(Clearwisdom.net) Since August 2005, Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing has intensified its persecution of Dafa practitioners. Practitioner Guo Zhenge was tortured until he became muddleheaded. Gao Changze, Zhang Qingshan, and Wang Jiping were viciously beaten. The guards even put drugs in practitioners' food in order to "transform" them. The following are partial accounts of the persecution of practitioners in Tuanhe Force Labor Camp.

1. "Sandwiching"

The most common tactic that the guards used is to order inmates convicted of theft or drug abuse to monitor the practitioners. In Team III, guard Yin Hongsong was the most vicious. Sometimes one inmate monitored one practitioner, but more often than not two, and sometimes even four inmates monitored and sandwiched one practitioner. The practitioners would be placed under close monitoring around the clock, completely losing their personal freedom. Moreover, they were frequently beaten and verbally abused, which caused them bodily and psychological harm.

2. Vicious Beatings

The guards entice the inmates with sentence reduction, privileges to buy food or order dishes, and at the same time intimidate and threaten them to persecute practitioners. Practitioners Gao Changze (a 60-year-old farmer in Huirou City), Zhang Qingshan (close to 40 years old), and Wang Jiping (30's) were physically attacked and verbally abused by the inmates.

Guard Yin Hongsong beat practitioner Xing Baoxiang to the ground and claimed that he fell due to high blood pressure. Guard Li Wei also beat Mr. Xing.

3. Starving practitioners and not letting them use the restroom

For those practitioners who refuse to be "transformed," the guards often do not give them enough food. They are only given a steamed bun and a small amount of vegetable soup. They are often not allowed to drink water or use the restroom.

One practitioner was held in a storage room. He was not allowed to go to the restroom and was forced to urinate on the ground. When a practitioner goes to the restroom, he is often held by the inmate by the collar and the arm.

4. Sleep Deprivation

The guards often keep the practitioners up until very late at night, and sometimes not let them sleep at all. When they do let the practitioners go to sleep, they often poke at them from time to time to disturb them. In the winter, they keep the windows wide open when the practitioners are sleeping.

Practitioner Guo Zhenge (close to 50 years old, a farmer in the Beijing suburbs) has been deprived of sleep over a long period of time by guards Gao Jianguo and Li Weichang, and is now mentally disoriented.

5. Lacing drugs in food and savage force-feeding

Practitioner Gao Changze often called out "Falun Dafa Is Good" while being tortured. The guards ordered the inmates to gag him with a mop. Guard Li Wei secretly put drugs in his food.

Some practitioners went on hunger strikes in protest. The guards ordered the practitioners to pay for the cost of their force-feeding. They also forced the practitioners to do hard labor.

6. Confinement

Guards put the steadfast practitioners in a small room and have the inmates watch over them and beat them. When the practitioner appealed to the authorities, the guards would collude with the inmates and said that they were not aware of any beatings taking place.

7. Sitting in a child's chair

The guards force the practitioners to sit in a small child's chair. They force the practitioners to sit still and hold a piece of paper in between their legs. The sitting can last half a day, a day, or even weeks at a time. Practitioners are beaten if they move at all.

8. Slave labor

The guards force the practitioners to do slave labor to make money for the guards. The labor includes braiding hair for wigs, making unsanitary tourniquets, constructing advertising products, making pieces of hardwood floors, packaging DVD's, and other forms of manual labor.

9. Covering up the truth

Sometimes the guards conduct an "audit" to cover up their crimes. They would have some inmates fill out surveys but only pass them out to the ones that would give favorable feedback. Occasionally they would ask everyone to fill out surveys, but those are used to determine who is to be subjected to brainwashing.

I hope that all people of conscience can pay attention to the harsh persecution against the practitioners in China. The Chinese Communist Party has utilized the entire nation's resources to persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners. They have written the darkest chapter in China's history.