(Clearwisdom.net) According to inside sources, around May 15, 2006, Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Jianpo was unlawfully detained in Baoding City Prison. Responsible are agents from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Guangyang District and from the 610 Office in Langfang City. Further details are unknown.

Police from the National Security Division of the Guangyang District Police Department, illegally arrested Yang Jianpo on February 5, 2006. He has been on hunger strike since that time to protest the persecution and has become extremely weak. The vicious police said that Yang Jianpo was too weak to even be force-fed and was at his last gasp.

Yang Jianpo's family members telephoned Guangyang District office head Liu, (Cell phone No. 86-13503162571) to enquire of Yang Jianpo's whereabouts. Liu told them rudely, "He has been sent to where he should go," and intimidated them by saying, "Behave yourself and do not run around here and there [trying to find Yang Jianpo]. I mean it. You'd better be careful!"

Yang Jianpo has been on a hunger strike for over three months to protest the illegal detention, and his life is currently in great danger. The 610 Office officials in Langfang City refuse to release him, saying that they cannot release him without the approval from the provincial or central government.

To cover up their illegal persecution, the 610 Office persecutors in Langfang City have transferred Yang Jianpo from one place to another, denying any family visits and refusing to tell his family his whereabouts. We appeal to international human rights organizations, to the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong and people who uphold justice to pay close attention to Yang Jianpo's plight.

Yang Jianpo has suffered from repeated persecution over the last few years. On March 30, 2003, he was unlawfully arrested and detained in Section 1 of the Fengrun Police Department in Tangshan City. Policeman Gao Wei and the Section Head chained him to a metal chair and repeatedly shocked him with a direct-current, 110-volt hand crank phone. He was deprived of sleep 24 hours a day. Even today, Mr. Yang still suffers symptoms such as tightness in the chest, gasping for air, dizziness and occasional convulsions. On February 20, 2004, Yang Jianpo was again arrested by police from the Guangyang Police Department in Langfang City. They sent him to the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City on February 25 for further persecution. Yang's body weight dropped sharply, from over 90 kilos (approximately 190 lbs) to less than 50 kilos (approximately 110 lbs) as a result of the persecution. At the time of his release on June 8, 2004, he only weighed about 40 kilos (approximately 85 lbs). Yang Jianpo, Cao Baoyu and a few other practitioners were arrested again during the 2006 Spring Festival while they were clarifying the truth to regime officials. After they were abused until they were close to death, personnel from the Guangyang District 610 Office transferred the practitioners to Guangyang District People's Hospital for further persecution.

Practitioner Mr. Cao Baoyu died the evening of April 27. Practitioner Mr. Yang Jianpo's life is currently in danger.

Baoding Prison in Hebei Province:

Address: Taocichang, No. 77, Qiyidonglu, Baoding City, Hebei Province, Postal code, 071000

Tel, 86-312-5999761

Gao Ying, Prison Head: 86-312-5923801 (Office), 5928999 (Home), 86-13832223801 (Cell)

Zhang Shengguo, Prison Political Commissar; in charge of the 610 Office: 86-312-5923002 (Office), 86-13832224002 (Cell)

Gao Zexiang, Deputy Prison Head, in charge of the 610 Office: 86-312-5923006 (Office), 5928069 (Home), 86-13832224006 (Cell)

Zhang Qingxin, 610 Office head: 86-312-5923083 (Office), 86-13832224083 (Cell)

Zhang Tieliang, head of Prison Ward 18: 86-312-5923075 (Office), 86-13832224075 (Cell)

Wang Jian, political head for Prison Ward 18: 86-312-5923590 (Office), 86-13832224082 (Cell)

Office of the Guangyang District Regime, head Liu: 86-13503162571 (Cell)

Switchboard for the Langfang City Police Station: 86-316-233333, 2333102 (Office)

Guangyang District Police Department: 86-316-2238110 Guangyang District National Security Division: 86-316-2333886

Police officers from the Guangyang District Police Department: Gao Chenggang, Ma Baoquan, Xin Pingyu (female)

Langfang City 610 Office head: 86-316-2015211 ext. 6162

Sun Diangao, Party Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee for Langfang City, Duty Office: 86-316-2028508

Wang Aimin, Langfang City Mayor

Wang Zeli, CCP Committee Party Secretary in Langfang City

Yin Guangtai, Head of the Guangyang District

Bu Zewen, CCP Committee Party Secretary for the Guangyang District

Langfang Detention Center: 86-316-2333043

PO Box 2/55 Luquan City; Postal code: 050222; 86-311-83939783

May 20, 2006