(Clearwisdom.net) CCP officials have become extremely frightened in the wake of the exposure of their organ harvesting crimes. They are now trying to destroy evidence and cover up their crimes. On March 25, 2006, the Heilongjiang Province CCP Office issued an announcement (number [2006]12) ordering all relevant departments to destroy classified documents.

The announcement says, "In line with the requirements set in 'Tentative Regulations on the Administration and Dissemination of Central Government Documents' (number [2004]37, issued by the central government CCP office) and "Supplementary Regulation on the Administration of Central Government Documents'(number [2005]37, issued by the central government secretary bureau), and in order to ensure the efficient dissemination and security of central government and provincial government documents, as well as to prevent classified documents from being disclosed, the following classified documents must be destroyed: 1. classified documents issued by the central government to provincial military-, city- and county-level governments; 2. classified documents issued by the provincial government."

The announcement mandates that, "No department shall keep classified documents issued by the central and provincial governments." "Classified documents issued by the central government are to be turned in to the central government CCP office to be destroyed. Classified documents issued by the provincial government are to be turned in to the provincial government CCP Office to be destroyed. All other classified documents are to be handled and destroyed by the relevant CCP offices at the provincial-, city- or country-level."

"In destroying these documents, one shall make sure there is no way to recover the original documents. Documents on paper shall be burned or shredded and turned into pulp. The paper shredders used should meet the requirements for shredding classified documents. Shredded documents shall be sent to designated places to be destroyed. Two or more people are required to be present and no one shall leave the scene before the documents are fully destroyed."

Why would the CCP destroy classified documents? It must be that these documents carry important information that the CCP does not want publicized. During the past seven years of their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, all orders were issued via secret channels and the persecution was carried on behind the scenes. Now more and more witnesses have come forward to provide evidence and more and more people have come to see through the nature of the CCP and have begun to condemn its brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. All if this strikes fear into the CCP. The more the CCP is afraid of being exposed, the more we should hurry up to expose it. We will make public all the crimes committed by the CCP and all those who have participated in the persecution.