(Clearwisdom.net) Several United Kingdom practitioners participated in truth clarification activities at the International Transplant Conference. We wish to share our experiences, so that fellow practitioners can learn from us as we learn from them and improve in our cultivation together.

1. Preparation

Before the activity, practitioners diligently prepared everything, given the importance of truth clarification during this conference in today's Fa-rectification period. We shared quite extensively over e-mail and during Fa study. We discussed why we are involved in this activity, how we should proceed based on the Fa, what message did we want to convey to the representatives, and so on. Practitioners who participated in this endeavor were all very conscientious, and their hearts reached the standards required by the Fa. We used our righteous thoughts to save people.

The preparations went quite well. All related materials were prepared and put in an envelope designated, "Information Pack on Unethical Organ Harvesting in China." This was to be given to each representative at the conference. Practitioners made sure that the information contained in the package was reliable, objective and accurate. The display boards and banners were remarkable, of good quality and sufficient in quantity. Falun Dafa fliers, special edition newspapers, and the "Nine Commentaries on Communist Party" were all prepared and ready to be handed out. We had everything we needed for truth clarification.

2. During the Activity

On the first morning, a Western practitioner stood at the entrance and handed out big envelopes. It was just as if the conference staff was giving them a hand. Other practitioners cooperated and made sure that close to all of the attendees received the information pack. However, many practitioners felt that our righteous field was very weak. Therefore, several practitioners got together and asked themselves "Have we really done well and done enough?" We wanted to give everyone an information pack, which included a petition and return address. We all hoped that they would send us the signed petition.

Through sharing we realized that we were not there to distribute the materials and fliers as we do at street crossings. We do this every day. On this day we went there to save these attendees, and save even more people through them. There are not many chances for these transplant professionals to meet. It was not easy for them to come to this conference. We decided that we must do better and more. Therefore, practitioners at every cross point came back. We quickly adjusted our mindset. We understood that everyone had to be at one place, so we could form a strong righteous field.

While the attendees were at a meeting, we recited Lunyu three times, sent forth righteous thoughts, and then recited "Lunyu" three times, sent forth once righteous thoughts, and so on. We all felt that the righteous field gradually became strong. Some practitioners began to practice the exercises, but made sure that two people continued to recite "Lunyu" and send forth righteous thoughts. As soon as the meeting was ended and the attendees were on their way to lunch, we began to distribute materials and explain the truth. During their afternoon session, practitioners shared again, recited "Lunyu," sent forth righteous thoughts and practiced the exercises. In the afternoon, we clearly felt that the entire field was different. While some practitioners continued to recite "Lunyu" and send forth righteous thoughts, tears ran down their faces and we felt a very merciful field covering the area.

3. Break Through during the Process

When the attendees came out in the afternoon, practitioners again clarified the truth and distributed materials. An attendee walked to the front of our display boards and told us that he had known that patients had gone to China for organ transplants for quite some time. He really understood us, and asked whether we had anything for him to sign. Practitioners told him a petition was already in the envelope, and he could sign it. At that time, practitioners suddenly realized, "Why don't we take the petition out of the envelope and have the representatives sign now? Teacher was giving hints and wisdom. We had to seize the time to save people. Why wait if we can save them face to face? Probably many attendees supported us. Yet, there may be interference stopping them from sending back the signatures, and we would miss the chance to save more people. We should let them sign right now. We must take the initiative in offering salvation to sentient beings, and this was our chance for clarifying the truth.

During the first afternoon, we told the attendees that we needed them to sign the petition. Many said they would go back and take a good look at it, and sign the next day. During that night, practitioners shared again. Our righteous thoughts were even stronger, and we realized our responsibilities and people's expectations. The next day, we prepared many petitions, just like we did the first day. However this time we not only spoke to the attendees, but also asked them to sign the petition. We collected 47 signatures. Many signatures were from the chairmen of organ transplant institutes and chiefs of university's organ transplant divisions from different countries.

4. People are Awakening

One practitioner pointed out that the stronger our righteous thoughts, the quicker the people will awaken. Many touching things happened during those two days, which also encouraged us.

A delegate from Russia said, "I am really sympathetic with you, but signatures have no use." Practitioners told him, "How can we keep silent when such cruelties are going on?" He immediately said, "Of course not." Practitioners said, "Your voice will help many people - they will not have to suffer this persecution." He signed immediately. A delegate from Spain said, "I will go back and read it carefully, I'll send you the signed statement, I won't forget." A delegate from Japan said, "Many patients asked me whether they should go to China for an organ transplant. I was thinking why the organs in China were so cheap and so good? I won't suggest my patients to have this surgery in China."

A delegate from China said to the delegates of other countries after he noticed practitioners, "These are all lies! Do not believe them." One practitioner replied: "No one is allowed into China to investigate. What evidence do you have so you can claim that what we are saying is false? Can you explain where so many organs come from?" The Chinese delegate could not respond. When the practitioner turned around, there were many delegates from other countries who had listened to this exchange. Four to five people walked up to the practitioner: "We understand and support you."

After reading about the facts, a man held a practitioner's hands and said, "Thank you for everything you do for justice." A passerby was half way through signing, and suddenly said, "I am going to visit China, if I sign this, will the Communist Party give me trouble?" The practitioner answered, "I do not know what the Communist Party will do, but I know the Chinese people will thank you." He immediately finished signing the petition.

There is not enough paper to tell of the many incidences that showed us what we were doing was good.

5. Experience Sharing

Practitioners who participated in this event felt that the opportunity we were given during these two days was very precious. We held different impressions before, during and after the event. The improvement of our xinxing and strengthening of righteous thoughts were also a part of this effort. We truly feel that such a great chance during the Fa-rectification passes by very quickly! Teacher told us: "Each opportunity will not occur again." We hope everyone will cherish every opportunity to validate the Fa.

A few thoughts to share with fellow practitioners:

Reciting "Lunyu" and sending forth righteous thoughts consecutively is very effective.

The process during such an event includes the process of improvement through cultivation; as long as one holds righteous thoughts, Teacher will strengthen you and unlock your wisdom.

Sharing between practitioners is extremely important. Sharing helped us realize what we had to do, and helped us strengthen our righteous thoughts.

It is important to work as one body to establish a harmonious field. If we did not cooperate as one body and each one did something different -- one wants to practice the exercises, another one wants to study the Fa, a third one wants to distribute materials - our effort would come to naught. When we are able to let go of self, the power of one body is huge, and we can do things more smoothly.

We need to strengthen everyday people's positive elements and power. Sometimes we felt everyday people had good thoughts, but they were not very strong. But we came to understand that our righteous words and actions could stabilize them.

It is very important to interact with everyday people. For example, on the first day, a delegate said many supportive words to our practitioners. Another practitioner told him when seeing him again on the following day: "My friend told me yesterday that you are very supportive. We appreciate your support highly! Your support gives us great encouragement." He was very happy. This was also to strengthen everyday people's positive attitude. If the practitioner who talked to him on the first day forgot to greet him on the second day, the effect would not be as good.

It is quite urgent to save people, but we also need to consider others feelings at all time. For example, on the second morning, our practitioners collected signatures at the entrance. The organizer of the conference told him/her: "I support you, but our conference has already started. Your collecting signatures stops many delegates from being on time. This affects the timing of the conference." We immediately realized that we were in the wrong. We had not considered the needs of the conference organizer. We quickly apologized. Of course, practitioners did well during the entire process. After the conference finished, the organizer told practitioners: It was a lot of work to prepare the conference, and that he had worked very hard. Now, he could relax. Practitioners understood now much better how important it was to consider others' needs at all times, just as Teacher told us.

It is very important to always keep righteous thoughts and a pure heart. During the process, we can't suffer anxiety, have the attachment of jealousy, attachment of pursuit, be attached to the result, or to how many signature we get, and so on. Teacher said, "Once your mind is not right, you will be ruined at once." This is so true. We must constantly adjust our mindset and look at what is needed for saving people.

There were not enough practitioners involved during this event. Everyday people also told us, "You need more volunteers." Practitioners are all very busy, but we still hope that practitioners try their best to allocate time to participate in future projects. With more practitioners, our righteous field will be so much stronger.

We must pay attention to this matter from our heart. If we are numb when facing such cruel happenings, how can others believe all this is real? Some Western practitioners may not feel this, and we must remind them.

When we meet the professionals and government officials, practitioners must pay attention to what they wear. It should not be too casual -- this shows the basic respect to those in everyday society.

I wrote this article in the hope that all practitioners can mature together, save more people, and not let them down.


While writing this article, I felt severe stomach pain, something that had never happened before. I vomited everything I had eaten at dinner. Although I had the thought that I would be fine, it was not strong enough, so I felt very weak. I did not finish the article on time. Later when I continued, my thoughts became clearer as I went along. I always reminded myself -- I am writing this article in hopes of improving the entire body.