(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Qingfu, a Dafa practitioner from Songyuan, Jilin Province, was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor. On April 20, he was sent to Jiutai City Forced Labor Camp in Jilin, where he was persecuted so severely that he could not walk. On May 5, Wang Qingfu started a hunger strike to protest the cruel persecution against him, and he was brutally force-fed. His family members worried about Mr. Wang's life and went to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp to request a visit with him, but the labor camp refused them.

Wang Qingfu was illegally arrested by the police sub-station in a suburb of Qianguo County on April 18, 2006. On April 20, 2006 he was sent to the disciplinary team at the Jiutai forced labor camp, Jilin Province, and was subsequently sentenced to three years of forced labor.

On May 8, 2006, when the family of Wang Qingfu went to visit him, the forced labor camp refused them. Later, upon the repeated request of his family members, they were allowed to see him. Mr. Wang could not walk as normal and had to be supported by others. His wrists showed deep scars made by handcuffs. Wang Qingfu said that the scars resulted from his being shackled to a bed with his arms and legs spread wide.

In just over twenty days, the previously healthy Mr. Wang Qingfu was tortured to a precarious condition. His face became sallow, he could not walk without the help of others and he had wounds and scars all over his body. Under this circumstance, on May 5, Wang Qingfu started a hunger strike to protest the torture against him and he was force-fed every day. On May 12, his family members worried about his safety and again went to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp to visit, but the forced labor camp forbade them from seeing him. The officials at the labor camp dodged the family and nobody would come out to reply to them. Mr. Wang's family said that they would by all means appeal and secure justice for Wang Qingfu.

We hope that all Dafa disciples who read this alert, inside or outside China, will call or write to the family members of Wang Qingfu. Please reinforce them with righteous thoughts and completely disintegrate all the evil factors that participate in the persecution of Dafa disciples, and help secure the unconditional release of Wang Qingfu.

Related telephone numbers:
Jiutai Forced Labor Camp: 86-0431-2511058
Examination room at Jiutai Forced Labor Camp: 86-0431-2511058
Administration Division: 86-431-2511834
Director, Guo Junpeng: 86-431-251119786, 86-431-2511058
Administration Division head, Zhen Hailing: 86-13331651669
Deputy director, Liu Yongquan
Staff members Jin and Yu (surnames)
Supervisor of disciplinary team, Li Yunbo
Education Division directors, Zeng and Gao
Director of hospital, Wang Chunshi: 86-13844002938
Team supervisor, Zhang Mingcai: 86-13596197371
Team supervisor, Feng Wei: 86-13844968179
Ward of detention center, Liu Xiduo: 86-13596054520
Head of "transformation" Team at the Agriculture Brigade, Gao Ke: 86-13314315816