(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2005, a woman reported me for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to her. I was arrested by police officer Li of the 610 Office. I was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. Because I did it with the notions of everyday people, I could not restrain the evildoers nor get out of the evil den. In the forced labor camp, I clarified the truth of Falun Gong to an inmate who later realized that Falun Gong was good and decided to help me. He managed to bring me Master's lectures and articles. Therefore, I could study the Fa in the forced labor camp and was more confident in resisting the persecution.

After a discussion with several other practitioners, we decided to escape during a break when inmates were outdoors for exercise or for fresh air. If one of us escaped, the superintendent and the police would lose their jobs. During that time, we discussed the escape plan and route every day. We even thought that, since we outnumbered the police on duty, it would be hard for them to catch all of us if we escaped at the same time. In early May 2005, when the inmates were allowed to rest, one of the practitioners saw that a guard had opened the door of the forced labor camp, and he ran out the door without telling the other practitioners. Several guards were puzzled for an instant and then started to run after the practitioner. A guard immediately went to close the door. Seeing that our plan of escaping from the forced labor camp was going to fail, I suddenly ran to another smaller door, pushed the guard away, and tried to run in the opposite direction. Seeing that I also was trying to escape, the two guards who originally ran after the other practitioner began to run after me. Because my righteous thoughts were not strong enough, I could not make the police stop. Both of us were caught and brought back, and we were punished. The other practitioner was severely beaten until his face was out of shape, and I was made to sit on a ridged stool.

After a week, I refused to cooperate and refused to sit on the ridged stool. The guards dared not persecute me. Afterwards, I started to ponder this matter and examined my cultivation experiences since I was detained. I felt that I had often handled situations like an ordinary person and realized that the motivation of our planning to escape from the forced labor camp had been wrong! At that time, we used human notions to understand what had happened to us, and we believed that this was human beings persecuted by other human beings. We even harbored hatred toward them. We did not negate the old forces' arrangement fundamentally from the principles of the "Fa," nor did we send forth righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil.

In the following months, I sent forth righteous thoughts every hour on the hour, which often lasted for 40 minutes. After two months, I felt that my dimension was much cleaner. A lot of evil factors were eliminated. Around this time, the condition in the forced labor camp changed rather quickly. The environment became more and more relaxed and the food became better. Later I learned that since the fall of 2005, the practitioners in our city had formed two groups, taking turns to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity and eliminating the evil factors in the forced labor camp. Moreover, they tried to rescue us by means many approaches. They persevered in doing those things for more than six months. The practitioners inside the forced labor camp were encouraged by this news and had more confidence and courage to resist the persecution.

Since the other practitioner and I tried to escape, our terms were increased by six months, and our right to receive visitors was also taken away. An inmate told me, "Now you don't need to think about seeing your families or getting out early." One day in November 2005, the guard informed me that someone had come to visit me. I was so surprised to hear that and could hardly believe it. I lived in a village, and my mother had died. Moreover, my father was a 66-old farmer and I did not have other relatives in the city. I started to think, " Dad, did you find someone to appeal for my case? What connection do you have? How can you even visit me?" Not until I saw the visitor, did I realize that local practitioners had gone to the Labor Education Section of the Judicial Bureau and reasoned with them. They based their arguments on the "Reeducation Through Labor Act" and insisted on visiting me. At the same time, there were about 10 practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts outside the forced labor camp. Finally the Judicial Bureau connected with the forced labor camp allowed the visit to take place.

In the subsequent days, I started to memorize the "Fa" with a calm mind. Before I was detained, I had recited the Zhuan Falun six times and some other lectures as well. I continued to look within unconditionally, trying to dig out the roots of my attachment and finally found my fundamental attachment. Mainly it was erotic sexual desire. Teacher said,

"Your body lies in prison -- don't be sorrowful, don't be sad
With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, Fa is here
Calmly reflect on how many attachments you have
As you get rid of human mentality, evil naturally disappears"

(From "Don't Be Sad" in Hong Yin II, draft translation)

I recited Teacher's Fa in my heart, thinking that Teacher said that even the gods in heaven envied Dafa practitioners, for we had the chance to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, but they did not. Now I was detained in the forced labor camp, how could I save sentiment beings? As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I was imprisoned and could not validate the Fa. If I could get out, I could save many sentient beings.

When I was reciting the Fa, I thought about what Teacher had said when he explained that gravity does not exist. I realized that the main consciousness of a cultivator could leave the body without being restrained by the material in the three realms. A cultivator should not be affected by the low-level beings on earth and should not suffer persecution.

I understood that a practitioner should not be illegally detained but should leave and accomplish his own great prehistoric oaths. Not long after, I had a dream that I was in a big orchard with trees full of fruit giving off a subtle fragrance. When I looked at the scene carefully, I saw barbed wire around the orchard, and policeman Chang was walking up the hill with his hands behind his back. At the same, I heard his inner voice say, "Even though this forced labor camp looks heavily guarded, there is an invisible road allowing people to get out. What's worse, the road cannot be blocked. Don't ever let practitioners know about it!" At that instant, I thought what a weird condition it was that the people on either side were afraid of each other. I left the hill and entered the cafeteria in the camp. I saw a big hole in the barbed wire when I left the cafeteria by the back door. I went out through the hole and saw my father waiting for me. He put 10 yuan in my hand for a taxi. After I woke up, I thought that I had been hallucinating, but I had the same dream twice in the next 10 days. I understood that Teacher was telling me that I could get out of the forced labor camp.

After I understood what my dream meant, I began to go on a hunger strike. In the first few days I got extremely thirsty, and there was a bottle of water just over my nightstand. Thinking of those who still knew nothing of the truth about the Dafa, I told myself not to be thirsty. I missed Teacher so much. One night I recalled a poem written by a fellow practitioner, "Missing parents especially during festivals, and missing Teacher while in Mainland China." I cried out for Teacher within my mind and felt as if the entire universe could hear me. After 13 days, I felt tightness in my chest that night. I recited with my eyes closed, "It's hard to endure, but you can endure it. It's hard to do, but you can do it." At this moment I sensed that Teacher's law body was beside my bed. He was so huge that I could not see his head and feet. My tears gushed forth like a spring. My fellow practitioners asked me what happened, and I told them that Teacher had come.

The next day, I called the captain and asked to go to a hospital. The police officers saw that my face had turned extremely pale, my eyes were sunken deep into their sockets, and I was very thin. They took me to a hospital. The tests results showed I had no pulse and no blood pressure. I could not even give a urine or fecal sample. Policeman Li lost his patience after I went to the bathroom several times, so he let the doctor use a catheter. The urine was bloody. I had difficulty in breathing and went into shock. The doctor put me on oxygen. Even in that condition, the police still handcuffed me to the bed.

Several days later, the leaders of the forced labor camp and the judicatory division of the city came. After looking at my urine and my face, they consulted the doctors and decided to send me home for fear that I might die in the hospital. Since my condition was critical, they drove me home without waiting for my family to pick me up.

With Teacher's compassionate care and fellow practitioners' rescue efforts, I walked out of the forced labor camp with the help of righteous thoughts and righteous belief in a dignified and upright manner after only one year.

I recalled when I had tried to escape and was recaptured, the police officers were furious. The captain kicked me and said, "Because of you, I was fined 3000 yuan." Due to our attempted getaway, the heads of various levels were punished, and they hated me intensely. They never thought I would get out before I had served my entire term. When I was released 18 months sooner, they looked anxious. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of what Teacher meant when he said,

"Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful"


"When disciples have sufficient righteous thoughts, Master has the almighty power to turn the cosmos around." (Hong Yin II, draft translation)

I am so grateful for Teacher's benevolent salvation and for fellow practitioners' rescue efforts. Based on the experiences of our local practitioners in rescuing fellow practitioners, I suggest that all practitioners that live near forced labor camps, prisons, and other places that imprison practitioners persevere in sending forth righteous thoughts from a short distance to eliminate all the evil places, to destroy all of the CCP's evil spirits and dark minions of organ harvesting, and to stop this long lasting persecution soon.

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May 5, 2006