(Clearwisdom.net) Facing the crazy persecution, I think that we need to understand or enlighten to it from the angle of seriousness in cultivation.

According to one article I recently read, a Dafa disciple who tapped into cable TV in China to play a Dafa truth-clarification program truly put down the matter of his own life and death openly and nobly. But there was one instance where he thought about asking as relative to take care of his child, and prepared for not being able to come back. This single thought acknowledged the persecution by the evil old forces, and as a result, such a good disciple was tortured to death.

There is another disciple that I know and his cultivation state is pure and firm. Only when he had karma tribulation did he have a wrong thought. He wrote a letter to other practitioners: If I have any unforeseen incident, it is my own problem that I didn't cultivate well. I hope that everyone won't be affected by such cases and it should not shake our righteous belief in Falun Dafa. Just for this one thought, his life was taken away by the old forces.

Master asked us to deny the old forces. How do we deny them? If we truly give up all the profits and losses and gains completely in the human world, including our own life and death, we are already gods with boundless brilliance. The old forces will disappear entirely in front of us. Facing true cultivators, the old forces don't qualify even as something to be denied by us since they are actually nothing at all. Thus, how can the old forces persecute us?

I saw a report on the web. There was a meeting in a labor camp to defame Falun Dafa and our Master. One disciple was full of righteous feelings and denounced the rumors. At that moment, the air surrounding the whole meeting place seemed to freeze. All the good gods in other dimensions must have been preparing eagerly for a fight against evil. If everyone at that meeting had stood up to support the disciple, it would have formed a strong righteous energy field that can rectify the universe. But there wasn't a second person to stand up until the end of the meeting. The first to stand up was beaten to barely having any breath and was dragged away. What would the old forces say to our Master in the other dimensions? Indeed, our Master could say nothing.

Our fellow practitioners suffer difficulties that ordinary people basically can't tolerate at all. As fellow disciples, even if we have a little human notion attached, we might feel sad, angry and want to get revenge against evil people. We would then fall into a trap where the thinking is one of one human being persecuting another. This might bring difficulties to fellow practitioners. To ordinary people, all the warm feelings coming from relatives, family and daily life turn into jail, torture and death. This is something that ordinary people can't accept at all. But as cultivators, Master says:

"In other words, this life of yours is now the life of a cultivator. Nothing is by chance anymore, and nothing will happen just by chance. Everything on your life's journey is directly related to your improvement and cultivation." (Teaching the Fa in the city of Los Angeles questions and answers)

Because we have accumulated huge amounts of karma throughout our many incarnations and yet we want to cultivate to fruition in a very short period of time, the old forces hence say that they create difficulties for us to help us eliminate our karma and reach consummation. Our Master doesn't agree with the old forces' arrangements and has also arranged a cultivation path for each of us. But what Master has arranged are the paths for moving towards Godhood. It can't mix with any trace of human attachment. If you have any kind of human notions, you will unconsciously follow the old forces' arrangements.

Master won't be happy if we enjoy happiness in the ordinary world and won't be sad if we suffer. What Master really wants is to save our true lives. The horrifying persecution that Dafa disciples encounter is absolutely unacceptable if one looks at it with slight human notion. What Dafa disciples lose is what others seek to gain. But cultivators treat hardships in a completely different way. What do we want to gain? We want to obtain our highest level and reach consummation. No matter how immense the hardship is, it just can't compare with what we will gain in the end. Of course, the hardship is forced onto us by the old forces. Master doesn't acknowledge it and we don't acknowledge it either. We can't view it from the standpoint of ordinary people's notions of suffering and happiness. When we realize all this, we won't be touched. As a whole body, we can send out immensely strong righteous thoughts to deny it.

Master says:

"When we really do have someone who leaves early, as long as he was a Dafa disciple who was doing all of the three things, he will definitely achieve Consummation. It's only that his level will be different. (Teaching the Fa in the city of Los Angeles questions and answers)

Every time I read this, my eyes fill with tears. Has there ever existed such enormous and powerful grace? Master often publishes new articles and mercifully protects us during our cultivation. Even like this, we still make mistakes and Master will not give up on us. If we still can't get rid of our human notions and qing to look at what is happening now, and hinder our enlightened side's validation of the Fa, the old forces can use them to interfere and destroy endlessly. Then we couldn't face our Master or even ourselves.

My understanding is that the recent exposure of CCP atrocities is a warning to us. It is time for us to find out the shortcomings in our cultivation, remove the last human notions, and completely deny the old evil forces. It is time for us to walk the final steps towards consummation. Please kindly point out any inappropriate understandings.