(Clearwisdom.net) In 2005, many Falun Dafa practitioners in Tieli City, Heilongjiang Province were arrested when they attended a Falun Dafa experience-sharing conference. More than ten of them have been sentenced to prison terms, including Mr. Zhou Shuhai, Mr. Liu Hongtu, Mr. Zhou Shuzhang, Ms. Lu Mei, Mr. Sun Yaomin, Ms. Liang Bin, Mr. Cheng Peifeng, Ms. Tong Yuxia, Ms. Sun Yuqiu, and Mr. Zhu Hui.

We learned that they have all had their blood checked recently, and would be sent to other provinces. They are appealing their sentences now.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Tieli City Committee Office, Chair: 86-458-2283341; Deputy Chair: 86-458-2283237, or 86-458-2283829

Tieli City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary: 86-458-2284625;

Deputy Secretary, 86-458-2284626

Legal Construction Office: 86-458-2283443