(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wu Zhanting lives in Xidayingzi District, in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Because he is firmly cultivating Falun Dafa, he has been sentenced to four years in prison, and locked in Nanshan Prison in Jinzhou City. Recently, the prison administration called his family, saying that Mr. Wu is very sick and asked that his family bring some medicine without a doctor's prescription or checkup.

In the past two years, guards in the prison have used all sorts of scoundrel means to force practitioners to accept brainwashing, but in vain. After being tortured for more than two years, Mr. Wu suffered a stroke in Nanshan Prison at the end of May 2005. The guards have been hiding the truth and have not given his family any information. On September 6, 2005, Mr. Wu Zhanting sent out a letter through other practitioners' visiting family members, when he already could not talk . His family went to visit him immediately, as several guards watched closely.

After three months of treatments, Mr. Wu Zhanting still cannot talk, and he is moving with lots of difficulty. His family requested to have him released home for further treatment, but the prison administration refused and said that he was not allowed to be released because he never accepted the brainwashing. Only if he gave up Dafa cultivation, and earned enough "points" through labor would he be released.

Currently, Mr. Wu Zhanting is locked in the First Ward, Nanshan Prison. His body twitches often. The prison administration has not arranged any treatment for him. His family requested to have him released on medical parole, but the prison administration insisted on releasing him only after his term ends. Mr. Wu's family is very worried about his health.

Nanshan Prison Training Ward: 86-416-3495782

Warden Liang Jun (male): 86-13604965014 (Cell)

Nanshan Prison Head, Xin Tingquan (male): 86-416-3496001 (Office), 86-416-2609999 (Home), 86-13941658888 (Cell)

Political Director, Ma Zhenfeng (male): 86-416-3496012 (Office), 86-416-3496203 (Home)

Deputy Prison Head, Yang Tingfang (male): 86-416-3496013 (Office), 86-416-3496065 (Home), 86-139416444488 (Cell)