded to be released from the hospital and be allowed to return to work. However, her husband disagreed and refused to let her out unless she wrote the Guarantee Statement.

In order to free herself from the torture and restriction on her personal freedom in the mental hospital, Ms. Huang agreed against her will to write the Guarantee Statement after being released from the hospital.

After returning home however, Ms. Huang remained strong and refused to write the guarantee statements. Moreover, she demanded to be allowed to go to work, but was refused by the Wuwei County Education Bureau and her school department. Her husband began locking her up at home to prevent her from appealing to the government and even said that he was a supervisory personnel from the Education Bureau and that he would lock up anyone would practiced Falun Gong. He tried all possible means to stop his wife and even beat her. Ms. Huang was deprived of her freedom as a result.

Another week passed under these circumstances. Under the pressure and persecution, Ms. Huang felt that she was unable to withstand the torture anymore, and wrote down that her death hopefully would stop the government from persecuting Falun Gong. On the morning of March 28, 2000, she jumped from her four-story apartment and ended her life. (Editor's note: As a Dafa cultivator, committing suicide is wholly against the teachings and requirements of Dafa. Every cultivator must follow the Fa and act according to its requirements.)

Soon afterwards the local news media in Gansu and Wuwei reported this incident. However, they twisted the story and said that Ms. Huang had committed suicide because she had turned insane after practicing Falun Gong. This event has unfortunately further added to the misunderstandings of ordinary society has about Falun Dafa.

Huang's husband, Zhang Junyi, died in March 2004 from stomach cancer. After losing their parents and the family education funds, Ms. Huang's children turned into criminals. In the end, a happy family was destroyed by the CCP's persecution.