(Clearwisdom.net) When I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in May 2000, a staff member from the liaison office of my hometown in Beijing asked me, "So, what should we do about you?" After he made a phone call, he returned and said, "I have new orders -- we will send people like you to the Northwest." Later, I went home.

After the persecutors sentenced me to a forced labor term, the police in my hometown told my family members that there had been an order from the Public Security Department to arrest me. They also said that since I would be sent to a prison, it did not matter if I "reformed" or not. After some time, I still remained firm in my belief and did not "reform." Policewoman Chen Suping told me that a document from their superiors stated that some young and literate practitioners be sent to the Northwest. She said that I "qualified" and that people like me would all be sent there. She also talked about some brutal torture methods used in the place in the Northwest. First I thought she was trying to scare me by making up some story. But other police officers also repeatedly said the same thing, which made me believe the actual existence of such a document.

The policewomen often shouted hysterically in the hallway, "We will sent you all to the Northwest, Northwest!" Almost every practitioner has heard this kind of shouting from Chen Suping. Later, they asked us to write our understandings toward Falun Dafa. After we did, they gathered the writings and told us that they would send us to a prison in the Northwest based on these writings. An inmate was ordered to help arrange the materials. After she came back, she said that the threats (about sending practitioners to a prison in the Northwest) was true. I told the policewomen that since I had not broken the law, I should not be sent to a prison. They replied that it was a secret prison and that no trial was necessary for practitioners to be sent there.

In 2001, a young and pretty female practitioner (a resident of Pingdu) was transferred to the labor camp where I was detained. She was in her 30s, and she remained firm in her belief. In 2003, when it was time to release her, a vehicle from the Qingdao City Police Department came to pick her up -- usually, family members or the local police pick up the practitioners. Yet, police from Qingdao City picked up the practitioner from Pingdu (a rural town), still handcuffed. She was divorced and had no family members. Policewoman Li Ying later told me, "Do you know where she was taken to?" It seemed like the policewoman wanted to tell me something but did not dare to. She paused for a while and said, "She was not taken to her home, that's for sure." It is impossible for a solid practitioner who refuses to cooperate with the persecutors to be directly taken to jail. Some are taken to local brainwashing centers. Since many practitioners were detained in the labor camps and brainwashing centers, the whereabouts of practitioners could be easily confirmed. The police and guards also like to talk about it. If a practitioner was sent to a brainwashing center, the officers would spread the news. If a practitioner left home to avoid the persecution, the officers would not talk about it. The policewoman named Li Ying was clearly suggesting to me that the practitioner from Pingdu was in a terrible situation. What kind of terrible situation was it? The strange expression of policewoman Li Ying is etched in my mind. I think there was and still may be such a secret prison in the Northwest where practitioners are killed after their organs are harvested. Practitioners in Pingdu may want to investigate the whereabouts of this practitioner.